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This movie is decent
MoonBaby5629 July 2003
I saw "Teacher's Pet" late one night at my apartment when I woke up and HBO was on. Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, I thought, was great as the psychopathic and seductive Debbie. This movie was full of surprises and pretty crazy stuff. This movie is as scary as it is sexy.

It may not be as popular as the teen/college age horror movies being spawned today but it deserves to be watched.
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Forget Jodi, Nick is the hottie!
cloverbaby922 September 2000
As much as I hate to admit it, I could not stop watching this movie. I was channel surfing and caught a glimpse of beautiful Nick Corri and I was hooked. The acting was average, but the script really didn't call for much more than that. Let's face it. This film is a predictable, psycho-chick thing that's been done to death. If you like beautiful people, it should be satisfying enough, however. Jodi is a strikingly beautiful girl. Devil.. may be just a stepping stone for her. She acted well enough that I sympathized with her character despite the fact that she was evil and psychotic. I liked her better than the bland blonde that was the teacher's girlfriend. All in all, I give it a "6" on a scale of 1 to 10.
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Not Bad, Plenty of Eye Candy
MetalGeek30 July 2006
I've never seen the first "Devil in the Flesh" but apparently viewership of the original is not a requirement for enjoying this made-for-video sequel. Jodi Lynn O'Keefe takes on the role of psychopathic teen "Debbie" played by Rose MacGowan in the first film, and part "2" (also known as "Teacher's Pet" apparently) is basically a college campus version of "Fatal Attraction." Our heroine (?) escapes from a mental hospital during the opening credits and then hitches a ride with a rich girl on her way to college to begin her freshman year. Through a plot contrivance too silly to describe here, Freshman Girl accidentally dies so "Debbie" takes her car and identity and enrolls in school in her place. She is placed with a computer nerd roommate in a dorm lorded over by a bull-dyke R.A. and eventually develops a crush on her hunky creative writing teacher. After a one night stand with said teacher, he rejects her, and "Debbie" goes ballistic, causing a decent amount of mayhem while trying to cover two bases: one, eliminating the roadblocks between her and lifelong happiness with her professor, and two: trying to keep everyone from finding out that she's not really who she says she is. The main reason for watching this movie is the absolutely STUNNING Jodi Lynn O'Keefe, who looks fantastic slinking around in skin tight outfits and who can pull off both the sweetness and b*tchiness required of a person with a double life. It's not the best movie I've ever seen, but it's certainly not the worst either. Worth a rental even if you've never seen the original "D.I.T.F." Did I mention that Jodi Lynn O'Keefe is hot? in case you missed it, Jodi Lynn O'Keefe is hot.
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TStormJack8 April 2001
This movie came a bit too close to trying to be a softcore porno, but it worked. The acting was good, the story was good. I didn't see the first movie with Rose McGowan (though I plan to) or the one that was made in the 80's. I guess they're all the same story, but it would be fun to compare. Not a bad movie at all. From the opening credits, you can tell it's not a blockbuster... some of the best movies are like that.
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Nothing special.
Paul Andrews14 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Teacher's Pet starts as Debbie Strong (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) escapes from the Laughlin Institute for the Criminally insane after killing two people, Debbie hitches a ride with rich kid Tracy Carley (Sarah Lancaster) who is on her way to Holmsby College in San Carlos. After an unfortunate accident which leaves Tracy dead Debbie sees an opportunity & assumes Tracy's identity & takes up the college course Tracy was due to take. At Holmsby College Debbie falls in love with her creative writing teacher professor Sam Deckner (Jsu Garcia), Debbie seduces Sam & starts to threaten & even kill off those that Debbie see as obstacles to her desire for Sam...

Also known as Devil in the Flesh 2 & Dearly Devoted II this Canadian & American co-production was directed by Marcus Spiegel & is the sequel to Devil in the Flesh (1998) which was an OK female stalker film, predictably Teacher's Pet is worse than Devil in the Flesh & I would have a hard time recommending it. The central character of Debbie Strong returns although played by a different actress this time & the only reference to the original is mention of her crimes at the start but then Teacher's Pet is more of a remake than a sequel as she develops a crush on her hunky teacher & won't let anything or anyone get in the way of her love for him. Here Debbie uses her body & beauty to manipulate & get her own way while she's a rather unpleasant character that I found hard to like or root for, because of this I found it impossible to emotionally connect with the film & I was very detached sat there watching it. At almost 90 minutes it's maybe ten minutes too long, there are a few very silly moments like Tracy's death where she sprays herself with pepper spray & falls back impaling herself on a metal rod or Laney falling out of her window or when Sam has a small stone thrown through his window the town Sheriff & his Deputy both turn up to investigate, I mean a small rock thrown through someone's window is hardly crime of the century is it? The film takes itself pretty seriously although the comic Deputy is an odd expect ion, the story could have been decent as this time around the object of Debbie's desires actually sleeps with her & it could have made for an interesting psycho thriller but not much is done with the concept of a jilted lover who feels used.

The whole film feels bland, there's no real style & the whole culture of twenty something beautiful college students living it up in the sun is a clichéd one. There's a couple of kills here, a guy gets a plank of wood with a couple of nails in it stuck in his forehead while there are a couple of brief stabbings. Teacher's Pet is surprisingly tame despite several sex scenes, leading lady Jodi Lyn O'Keefe keeps her clothes on throughout. The ending leaves things open for a sequel although as of yet one has been made.

Probably shot on a low budget Teacher's Pet is competent & there are some nice looking girls here but as a film I didn't think that much of it. The acting is alright but nothing special, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe can't embody her character with any sympathy or likability so I just ended up hating her all the way through.

Teacher's Pet is a fairly forgettable thriller about a female stalker & her male obsession that I thought was worse than the original, to be honest I only saw it last night & I can barely remember anything about it already.
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Strictly re-tread material.
imajk16 March 2001
Daring to go only where others have gone before, this movie offers nothing new over movies like Poison Ivy, The Crush, etc. Each scene happens with complete predictability. On the plus side the main star, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe is good in this quasi-Lolita role, and is, obviously, very sexy.
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not bad
dx4lifexpac8 September 2000
i saw this movie under the title Devil In The Flesh part 2. it's just like the first film a young girl has a crush on a teacher and will do anything to be with him. Jodi Lyn O'keefe plays a pretty good psycho. for the most part a pretty good movie but it's nothing ground breaking, like i said it's just like the first Devil In The Flesh, give Devil In The Flesh part 2 a try, hey it stars the very sexy Jodi Lyn O'keefe so it can't be too bad. i give Devil In The Flesh 2 7/10
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could rate a second viewing...
Rachael Richards2 November 2005
Okay, honestly, I saw this movie's title, the unknown actors, the plot, and I thought, let's a get a movie to waste a couple of hours and get me a little horny. But what I found was a movie with a half-decent plot (although slightly contrived dialogue) and a super-hot heroine (antagoniste?) who could actually act! When the scripting wasn't so bad that no actor could salvage it, I really found Jodi Lyn O'Keefe to be an engaging actor. She has that spark that translates into the suspension of disbelief, the ability to make us feel for the (if slightly warped) character in the play. In my opinion, this is an overlooked b-movie gem. I'm going to look for more movies by this actor, and I hope she's gone on to bigger and better things.

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Bad acting, predictable and full of clichés... not my kind of movie.
Philip Van der Veken22 December 2004
I really try to see something good in every movie that I watch, but this one certainly made it very difficult for me. The only positive remark that I can find right now is the looks of the main female characters. They were nice to look at, but that's about it...

The movie is just one big pile of predictable clichés, bad acting and awful directing. There is really nothing that makes this movie worth a second watch. To give you an idea of the quality: it felt more like I was watching some kind of cheap soft-porn movie rather than a thriller.

The story is far from original as well, but finding an original script isn't easy, so that's not even my biggest problem with this movie. This is how the story goes: A young female patient escapes from the mental hospital for criminals after she has murdered the doctor and the head nurse. She gets a ride from a girl that is going to her university and who looks a lot like her. Of course the young student dies, and the mental patient takes over her identity. At first everything goes well, but than more and more murders happen in the neighborhood of the campus...

I'm really sorry to say so but this movie was an absolute disgrace and a complete waste of my time. It's not worth a watch and should be avoided at all time. I give it a 2/10. The only reason why I didn't give it a 1 is because of the girls.
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anthonycwhittle24 January 2001
This is one of those films that is watchable but also forgettable. I have to admit that I was entertained at times but also extremely bored as well. The problem here is that this film is so predictable and it follows the usual US style formula with nice looking characters to look at. **1/2 out of 5
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A Predictable Festival of Clichés
Claudio Carvalho4 February 2004
Debbie Strong (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) is a violent teenager confined in a mental institution. She loves to write and read poems. She shows her poetry to her doctor, and he reveals them to other persons in the asylum. Debbie becomes upset with that action, in her opinion, a betrayal of her trusts by the doctor. One night, she kills the nurse that systematically abuses of her and her doctor, and escapes from the asylum. She gets a ride on the road with Tracy Carley (Sarah Lancaster), the daughter of a millionaire, who is going to the university. In an accident, Tracy dies and Debbie decides to use her identity. She meets professor Sam Deckner (Jsu Garcia), the writer of her favorite book, and has a crush on him. However, Sam has a commitment with professor Carla Briggs (Katherine Kendall), and Debbie tries to make them break up to seduce Sam. What happens next is a predictable festival of clichés. This erotic thriller has everything that a viewer has watched before: it is a kind of teen version of `Fatal Attraction' mixed up with other teen movies. The coincidences, such as Debbie and Tracy being very alike, or the meeting of Debbie with her favorite writer, Sam, irritate me. Jodi Lyn O'Keefe has a pair of wonderful eyes and a very beautiful face. However, in one sex scene with close, the viewer may see some fat and wrinkles on her buttocks, having a sudden cut of the camera in the montage of the film. It would be better off for this young actress not undressing in that position with such a close. Inclusive, the scene would be more sensual. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): `Dupla Personalidade' (`Double Personality')
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It's "Wild Things" All Over Again
Danii Disaster17 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This reminded me of the Wild Things movies, with a slightly less confusing plot. In fact, the plot was predictable and clichéd (as expected). Cringe-worthy dialogue, sub-par acting, and an unrealistic sequence of events are the main "highlights" of this unremarkable piece of cinematography.

Just like Wild Things, there isn't much to ponder over or analyse; the movie was probably made as an alternative to softcore porn i.e. for guys to drool over the twisted and seductive "bad girl". However, there are surprisingly few sex scenes and they were not very good (Wild Things did a much better job in that respect).

If you're a guy and you watch movies solely for that reason, you might find that "Teacher's Pet" meets your needs, but if you're either a girl, or you prefer movies with depth and substance - I doubt very highly that you will find anything of value here.

It's not so awful that I'd call it unwatchable, and not so boring that you fall asleep halfway through(at least the pacing was appropriate; that's about the only good thing I can say about this movie), but basically just a typical forgettable run-of-the mill flick that won't go down in the history of movie-making.
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It's his baby that I'm carrying!
sol20 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** After escaping from the notorious and escape-poof Laughln Institute for the criminally insane, after murdering her attending psychiatrist and nurse, committed murderess Debbie Strand, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, gets a ride from collage student Tracy Carley, Sara Lancaster, whom she later murders and steals her identity.

Making her way to the collage that the late Tracy Carley is attending Debbie soon makes a name for herself as the most troublesome student in the entire school. This leads her to also corrupt her dorm mate the straight as an arrow Laney, Jenaette Box, whom she sneaks out of the dorm one night and gets her plastered at the local gin-mill. That while Debbie, as Tracy Carley, ends up murdering this homeless drunk, Frank Noon, a fellow patient at the mental intuition that she was committed to. That's when the drunk recognized her and tried to warn the bouncer as well as bartender in the joint that she was both an escapee from a loony bin as well as under age.

It's when Debbie sets her sights on handsome English teacher Sam Delkner, Jus Garcia, that she overreaches herself in that his girlfriend also a teacher in the collage Carla Briggs, Katherine Kendall, just happens to be pregnant with Sam's child! Sam as much as he tries to get Debbie off his back and out of his life can't shake her in Debbie's insane determination to have the handsome English teacher all for herself! Even if it ends up killing him as well as her! Since killing is no problem for Debbie in her murdering at least seven people, including her parents and her dorm captain, she now targets Carla, who's the only obstacle in her attempt to have Sam as her lover, as her next victim!

Too confusing to follow with about a dozen sub-plots in it the film "Teacher's Pet" or "Devil in the Flesh:2" only keeps you interested in the many soft-core sex scenes in it between English teacher Sam and his hot to trot student Debbie Strand that really heat things up wherever the two get down and dirty.

****SPOILERS*** After almost what looked like she finally paid for her crimes Debbie,like the crazed and indestructible Michael Myers in the Halloween movies", suffering from a near fatal kitchen knife wound mysteriously pops up in the middle of the desert to be picked up and driven to the nearest hospital emergency center by non-other***MAJOR SPOILER*** then Tracy Carley's rich father, Patrick Pankhursh, who still thinks that his long dead daughter Tracy is still alive and having some trouble in adjusting to collage life!

You get the impression that a sequel to "Teacher's Pet" is in the works with the farther adventures of the crazed homicidal and pretty Debbie Strand but either because of lack of public interest or money it died a quiet and peaceful death or cancellation. That's more then we can say for Debbie's victims!
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Great ending to an okay film
slayrrr66620 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"Devil in the Flesh 2" is a really lackluster and disappointing sequel.


After her affections are turned down, Debbie Strong, (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) escapes from a mental asylum and goes on the run, managing to wind up at Holmby College and winds up falling for English Teacher Sam Deckner, (Jsu Garcia) the writer of a book she liked. Settling in, she finds out about his girlfriend Carla Briggs, (Katherine Kendall) and plots to get together with him. As she endears herself to the other students of the campus with her fiery appearance, a string of murders around the school has the local authorities baffled. When her attitude starts to rub off on others, who make fun of her for the crush she has on her teacher, she lashes out and begins to take out her frustrations on those who stand in the way of her obsession.

The Good News: This here wasn't that bad at all. One of the film's biggest improvements over the first one is the fact that the body count is a lot bigger. Rather than a few deaths all at the end, this one puts in a couple here and there, really making the psycho seem a lot more ruthless than before. The kills are a little more brutal than before, further adding to the deranged feel of the killer. One is thrown a hair-dryer inside a shower and electrocuted, another has a wood with nails in it swung into the forehead, a syringe to the neck and a metal coil impaled in the back and coming out the front. In addition to the deaths, there's some slashings and stabbings, as well as a gunshot wound, really amp up the gore factor of the film. The only other part of the film that is above average is the final showdown, which has some really good stalking scenes utilizing some of the best suspense in the film. With the darkened hallways, noises and characters popping out of nowhere, it's one of the best scenes in the film, and aside from the kills, the reason to see this one.

The Bad News: This here is a really troublesome film. One of the worst problems is that everything is exaggerated to the point of gleeful self-parody. The victim whose identity the heroine adopts doesn't just meet an untimely end, the sequence includes a part where she yells out a series of profanities, then she accidentally gasses herself with pepper spray and becomes impaled on a metal coil, all in one swift gesture. This is way too over-the-top for what could've been done in a way simpler motive rather than this. As it is, it looks like the victim is a brain-dead klutz who doesn't know how to work anything, and this is just too over-the-top to really be anything more than that. Similarly, she doesn't just corrupt her mousy roommate, she introduces her to drinking, Internet porn, manslaughter, and bi-curiosity, all in one eventful evening. This is all conducted a little too much. Had it been spread out over a little further over the time period of the film would've been more believable. The way it's presented here, it makes her seem way too sleazy and pushy for someone who we are supposed to be the heroine. The other big nagging problem with this one is that there is very little done that would propel the romance forward. There's a chance encounter in the parking lot, a book meeting and one class session, and this results in the hardcore crush in the film. This really should've used more events to build things up. This one really should've been the introduction and then built up the romance from that, only for this one to just use the above set-up to carry the romance and ensuing jealousy. There's also a couple of really useless scenes. One is a silly erotic dream scene that seems all the more gratuitous for the distracting obviousness of the fact that she has refused to take her clothes off. It's quite obvious this is occurring, and it really ruins what is happening in the moment. The events at the end to regain the upper-hand in the romance are excruciating to watch, and don't have any real value to be there. All in all, this is a very uninspired sequel.

The Final Verdict: With a lot of problems and a couple of reasons for recommendations, this is a really lackluster sequel to a really weak original. This is really only recommended to those looking for some cheap sleaze or fans of the first one, otherwise this is a skip-able movie.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Violence, Nudity and several mild sex scenes
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wish i was the teacher
kai ringler2 February 2010
in the sequel to the first we find her in a mental hospital recovering from the effects of the ending of the first film, she proceeds to escape and wreak havoc once again,, now in a way i kinda feel sorry for her because some of these murders in the film,, she didn't actually commit,, especially the third one,, the woman she takes the identity of, all it was ,, was a slip and fall, and bingo, another "murder" so now she is off to the races with a new identity and lease on life, she enrolls at a small college where she ends up trying to be teacher's pet and tries to seduce the professor,, at first the professor plays dumb, like he doesn't want anything to do with her, but then he starts to see her as a conquest and decides what they hey and he goes for it,, but when he tries to say it's over and end it,,that's where the real fun starts,, all in all i'ts a pretty decent movie,, not quite as good as the first,, but hey we've all been down that road before with sequels.
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delivers the goods
windypoplar30 August 2005
This is direct to video erotic thriller. You can't expect "casablanca", this is, for what it is, pretty good. Jodi Lyn O'Keefe is so hot in this flick you should wear shades while watching her. Use oven mitts to handle the video. It does try to connect itself to the Rose McGowan starrer "Devil in the Flesh", Alex MacArthur even has a cameo but plays a different character than he did in the original film! The plot is straightforward, girl gets out of mental ward, gets into college, develops crush on teacher and goes psycho. The reason it works here is because the psychopath is more moral than the other people! It delivers thrills, clever dialog and plenty of steamy sex. I don't think this will disappoint people looking for good time.
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Some what believable plot that stayed the course.
acearms28 September 2003
This movie kept a central plot from beginning to end unlike some other recent ones I've viewed. It was a welcome sight to see Jsu Garcia (aka Nick Corri) in a lead role again. He has matured and did a super job playing his part. The street wise, crazed genius, and impersonator of a little rich girl, played by Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, was a winner and true to life. The rest of the cast also did an admirable portrayal of their respective roles. The movie was worth watching and I will watch it again.
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So So
youngcoolryan22 September 2000
Better known as Devil in the Flesh 2 on HBO , this movie is mediocre, watch it if you have nothing better to do . Jodi is great (not as vicious as Rose McGowen in the first one) but something was just missing. It drags a little.

The First Devil in the Flesh was better in my opinion. But if you have nothing better to do and like these obsessed psycho chicks movies , then give this one a watch.
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Kind of a Drag
turtlewax18216 February 2002
First off let me say I absolutely despise sequels because I know it's just going to embarrass the first film. I think Rose pulled off a wonderful job. The only appeal in this film is Jodi which isn't really THAT appealing if you're a chick. She has yet to impress me of any acting ability whatsoever. I honestly think she's only cast in movies for her looks, because I will admit she's very pretty, in fact a little too pretty for this particular role. She's didn't scream "Psychopath" across the screen to me at all, I think the girl who played Laney would have been a better choice, I mean come on throw some makeup on her and a pushup bra and it could have worked. Anyway, I really preferred the original, this is actually probably one of the worst sequels, it's an alright movie to watch when you're bored but don't expect too much.
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Oh My...
ebert_jr10 February 2002
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe sits squarely in the "can't live without 'em" part of the "can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em" equation. Beautiful, starry-eyed and definite Siren, O'Keefe dances around the plot of "Teacher's Pet" (written, no doubt, on a few sheets of toilet paper) and, I'm sure, leaving every male viewer glued to the edge of their seat in the process. Oh yeah, she can act. No, really...she puts out a terse, tightly wound performance that yields a believable "psycho chic" in love with teacher. The fact that this is still noticeable even after your neck hurts from following the outline of her rather supple leather skirt wrapped bottom says loads about that skill level. Hmm, and I see Jodi's a fellow New Joiseyian. I knew there was at least something good about this state!

In a phrase: You go girl!
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Here's a game for ya....
mattymatt4ever16 June 2001
This is a real challenge! You'll love it! Spot all the original elements in this movie. And you thought finding Waldo was hard. Jodi Lynn O'Keefe is sexy and serves as great eye candy. But even with the presence of Sweet Lil' Jodi, "Devil in the Flesh 2" is dull and a half! Cliched characters, cliched dialogue, dull plot, extremely cheap production, boring direction, some bad acting--Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. This is a thriller without the thrills. It's not even a guilty pleasure. Guilty pleasures usually have some degree of originality--even if that originality takes a twisted turn. There's ABSOLUTELY nothing in this movie that you haven't seen in past thrillers of this type. The first "Devil in the Flesh" was no gem, but at least it was mildly entertaining. And there was a hot, steamy sex scene to compensate for the flaws. There's one sex scene with brief nudity in this lamebrain sequel. I was at least expecting Jodi to get naked. Damn it! I've seen student films--which were ten times cheaper than this low-budget turkey--with more intelligence and more entertainment value. Just because you're running on a low budget doesn't mean you have to stop being original. Originality is not included in the production values.

This movie was so lame I sent it back to Netflix the exact same day it came in the mail.

My score: 2 (out of 10)
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manlemaire18 November 2008
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better than I thought it would be
movieman_kev22 April 2006
Let me get this out in the open, I have never seen the original "Devil in the Flesh". It's not on top of my list of films I have to watch, I'm sure that it'll be on late night cable one of these nights and I'll be bored enough to put it on. But at the point of time, I haven't watched it. But having not being able to compare the two, I can still say that Jodi Lynn O'Keefe does a pretty fair job with the script she's given (and no I'm not just saying that because she shares my surname and happens to be from the same state as I was from). Anyways Jodi plays Debbie Strong, a nut-job who escapes from the loony bin, kills a college co-ed, takes her identity and falls in lust with a teacher, killing anyone in her way. Make no mistake the film is bad b-movie fare through and through, yet it's also strangely watchable in it's own way.

Eye Candy: Lisa Comshaw and Katherine Kendall both get topless ( an extra is topless as well)

My Grade: B-

Where I saw it: Starz on Demand
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Great Entertaining Film
whpratt120 November 2005
"Devil in the Flesh II" is what I watched and I can understand why it is also called "Teachers Pet", because, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (Debbie Strong), "Out for Blood", '04 gave the Apple of her Eye, English Teacher, a big red apple and plenty more on her back. The opening of the film starts out in a bad Nut House, with a nurse putting her hand up a patient's gown and a needle being stuck in a fat neck. Katherine Kendall, (Carla Briggs), "Turning Green", '05 is in love with the same guy that Debbie has her eyes on, except Carla keeps taking PG tests to see if her hot joys in bed turn into bundles of JOY! Jodi Lyn O'Keefe gave an outstanding performance with her sexy eyes and very hot body along with great acting skills. The music and sound effects were fantastic and when a certain gal falls on her back, she really gets ripped UP !
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I wasn't really following the movie, just Jodi Lyn O'Keefe
sharpshotbryan14 April 2003
What the hell is wrong with everyone? Who cares about the plot or the acting? All that anyone should be concerned with is how incredibly sexy Jodi Lyn O'Keefe is. She is so hot and she knows how to use those looks to tease the audience. The movie might not get a 10/10,but Jodi definitely does.
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