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Political heavy-weights populate this urgent and humorous documentary on the detonative mix of art and politics as embodied in the work of infamous "guerilla" poster artist Robbie Conal, a professional painter who estimates that hundreds of thousands of his caricatured paintings-as-posters have been splattered across the United States' urban streets, militantly affixed by himself and his cult following of urban guerilla volunteers to construction sites, traffic light switching boxes and any other surface area large enough to house one of these satirical images. Specializing in what he calls "info-tainment," Conal's posters offer an immediate response to today's headlines through the expressionistically decaying depiction of the socially and politically powerful accompanied by several words of dichotomous text. Beginning in 1986 with the onset of the Iran-Contra scandal, Conal has distributed his work in a way even Andy Warhol might not have dreamed possible. As Conal modestly points ...

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