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Marvel Is Aiming for Half of All Future McU Movies to Be Directed by Women

Marvel Studios' success has been unparalleled and unprecedented, but among the chief complaints among many fans for years was the lack of diversity, both in ethnic heroes and female heroes as well. Marvel has most definitely addressed both issues with the blockbuster hit Black Panther, and the upcoming Captain Marvel, but Victoria Alonso, Marvel's executive VP of physical production, hopes to see a day where half of the McU slate is directed by women.

Before joining Marvel in 2006, Victoria Alonso worked in the male-dominated world of visual effects, working on films such as The 6th Day, Cats and Dogs, Darkness Falls, The Core, Big Fish, Fifty First Dates and Kingdom of Heaven. She joined Marvel as the chief of visual effects, serving as both a producer and a visual effects producer on the first McU movie, Iron Man, while also producing the rest of Marvel's early movies before being
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Films Of Futures Past – The 6th Day

Welcome to films of futures past, the series where we look at films set in futures that have now passed and ask the question what did they get right? This time we’ll be looking at sci-fi actioner, The 6th Day.

Released in 2000 and set in the year 2015, The 6th Day stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a family man who discovers he has been cloned. In a world where human cloning is illegal, he must save himself from the assassins sent to destroy him to cover up their secret. Alongside the possibility of human cloning, the film also presents several other futuristic advancements predicted to exist in 2015. Now that the year has passed, let’s see what they got right.

Human/Pet Cloning

As stated in the text at the beginning of the film, British scientists managed to clone a sheep named Dolly in 1996 after 434 attempts proving that the theory was possible.
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Cult Of Chucky Red Band Trailer Is A Cut Above The Rest

Considering that we live in an era populated by remakes and reboots – especially in the horror genre – you really have to tip your hat to the Child’s Play franchise, which, for the most part, has kept true to the same continuity all these years. Sure, there were a few tongue-in-cheek detours that remain cult favorites, but to not completely start from scratch with recent installments is indeed an extreme rarity these days.

I guess you could say 2013’s Curse of Chucky was a clean slate of sorts, but it returned the franchise to its roots, a trend we saw as continuing with the freshly dropped first trailer for Cult of Chucky. As exciting as that was, today we’re offered an even deeper look at Don Mancini’s twisted vision via a red band preview, which can be viewed up above.

Aside from getting Brad Dourif to once again voice the titular character,
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“I’m old, not obsolete” – Where did the 80’s Action Heroes go?

  • HeyUGuys
Author: Matt Rodgers

Growing up in the UK’s equivalent of The Shire meant that access to the escapism of video rentals was something as distant as The Misty Mountains. The arrival of a man who looked like Stanley Uris from Stephen King’s It, driving a van that was filled to the rafters with VHS, and which glowed like the Pulp Fiction briefcase when opened, introduced me to a roll-call of the 80s Action Heroes. Monosyllabic men, who quipped their way through bullets and bodies. The first plastic case to cross my sweaty palms featured a muscular fellow, holding a gun, against a colourful heatmap backdrop. It was Predator, and that was a long time ago.

About where things began to change for the real expendables is hard to pinpoint. Why did these one-time box-office giants; Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Van-Damme, and to a lesser degree Lundgren, suddenly find their powers diminishing?
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Tom Hanks' film debut was a drama about Dungeons & Dragons

Ryan Lambie Mar 29, 2017

Mazes And Monsters provided the first feature role for a young Tom Hanks in 1982 - and warned against the perils of Dungeons & Dragons...

Where there's great popularity, there's sometimes an equal and opposite backlash. Pokemon has occasionally been accused of promoting everything from Satanism to animal cruelty. The book Why Knock Rock, published in 1984, warned of the morally corrosive dangers hidden in the music of Judas Priest, Kiss and Led Zeppelin.

Before all this, there was the moral panic surrounding Dungeons & Dragons. From humble beginnings, the role-playing game quickly became a phenomenon in the 1970s, taking the company behind it - Tactical Studies Rules, founded by Gary Gygax - from a tiny cottage industry to a 600-strong firm by the end of the decade.

Dungeons & Dragons' brilliance lies in its freeform design; with only a few raw materials - dice, counters, a rulebook - the game conjures
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Arnold Schwarzenegger, A Career In Crisis: Why the ’80s Action Icon Can’t Mount a Comeback

Arnold Schwarzenegger, A Career In Crisis: Why the ’80s Action Icon Can’t Mount a Comeback
This can’t be what Arnold Schwarzenegger imagined 2017 to look like: Sure, there’s a reality star in the White House, the Chicago Cubs are World Series champions, and his arch-rival (/best celebrity friend), Sylvester Stallone, is a recent Academy Award nominee. Yet for the ex-governor of California, far more confounding is how he became an ex-celebrity.

Schwarzenegger spent his acting life amassing a domestic box office of more than $1.8 billion. That haul came from comedies, like “Twins” ($111 million); science fiction, like “Total Recall” ($119 million) and “Terminator 2” ($204 million); or — his bread and butter — action flicks a la “True Lies” ($146 million) and “Eraser” ($101 million). But one unfortunate connection for all of Schwarzenegger’s films grossing $100 million-plus: They were all made before the year 2000.

Since the dawn of the new millennium, Schwarzenegger’s name above the title has carried less weight at the box office, resulting in drastically lower figures. How he
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A Street Cat Named Bob Movie Review #Cat

  • ShockYa
A Street Cat Named Bob Movie Review #Cat
Title: A Street Cat Named Bob Director: Roger Spottiswoode Starring: Bob, Luke Treadaway, Ruta Gedmintas, Joanne Froggatt, Anthony Head. ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ is based on the same-title international best selling book, which is not about Tennessee Williams’ kitty. This is the true inspirational story of how James Bowen, a homeless recovering drug addict, had his life transformed when he met a stray ginger cat: Bob. The British-Canadian film director Roger Spottiswoode, had a number of action acclaimed movies under his belt such as the 1997 James Bond ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ starring Pierce Brosnan and science-fiction ‘The 6th Day’ starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. His latest film is more about the [ Read More ]

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Daniel Petrie Jr interview: Toy Soldiers, Dawn Patrol, Turner & Hooch




From writing Beverly Hills Cop to directing Toy Soldiers and Dawn Patrol, we have a chat with writer/producer/director Daniel Petrie Jr.

Daniel Petrie Jr comes from a family with movies in its blood.

His father, Daniel Petrie Sr, directed films such as Resurrection, Cocoon: The Return and A Raisin In The Sun. His mother, Dorothea, produced movies, wrote novels and acted. And then his brother, Donald Petrie, directed Cocoon: The Return, Miss Congeniality and Grumpy Old Men.

Yet Daniel Petrie Jr is just as busy. His screenplays include Turner & Hooch and Beverly Hills Cop (for which he earned an Academy Award nomination), whilst his directorial debut was the much-loved (by us especially) Toy Soldiers.

As his new film as director, Dawn Patrol (starring Scott Eastwood) lands on DVD, he spared us some time for a chat about his career. Starting with what he's up to right now.
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36 major blockbusters and why they never got made

We look at the films that slipped through Hollywood's net, from biblical epics to a time travelling Gladiator sequel...

This article contains a spoiler for Gladiator.

If you're one of those frustrated over the quality of many of the blockbusters that make it to the inside of a multiplex, then ponder the following. For each of these were supposed to be major projects, that for one reason or another, stalled on their way to the big screen. Some still may make it. But for many others, the journey is over. Here are the big blockbusters that never were...

1. Airframe

The late Michael Crichton scored another residential on the bestseller list with his impressive thriller, Airframe. It was published in 1996, just after films of Crichton works such as Jurassic Park, Rising Sun, Disclosure and the immortal Congo had proven to be hits of various sizes.

So: a hit book, another techno thriller,
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Wizard World Comic Con St. Louis May 22-24 – Great Line-Up of Movie Guests

Pop culture comes to life in St. Louis next month! It’s the Wizard World Comic Con May 22nd through the 24th at America’s Center downtown (701 Convention Plaza – St. Louis, Mo 63101), and boy oh boy, do they have an amazing line-up of guests!

Sure, you got the comic artists and cosplayers, wrestlers, a St. Louis Ram, a Power Ranger, and of course the ubiquitous Walking Dead stars, but what We Are Movie Geeks is most excited about are the celebrities from movies that will be on hand: Horror legend George Romero, Sharknado legend Tara Reid, horror hostess with the mostest (if you know what I mean) Elvira, Guardians Of The Galaxy tough guy Dave Bautista, Henry the serial killer himself Michael Rooker, Do The Right Thing’s ‘Buggin Out’ Giancarlo Esposito. Lord of the Rings Trilogy’s Pippin Billy Boyd, Captain America squeeze Hayley Atwell, and Silent Bob’s buddy Jay aka Jason Mewes.
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The Future is Here: Six Movies That Take Place in 2015

  • Cinelinx
The year 2015 is upon us and it’s safe to say that we haven’t lived up to all the expectations filmmakers had for us. Some of their negative predictions might be reflective of what’s come to pass while other less pessimistic ones haven’t quite transpired. I’ll let you be the judge of whether or not the good outweighs the bad when it comes to where humanity sits in the grand scheme of things after watching a few or all of the movies I’ve listed which take place in the year 2015.

Let’s just get the most obvious one out of the way immediately. Robert Zemeckis’s Back to the Future Part II takes place in three different times, one of which is 2015. In the movie, “Marty McFly must repeat his visit to 1955” to prevent catastrophic changes to 1985 after dropping in on 2015... “without interfering with his first trip.
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Spend New Year's Eve with These Genre Films

  • Cinelinx
After diving into all the great Christmas-themed slashers and horror movies like Silent Night, Deadly Night, Santa's Slay, Christmas Evil, Saint Nick, and many others, it’s sometimes hard to believe there’s another great holiday to revel in just around the corner. There might not be as many films directly centered on ushering in the New Year, but there’s plenty to keep you entertained for a few days and nights.

I realize that not everyone smiles in glee like I do as teenagers get axed and knifed. Some folks just want some alternate choices in the face of all the countdowns and variety shows they’re bombarded with every year. The list I’ve put together includes not only slasher and horror flicks, but disaster, sci-fi, and action-oriented ones as well.

“New Year’s Evil” tells the tale of a Punk Rock and New Wave TV show host
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Dirty Dancing at 30: how it nearly fell apart

Simon Brew Feb 3, 2017

Dirty Dancing was one of the biggest indie hits of the 1980s. But it came very close to not happening at all...

Dirty Dancing, I fully accept, isn't the kind of film you necessarily load up a site like Den Of Geek to read about. I can't sit here and tell you that it's ever been a movie that's been particularly special to me, although I know people who could happily watch it on loop.

See related  World War Z 2: David Fincher linked with directing World War Z 2 nearly hit by Jurassic World 2

I've never met anyone who could say that about its sequel, Havana Nights, however.

That said, since writing about the troubles that befell the production of The Addams Family, I've been hunting for other generally off-radar stories of just how many problems a seemingly trouble-free film had behind the scenes. And
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Roger Spottiswoode To Helm "Hyperbaric"

Roger Spottiswoode ("Tomorrow Never Dies," "The 6th Day") is set to direct the psychological suspense thriller "Hyperbaric".

The story takes place onboard a haphazardly constructed narcotics submarine carrying a fortune in cocaine. Four strangers are onboard with their own secrets and must work together as the Coast Guard follows in hot pursuit.

Dominic Morgan and Matt Harvey penned the script while Rick Benattar and Nigel Thomas are producing . This is not to be confused with Antoine Fuqua's rival "Narco Sub" project in development at 20th Century Fox.

Source: Deadline
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Roger Spottiswoode to Direct Narco Sub Thriller 'Hyperbaric'

Now that the gestating thriller Narco Sub is back on track, with Antoine Fuqua signing on to direct last month, the project has some new competition with another narco sub movie entitled Hyperbaric, which has Roger Spottiswoode set to direct.

Hyperbaric is set inside a narco sub, an underwater vechicle used by drug cartels to transport narcotics, primarily between Colombia and Mexico. Because they are so small, these sumbersible ships cannot be detected by radar. The story follows four strangers, each with their own secrets, aboard a "crudely-built" narco submarine, as they try to deliver a fortune's worth of cocaine while eluding the Coast Guard.

The project originated as a spec script by Dominic Morgan and Matt Harvey, with Rick Benattar and Nigel Thomas on board to produce. It isn't known if Hyperbaric or Narco Sub will get off the ground first, but our report from May revealed that Antoine Fuqua
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Roger Spottiswoode Boards Narco Sub Thriller ‘Hyperbaric’

Roger Spottiswoode Boards Narco Sub Thriller ‘Hyperbaric’
Exclusive: Tomorrow Never Dies helmer Roger Spottiswoode (Turner & Hooch, Air America, The 6th Day) is heading back into thriller territory. He’s set to direct Hyperbaric, a psychological suspense film set aboard a crudely-built “narco-submarine” carrying a fortune in cocaine, in which four strangers with their own secrets must work together as the Coast Guard follows in hot pursuit. It’s a prime time to capitalize on the topic of these submersible watercrafts which cartels notoriously use to move narcotics in the South American drug trade. Hyperbaric no doubt aims to draft off buzz from Fox’s Narco Sub, which Antoine Fuqua […]
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Michael Schlesinger talks the Godzilla sequel that never happened

The current incarnation of Godzilla is still doing big numbers at the box office, but there was a time when there was going to a sequel to the American release of Godzilla 2000 called Godzilla: Reborn. Author of Japan’s Favourite Mon-Star, Steve Ryfle sat down with Michael Schlesinger (who wrote and produced the American release of Godzilla 2000) via Sci-Fi Japan to discuss the sequel, that never happened.

“Believe it or not, it started as a joke. I’m friends with Joe Dante and Jon Davison, and one day late in 2000, I bumped into Jon on the lot — he was producing The Sixth Day at the time. I mentioned that Toho had liked our version [of Godzilla 2000] so much that they were using it in some other countries where it hadn’t yet opened, such as India, and were even playing it in Tokyo for a week before Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus opened.
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How Steven Spielberg's Night Skies became E.T.

Intended as a sequel to Close Encounters, Night Skies began in the 1970s but later stalled. We look at how its ideas evolved into E.T...


Having scored a phenomenal hit with Jaws in 1975, director Steven Spielberg used his considerable industry clout to make Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - a science fiction fairytale for the UFO age. It was a personal project for Spielberg, conceived and partly written by the director himself (several other writers made uncredited passes on the script), and based on Firelight, the UFO film he'd shot for $500 while he was a teenager.

“I had a real, deep-rooted belief that we had been visited in this century,” the director once said of his fascination with the UFO phenomenon. “I was a real UFO devotee in the 1970s, and really into the UFO phenomenon from reading. For me, it was science.”

Like Jaws, the production
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10 Scariest Dolls from Horror Movies

  • FEARnet
10 Scariest Dolls from Horror Movies
Killer dolls are fodder for phobias and nightmares. They are somewhat of a paradox, because dolls are supposed to be the loyal companions of innocent children, not cold-blooded killers. But, when dolls do go bad, they go very bad. An early example of the killer doll can be found in The Twilight Zone series: with Talky Tina who really wanted to kill you. It didn’t stop there, though; creepy and homicidal dolls have continued to rear their ugly heads in film and television for many years now.

We assert that there are few things creepier than malevolent playthings and that killer dolls are not to be trusted. So it is with a measure of caution that we bring to you our selections for ten of the creepiest dolls in cinema.

Chucky from Child’s Play

The Chuckster is the creepiest of the creepy dolls. Though he isn’t the original creepy doll,
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Terry Crews Is A Geek. Seriously

Terry Crews Is A Geek. Seriously
Terry Crews loves "Star Wars." This is something that I would never have guessed to be an interest of Terry Crews. In other words: It's not something I would imagine Crews had very many conversations about in the locker room during his seven years in the NFL. Regardless, Crews identifies himself as a "geek" -- and being at San Diego Comic-Con, he's in the right place.

Crews -- who, I must admit, is an absolute delight to meet in person -- takes over for Mr. T as the voice of Officer Devereux in the upcoming "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2." Regardless of that, it's been a nice couple of years for Crews. He's no longer just additional muscle in another "Expendables" movie -- he's actually acting (he was almost unrecognizable in the fourth season of "Arrested Development"). I get the sense that he's having the time of his life.
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