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Superb 1960s B/W film about adolescent alienation and loss.
wdixon5 October 2000
This is an absolutely brilliant film, all but unavailable on video, which is well worth seeking out. I viewed a print at the New Zealand Film Archive, and felt as if I was watching an undiscovered Losey or Antonioni film from the apex of the 1960s, with superb black and white cinematography, excellent acting, and a script which is suitably brutal and yet ultimately intangible, as in the best of both Losey and Antonioni. Do what you need to, but see this film; it's a remarkable testament to one person's determination to make a film without any studio to back him up. Shot for less than $50,000, without sync sound (but so skillfully "looped" that you'll never know it), and with a great "cool" jazz track, this is one of the undiscovered treasures of the cinema. Don't miss it.
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An old memory
kiwipk26 July 2006
Saw this movie as a young adult and found it drab and draggy. It was an early New Zealand attempt at a full length movie, On reflection it would be more eclectic today.

Black and white was a disappointment in those days.

Incidentally it is still available from New Zealand Film Company in some formats. Te Aroha Films I believe.

Much of the film was a travelogue around the North Island. These early films made an attempt to promote New Zealand scenery in an amateur way. This would have been much more effective with colour; but too expensive for a very early film undertaking.

Soprano Dame Kiri Te Kanawa's appearance is interesting and this was before she moved to England for her legendary opera career.

Would love to see the movie again and critique it; but certainly agree if you get the opportunity - view it.
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Fascinating study of a teen who runs away from life
dcole-219 October 1999
Visually striking work about a teenage boy who is unsatisfied with his life and runs away across the whole of New Zealand, stealing cars and discarding girlfriends along the way. He ends up on top of a glacier facing only himself. John O'Shea has fashioned an amazingly original work that showcases his native country in a truly breathtaking way. This movie deserves to be seen by more people.
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