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Ridin' ridin' ridin'...
heybhc20 February 2006
There is a whole lot of riding in this Demofilo Fidani western starring Hunt Powers (Jack Betts) as Django and Chet Davis as Sartana. Also on view is Gordon Mitchell as a deliciously insane bandit leader who spends a lot of time talking to himself in the mirror. Also playing poker against himself in the mirror... Shots of horsemen riding along the horizon take up screen time and build the slim story up to ninety minutes or so of questionable action. Fidani has been compared to Ed Wood, but this one is pretty well done, with a top-notch score, plenty of extras milling about in the backgrounds, some nice town sets, a few gorgeous ladies, and an incredible stunt team who flop and twitch when they're shot; no slumping to the ground for them, they usually fly from twelve to fifteen feet when shot. Fans of the genre just might have a good time with this one; others beware!
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not really that bad
spider8911917 August 2005
This is directed by the infamous Demofilo Fidani (aka Miles Deem, Dick Spitfire, etc.). I have seen a couple of his westerns, and haven't found them to be as bad as their reputation. Of course, if you're expecting Sergio Leone you are not going to get it here. This is a simple good guys vs. bad guys story that in some ways hearkens back to the old westerns of the 1930's and 40's, yet it still has the unmistakable flavor of a spaghetti western. Think of it as The Lone Ranger meets Fistful of Dollars.

The acting isn't the greatest, but I've seen much worse. There are some funny moments which may or may not have been intentional but they are entertaining nevertheless. The character of Burt Kelley is pretty amusing. He is an insane babbling idiot who plays cards with his mirror image and is not very bright, yet he manages to have control of an outlaw gang the size of a small army.

Unlike so many other "Django" movies that weren't originally intended to be Django movies, this one seems to have been originally written to have Django and Sartana in it. The guy who plays Sartana even has a bit of resemblance to Johnny Garko. In this movie, Sartana is a vigilante hero much like the Lone Ranger, while Django is more like the usual spaghetti western hero whose reasons for doing good are a bit more selfish.

The score is great. It's probably the best thing about the movie. It's very spaghetti western-ish and fun to listen to. I especially like the organ and trumpet part when Django first appears in the film, and the organ music played when Django appears in other parts. The theme song is very cool too.

If you are into the more obscure spaghetti westerns, give this one a try and decide for yourself.
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Mediocre crossover between two Spaghetti Western anti-heroes regularly directed by Demofilo Fidani or Miles Deem
ma-cortes16 August 2017
Low-budgeted movie middlingly made by Miles Deem or Demofilo Fidani , nicknamed the ¨Ed Wood of Spaghetti Western¨ . A small desert town and its stark surroundings are held in a reign of terror by a nasty gang of criminals lead by the crazed Burt Keller (Gordon Mitchell who steals the show giving a hysterical overacting) . The band of vicious outlaws kidnap Jessica Colby (Simonetta Vitelli or Blondell , Demofilo Fidani's daughter and starred several films of his father) and decide to flee to Mexico and taking a golden loot . Shrewd as well as mysterious bounty hunter Django (Jack Betts or Hunt Powers) and earnest , experienced gunslinger Sartana (Chet Davis or Franco Borelli) join forces to rescue the poor lass from the group's vile clutches . Both of whom arrive to establish law and order against the ruthless Burt Keller . As astute Django and Two-Fisted Sartana unite to terminate a reign of terror carried out by a brutal band of criminals .

This below-average Ravioli Western packs thrills , go riding , action , brawls , crossfire and drags at times , balancing in ups and downs . The plot summary is plain and simple : a small desert town is besieged by a brutal band of bandits led by villain and ruthless bandits and a bounty hunter named Django helps Sartana out , along the way they free an abducted beautiful girl . As stubborn and cunning Django along with saintly roving gunslinger Sartana take on Burt Keller , and meanwhile they help two unfortunate but gorgeous girls : Jessica Brewster/Simonetta Vitelli and Cleo/Krista Nell , both of them were two Eurotrash goddesses who starred various Western/erotic/terror movies . The movie has the customary Spaghetti characters , as the violent facing , greedy antiheroes , bloody and spectacular showdowns , quick zooms , extreme baddies but being wretchedly directed . It packs an enjoyable and attractive musical score by Coriolano Gori in Morricone/spaghetti style . And an atmospheric cinematography by the famous Aristide Massaccesi or Joe D'Amato , though a perfect remastering is necessary .

Here unite forces two mysterious heroes from Spaghetti Western : the saintly roving Sartana and the brave Django , their history is the following : The first movie on Sartana as an avenger hero was by Frank Kramer (Gianfranco Parolini) interpreted by John Garco or Gianni Garco or Gary Hudson , besides it was starred by Klaus Kinski and William Berger . As always , the mythic personage appears elegant and dressed in black and with a killer look . After being continued by Alfonso Balcazar ¨Sartana non Perdona¨ or ¨Sonora¨ with Jorge Martin , Jack Elam and Gilbert Roland . Miles Deem directed two Sartanas which are considered awful . Anthony Ascott (Giuliano Carmineo) realized several movies with George Hilton who replaces to Garco . Hilton plays more natural and roguish than Garco who was cold and peculiar . Garco starred various Sartanas with Carmineo as ¨¨Sartana the gravedigger'(69) , ¨Light the fuse Sartana is coming¨(71), among others.

After successful original ¨Django¨ by Sergio Corbucci with Franco Nero , it was followed by several imitations , rip offs and cheesy copies , such as : ¨Pochi dollar per Django¨ or ¨Alambradas De Violencia¨ (1966) by Leon Klimowsky starred by Anthony Steffen , Gloria Osuna , Frank Wolff ; ¨El Mio Nome e Django¨ (1969) by Ferdinando Baldi with Terence Hill , Horst Frank , George Eastman ; ¨Django Le Bastard¨(1969) by Sergio Garrone with Anthony Steffen , Paolo Gozlino ; ¨¨Django defies Sartana¨(1969) by Pasquale Squitieri with George Ardisson and Tony Kendall ; ¨Ein Pressen Fur Django¨ or ¨Barro en Ojos¨(1971) by Edoardo Mulargia with Anthony Steffen ; and the official sequel titled ¨Il Grande Ritorno¨(1987) by Nello Rossati with Franco Nero , Christopher Connolly and Donald Pleasence .

The picture was lousily directed by Demofilo Fidani or Miles Deem , considered to be the "Ed Wood of Spaghetti Western" and husband of Mila Vitelli Valenza ,a professional costume designer and father of actress Simonetta Vitelli , both of whom worked in various films of Demofilo . Fidani directed all kind of genres in low budget and exploitation pictures . He eventually had more pseudonyms than any working director in the world , similarly to Bruno Mattei . He followed shooting these taboo-breaking films with excursions into porno film , adventure , as ¨Karzan, Jungle Lord" and specially , Spaghetti as ¨Django and Sartana's Showdown in the West" , ¨Giù la Testa¨, "Sartana, the Invincible Gunman" , ¨El Sartana... l'Ombre Ta Mort¨, among others .
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One of the worst spaghetti westerns ever made!
Zar23 July 2001
DJANGO AND SARTANA'S SHOWDOWN IN THE WEST is unquestionably one of the worst spaghetti westerns ever made. Directed by the infamous Demofilo Fidani on a non-existing budget, with long intervals of absolutely nothing happening and what little does happen isn't anything to write home about either. If you must, watch it for Gordon Mitchell who is genuinly funny as the crazy gang leader who is engaged in a poker play with his mirror image for the most of the film. By the way Django and Sartana doesn't even have a showdown!
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I really enjoyed this
TankGuy14 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is my tenth spaghetti western review,click on the link(above)to see more spaghetti western reviews.

I had never seen any of the Django/Sartana spin-offs until i watched this little gem,and after i watched it,i wanted to see all the others,but anyway,on with the review.

This movie has brilliant acting and loads of action,Hunt Powers is brilliant as Sartana,he's almost as good as Gianni Garko,Franco Borelli,meanwhile,is not so good as Django,he's alright,but Franco Nero is a lot better,but the movies best performance has got to go to veteran spaghetti western actor,Gordon Mitchell,he plays the one most craziest and most insane and most phsycopathic movie villains ever and one of the best movie villains ever,he must have been on a sugar rush when the movie was made because he is a real phsycopath,he gives the performance his all and creates a excellent character,he plays poker with himself via a mirror,lays on a bed and plays with real winchesters just like a kid playing with two plastic cowboy guns and he becomes brutally angry,screaming his head off and punching people and destroying tables in the process,he's absolutely mad,but his character and acting are brilliant,no one else could have played his part,he should have on an Oscar or some kind of award,even in his death scene he is as crazy as ever as he screams in agony as a large knife protrudes from his stomach,in one way he feel sad that he's dead.

There's enough action to keep action fans happy,a few shootouts and several brawls,both of which are loud,fast paced and exciting.The shootouts are really funny and i was in pain from laughing at theme,the stunts the actors do when they are shot are hilarious,during one shootout one man falls head over heels over a railing,it's comedy gold,during the shootout at the end of the movie there's even a few slow motion deaths thrown in,i guess Demofilo Findani(or Dick Spitfire in this movie)was trying to copy the shootout at the climax of The Wild Bunch.The shootout in a dusty western town is brilliantly done also,during which Django kills several men who have come to kill him,the brawls are excellent and there are a lot of them throughout the movie.After the climatic shootout,Django and crazy Burt(Gordon Mitchell) batter each other up,this results in crazy Burt being stabbed and killed with a Rambo knife.

There are plenty of brilliant shots of horses riding around the wild frontier(which looks like an abandoned quarry in the middle of Spain) and the theme tune is good,but it's been used in at least a dozen other spaghetti westerns.This is a brilliant movie and i would love to see all the other Django/Sartana spin-offs and Fidanis other westerns,i highly recommend this to spaghetti western and action fans,seek this one out as it's a must see.
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An entertaining spaghetti Western
Woodyanders12 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
A band of vicious outlaws lead by the crazed Black Burt Keller (an amusingly nutty and robust portrayal by Gordon Mitchell) abduct the feisty Jennifer Colby (lovely blonde Simonetta Vitelli) and decide to flee to Mexico. Shrewd bounty hunter Django (a sound and engaging performance by Jack Betts) and saintly roving gunslinger Sartana (a solid turn by Franco Borelli) join forces to rescue the poor lass from the gang's vile clutches. Directors Demofilo Fidani and Diego Spataro offer a nifty and enjoyable pairing of two iconic spaghetti Western characters: the simple, but effective story unfolds at a constant snappy pace, the stirring outbursts of raw violence include the expected thrilling shoot-outs and a handy helping of rough'n'ready fisticuffs, and Borelli and Betts make for charming and likable protagonists. Moreover, Mitchell has a ball as the gloriously unhinged Keller; he's very funny as he talks to his own reflection in a mirror while playing cards. Coriolano Gori's twangy and lively score hits the harmonic spot. Ditto Joe D'Amato's polished cinematography. The climactic confrontation between our heroes and the bad guys makes inspired use of stylized slow motion. A fun flick.
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Arguably the Worst of all Django/Sartana Rip-offs
After Sergio Corbucci's masterpiece "Django" from 1966, a whole series of so called "Django" films were released in Italy. Some of these (unofficial) sequels were quite good, some were worse, but none of them even near the original. The original "Sartana" films with Gianni Garko also spawned a bunch of rip-offs, some of them quite good, some worse. As a great fan of the Italian Western, I must say that, out of all films I've seen carrying either title "Django And Sartana...Showdown In The West" is the worst. The storyline is quite primitive, a gang of criminals take a girl hostage before they wanna flee to Mexico and then, for some reason, instead of going to Mexico they wait, and try to kill the area's two deadliest bounty hunters, Django and Sartana, before they can find them. The dialogue is pretty poor too, at least in the German dubbed version of the movie.

The characters of Django and Sartana are not even near to those in the original movies, Django, originally a cynical avenger, is a bounty hunter in this, and Sartana, usually a typical antihero looking mainly for quick cash, is suddenly somewhat of a saint, helping the poor and trying to turn the west into a better place by fighting the bad guys. This movie is aguably only watchable to my fellow fans of the genre, and they're also quite likely to be disappointed. If for anything, watch the film for Spaghetti Western veteran Gordon Mitchell, who plays the villain in this, and who saves the movie from being total garbage. If you don't know any other "Django" or "Sartana" movies, please don't judge the whole series after this movie, don't even waste your time with this one, but watch Sergio Corbucci's original "Django" of 1966 with Franco Nero (it's a masterpiece!!) or any of the great Sartana movies with Gianni Garko instead. Only watchable for Spaghetti Western enthusiasts like myself, and even then it is anything but recommendable.
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Worthless but nevertheless entertaining Spaghetti Western
Coventry7 August 2011
"Django & Sartana" is probably the worst Spaghetti western I've seen thus far, but maybe just because of that it also provided a lot of fun and laughs. I honestly don't think it was writer/director Demofilo Fidano's deliberate choice to deliver such a bad film, which makes it all the more sad for him but all the better for us, because bad movies with good intentions are even more entertaining and hilarious. Don't feel too sorry for Mr. Fidano, by the way, because he made over twenty flicks like this and that earned him the questionable nickname "The Ed Wood of Spaghetti Westerns". Basically the concept of this dud describes itself somewhat as an avant-garde "Freddy Vs. Jason". "Django" was a hugely popular franchise started by Sergio Corbucci's classic in 1966, and it promptly skyrocketed the international career of Franco Nero. Even though the film only has one official sequel, the name Django was put on practically every Italian western film poster ever since. "Sartana" is an almost equally popular franchise with approximately twenty titles in total and the character has been played by eminent Euro-cult actors like William Berger, George Hilton and Fabio Testi. With this film, Demofilo Fidano had the brilliant idea of shooting something that featured both characters, but unfortunately his script is just too atrocious and certainly doesn't glorify any of the two principal characters. I doubt Fidano has even seen any of the other Django/Sartana movies, because their styles and personalities are completely different. Besides, even though the English titles state "showdown" and "Django against Sartana", there isn't any fight or confrontation between them at all. Quite the contrary, in fact. Both men are in pursuit of Burt Keller's gang of thieves and murders. They kidnapped a beautiful buxom blond and plan to flee to Mexico. Instead of actually doing that, the gang hangs around and patiently await for Django and Sartana to kill them. So, they kidnap a girl to assure a safe getaway, but then they stay to fight the unbeatable bounty hunters. That's how stupid the scenario is! Due to the imbecilic and simplistic plot, Demofilo Fidano does everything possible to stretch the running time. This means that nearly half of the film exist of tedious footage of various random people riding their horses and cameras zooming in on people's face even though the actual scene is already over for like 5 seconds. There even are some downright shameless padding sequences as well, like an entire game of poker in a saloon. The body count is enormous and the gunfights are exactly what makes this film so darn hilarious! The victims don't just boringly drop dead when shot here! They fly limply through the air, jump over fences, roll numerous times over the ground and some of them even make a looping! All this and more is illustrated alternately in slow-motion and regular speed and I haven't got a single idea why! The lead actors depicting Django and Sartana are pretty worthless. Django looks like he's made of plastic and Sartana actually doesn't look any older than adolescent. The girls are yummy enough and the absolute main asset of the film is the magnificent Gordon Mitchell in his role as the deranged criminal leader Burt Keller. He's an ego-maniacal lunatic who plays poker against himself in a mirror … and cheats!
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Nicely Staged, But Empty
FightingWesterner4 June 2014
Psychotic bandit Gordon Mitchell and his gang kidnaps a girl and head for Mexico. Django and Sartana take their time, eventually getting around to confronting the kidnappers and attempting to rescue girl.

Directed by Dick Spitfire (AKA Miles Deem AKA Demofilo Fidani), this is marginally better than his subsequent Django/Sartana match-up, One Damned Day At Dawn..., though that's not really saying much. The story is paper-thin, with lots of pointless scenes and elongated shots meant to bring the film to an acceptable length.

However, it's visually pleasing, with decent production values and good photography by Aristide Massachessi (AKA Joe D'Amato). There is one goof though, about seventeen minutes into the movie, when Django walks up to a moist dirt patch covered in automobile tracks! Look fast for a couple of plastic cacti as well.
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Dull and inconsistent....and a bit dumb.
MartinHafer17 January 2013
In "Quel maledetto giorno d'inverno... Django e Sartana all'ultimo sangue", Hunt Powers (Jack Betts) plays Django. Now, oddly, in this followup film, Powers plays Sartana!! This is really odd, as both films were from Demofilo Fidani (often nicknamed 'The Ed Wood of Spaghetti Westerns')!! You'd think he'd remember or care about who played who! Confusing, huh?! In Italian westerns, the producers played very fast and loose with the name 'Django' (in Fidani's, VERY loose). Following the success of the original "Django" (with handsome Franco Nero), other Italian filmmakers realized they could name ANYONE Django and the public might be fooled into thinking these other films here sequels--which they weren't! Now, to further confuse things, Tarantino has come out with a new film--"Django Unchained"--yet another film that has nothing to do with Django! Confused? I would certainly assume so!

Black Burt Keller and his gang abduct Jessica Colby after wiping out everyone else at her ranch. Django and Sartana follow these thugs into Mexico to rescue the lady and punish these baddies. Unfortunately, most of this film isn't very interesting. The plot described above isn't enough for the entire film and as a result, the film seems to meander a lot. On top of that, the just just isn't interesting at all and is full of poorly constructed scenes. My favorite bad scene is near the beginning. After the shooting begins on the ranch, ranch hands CONTINUE their work hauling things---just waiting to be shot!! A few do ride away, but one guy is hauling a basket and another a barrel---long after the baddies start shooting everyone. You'd THINK they'd hide or fight back but these knuckleheads keep working until (surprise) they are shot also. Duh.

By the way, on the DVD that contained this and "Django Meets Sartana", there is a '7 Gold' symbol in the bottom corner throughout the film and it's annoying. Also, an occasional yellow dot appears in the left corner--presumably to hide some other DVD producer's copyright symbol. This, combined with a faded print is one more reason to pass on this sub-par film.
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Django and Sartana to the rescue.....again
Red-Barracuda17 October 2017
The Italians sure made a lot of westerns featuring the characters Django and Sartana. They didn't usually feature in the same film mind you, although I have seen at least one or two others where this pair do share screen-time. It was clearly a marketing ploy really, as the characterisations on offer are so vague that they could effectively go out under any names but I guess 'Buck and Hank Take the Town' was a title that just didn't cut the mustard. Needless to say in this reincarnation our there is no attempt whatsoever to have our friend Django drag a coffin around with him and both gun-men are no more than standard spaghetti loners with highly developed weapons skills. The story has bandits abduct a girl after massacring all others in a ranch. Django and Sartana are soon on the case and set out to rescue her and administer a bit of a pasting to the nefarious good-for-nothing bounders.

The synopsis, and above paragraph in general, should hopefully make it clear that there is absolutely nothing in this movie that stands out from the crowd at all. Its highly generic fare which will offer no surprises to anyone who has seen a number of Italian westerns. Having said that, it's not precisely a bad example of the sub-genre either and I thought it did go about its business in an efficient and entertaining enough manner. But, at the same time, it was undeniably pretty forgettable stuff and one which was definitely no better than a time-filler.
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Lacklustre spaghetti western
Wizard-820 September 2013
If you've been around the spaghetti western block a few times, most likely you've concluded that the "Django" and the "Sartana" in this particular spaghetti western only share the names of the characters from the official movies and nothing else, and you'd be right. That fact didn't bother me - I am used to rip-offs in Italian movies, and I just asked that the movie be entertaining. Unfortunately, it wasn't. The movie does gets to a good start, swiftly setting up the plot in the first ten minutes, and there is a pleasant (though repetitive) musical score. But other than those things, there's not much of merit on display here. After the first ten minutes, we have to sit through about a half hour of essentially NOTHING important happening. And when the movie eventually gets going, it's at a very slow pace, seemingly knowing there simply isn't that much plot here. The director adds absolutely no style or energy, and the Django and Sartana characters are given absolutely no color or personality, so you don't care if they will triumph at the end. Probably not the worst spaghetti western made, but would likely make it into a decent-sized list from the average spaghetti western connoisseur. It certainly made MY list!
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