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MPAA Rated R for intense strong violence, sexuality/nudity and language

Sex & Nudity

  • Nudity and sex are heavily shown during one particularly long conversation lasting about 15 minutes. Another scene is shown of multiple women, completely nude, in bed as one of the main characters gets dressed. Several sexual references are made throughout the film.
  • Some women are briefly shown nude in cages hanging from a ceiling. Their bare breasts are shown for a couple of seconds

Violence & Gore

  • In the prologue, two large groups have an extensive street battle with various weapons. People are beaten with clubs, and many are stabbed with cleavers, knives, and axes. A woman lunges in air at man and rips his ear off with her teeth. Blood spurts at various moments. A man rips another man's cheek open. A man stabs another man in both sides with large knives.
  • While leaving an immigrant boat, a woman is hit in the face by a rock thrown by a spiteful man.
  • Several young boys have brief fistfight in an underground dwelling.
  • A corrupt cop hits young man with a baton.
  • A man seated at a table ruthlessly stabs another man in hand with a knife.
  • Men have Irish-style fistfight. Graphic only in sound effect of punches and anger expressed between men.
  • In defense, a woman holds small knife to man's throat, drawing a small, thin line of blood.
  • Quick shots of a violent "boxing-style" fight. Brief mayhem when police break up the fight.
  • A man is shot in shoulder (not shown) and survives.
  • While being wrestled to the ground, Bill shoots a would-be assassin in the gut.
  • A young man and older man have shoving altercation against wooden wall.
  • In a daredevil sideshow, a man hurls knives at a female assistant. It's clearly not part of the show, and meant to terrify her. An older man deflects a knife being thrown at him, and hits younger man in the stomach with a knife.
  • A very bloody, violent beating involving six headbutts and burning with a scorching knife blade.
  • A young man hangs from a metal spiked fence, clearly in pain.
  • A man is shot with small pistol under chin. Blood sprays out of the top of his head.
  • A man is hit in the head with a club. He falls, and a group of young men kicks him.
  • A priest hits a man in the face with a club.
  • A man throws large meat cleaver at another man's back. The man is then killed by a blow to the head with a shillelagh.
  • In the draft riots, rioters are shot coming through a front door. The crowd hurls rocks at police officers. Black men are accosted and beaten in the streets. Several corpses are dragged and hung on light posts. Two robbers hit a woman in stomach and punch her in the face. A woman shoots an older woman in the chest. National Guardsman shoot at mob of people, killing many and soaking the streets in blood. National Guardsmen shoot a charging man in very bloody manner. National Guardsmen beat a charging man with butts of rifles and bayonets.
  • In street gang showdown, a man hits another man in face with club and stabs him in the back. A man's stomach has a shrapnel injury. A young man stabs another man in chest with a knife; a lot of blood spurts out when he removes the blade.


  • Nine instances of "hell"
  • Eight instances of "nigger"
  • Seven instances of "Jesus"
  • Five instances of "fuck"
  • Three instances each of "Chink" and "damn"
  • Two instances each of "shit" and "Goddamn"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • People smoke mid-19th century cigarettes, cigars, and pipes.
  • People pass around a large pipe of opium or hash in a lounge parlour.
  • People at a brothel are heavily drunk.
  • Frequent alcohol consumption, mainly in the background.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Bill the Butcher is a menacing character, involved in numerous intense stabbings, beatings, coercions, and other acts.
  • The opening gang battle may disturb some viewers, due to its graphic nature.
  • OFFICIAL MPAA - Rated R for intense strong violence, sexuality/nudity and language.
  • OFFICIAL BBFC - (18): strong bloody violence.

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