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Season 3

14 Oct. 2001
Blinde hoek
Summary: Guy gets beaten up seriously and a whole range of suspects come along. The guy once killed a kid in a car accident which was him to blame.In the end its clear that somebody did what justice didn't. ... When in Belgium, visit Gent!
21 Oct. 2001
Horen en zien
Starting with a man leaving court in a hurry. It seems he is an escaped convict. Flikken start a hunt. A postman hears a baby crying. After brief investigation they find the mother dead on heroine. They start a backtrack.
28 Oct. 2001
A businessman is attacked by two carjackers while leaving home in the morning. The carjacking fails but in the process a courageous worker who tried to intervene is shot.
4 Nov. 2001
A mother reports her daughter missing, only to find out she might have unknowingly pushed her into the water inside the car of her ex-husband's new flame... Pasmans and Raymond arrest two burglars that break into homes during funerals. In the meantime, things get worst between the two due to Raymond's affair with Carla. Ben's father shows up after many years of absence, to Ben's great annoyance. He might not have much longer to live. Seladin tries to put Nico again in the straight and narrow.
4 Nov. 2001
A man is found wounded and robbed. The investigation uncovers unexpected dynamics within his family. Ben is under investigation for having shot Nico, Seladin's protégé, during an arrest. Merel and Ben deal differently with their father's reappearance and Raymond is thrown out by his wife once she discovers his affair.
18 Nov. 2001
Adolescents and lies: one that puts the blame of her steeling on an innocent women and another that breaks up her father's relationship.
25 Nov. 2001
The team investigates a theft in a jewelery which turns out to be an insurance fraud. Brit learns confusing bits of information related to her husbands death. Tony decides to be a single mother, and Pasmans will mediate Raymond's return home.

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