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Die Hard 6 Moves Forward with Conjuring Writers

Die Hard 6 Moves Forward with Conjuring Writers
Bruce Willis confirmed just this past February that Die Hard 6 is definitely still happening. Now the project is chugging forward at a faster rate, with 20th Century Fox bringing on new writers. The studio has hired Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes, the sibling scribe team best known for their work on The Conjuring franchise. They will rewrite the Die Hard 6 script. Len Wiseman is still attached to direct this action sequel, and also serve as a producer alongside Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

Die Hard 6 will bring back Bruce Willis, reprising his iconic role as New York cop John McClane, but the story will actually focus on a much younger John McClane as a NYPD cop in the 1970s. Bruce Willis is expected to appear in present-day scenes that will bookend the movie, that will shift back and forth between present-day and the 1970s. While Bruce Willis was originally expected to make
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Netflix Orders More ‘Ultimate Beastmaster,’ Adds U.K. and Australia to the Mix

Netflix Orders More ‘Ultimate Beastmaster,’ Adds U.K. and Australia to the Mix
Ultimate Beastmaster” will come back for a third run on Netflix, with a rejiggered format and contestants from the U.K. and Australia for the first time.

Fox Sports and former Sky Sports News presenter Kate Abdo will be the U.K. host alongside wrestler and actor Stu Bennett, while pop star and performer Dannii Minogue will fly the flag for Australia alongside rugby star Nick Cummins.

The series was the first competition show greenlit by Netflix. It has hosts from each of the participating countries commentating alongside one another so that each territory sees a localized version of the show, as well as seeing the presenters all the competing countries interact with each other throughout the course of the show.

WWE wrestler Cm Punk will co-host the U.S. version, joining existing presenter Tiki Barber. Sylvester Stallone, Yong Yam and Kevin King Templeton executive produce.

Dave Broome’s 25/7 makes the series and he and the production
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‘Ultimate Beastmaster’ Renewed For Season 3 On Netflix

Netflix has greenlighted a third season of Ultimate Beastmaster, its international reality competition series. The nine-episode next round will feature more than 100 competitors from nine countries and a quartet of new hosts joining Tiki Barber, Anderson Silva and others. Each episode follows competitors taking their shot at running "The Beast," which the streamer calls “one of the most physically demanding obstacle courses ever devised.” A “Beastmaster” will be crowned…
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'Ultimate Beastmaster' Renewed for Season 3 by Netflix

Netflix is giving Ultimate Beastmaster another run.

The streaming giant has renewed the global competition series for a third season. Over the course of nine new episodes, the event series from executive producer Sylvester Stallone will feature 100 competitors from nine countries: the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Germany, Brazil, Italy, France, South Korea and Mexico. The third season is set to launch later this year.

In each episode, competitors take their shot at running "The Beast," one of the most physically demanding obstacle courses ever created. At the end of each installment, a "Beastmaster" is crowned — and in the final episode...
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Beauty and the Beast Series Finale Sneak Peek: Don't Mess With Cat!

Beauty and the Beast Series Finale Sneak Peek: Don't Mess With Cat!
What will it take for Beauty and the Beast‘s titular twosome to finally (finally) attain “happily ever after?”

RelatedBeauty and the Beast to End Its Run After Season 4

Heading into the CW drama’s Season 4 finale aka series finale (titled “Au Revoir” and airing Thursday at 9/8c), Vincent and Catherine (played by Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk) have two tasks left on their seemingly never-ending to-do list: stop a bombing planned by Braxton (Beastmaster‘s Marc Singer) to cover his tracks, and hunt down Braxton himself, to ensure an end to beastmaking once and for all.

RelatedFall TV
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TV News: Arrow, Clooney, Detective, Minds


Memorable 1980s TV star Marc Singer ("V," "Beastmaster") has joined the cast of The CW's "Arrow". Singer will be portraying General Matthew Shrieve, the leader of a group known as the Creature Commandos in the DC comics. In the series, he plays a significant role in the show's flashback storyline.

In other news, executive producer Marc Guggenheim says Colton Haynes' Roy Harper character, who has been decidedly underutilized this season, will have a huge part to play int he next three episodes. This will include between him and Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) which Guggenheim calls Haynes' best work on the show. [Source: Cbm]

Untitled Clooney Project

George Clooney, "Foxcatcher" director Bennett Miller and legendary TV producer Peter Tolan are all assembling for a TV series set in the 1990s at a Hollywood studio.

The Sony Pictures TV-produced project is scribed as a comedic drama and has been shopped this week to various TV buyers.
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TVLine Items: Charlie Sheen's Men Return, Arrow Adds DC Leader & More

TVLine Items: Charlie Sheen's Men Return, Arrow Adds DC Leader & More
Might Charlie Sheen wreak havoc on Two and a Half Men again?

During Ashton Kutcher’s visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, airing Friday, the host asked the star if the actor behind Charlie Harper would return for the CBS comedy’s series finale.

After some silence and flailing, Kutcher coyly replied, “If you’re working on the Warner Bros. lot, if there’s sirens, come save me.”

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets? Well…

* Arrow has tapped Marc Singer (BeastMaster) to recur as the DC Comics character General Matthew Shrieve, who is the leader of the Creature Commandos,
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Huge Image Gallery and Release Information for Wolf Creek 2

RLJImage Entertainment will release the much anticipated Wolf Creek 2 on VOD April 17 2014 and in theaters May 16 2014. Check out the trailer and the massive image gallery below. The sequel is directed by Greg Mclean written by Mclean and Aaron Sterns and produced by Helen Leake (Swerve Black and White Heavens Burning) Greg Mclean and Steve Topic (Crawlspace). John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) Ryan Corr (Where the Wild Things Are) Shannon Ashlyn (Devils Dust) Phillipe Klaus (Devils Dust) Gerard Kennedy (BeastMaster) and Annie Byron (Muriels Wedding) star.
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House Hunting (2013) Review

Reviewed by Kevin Scott,

House Hunting (2013) Review

Directed by: Eric Hurt

Written by: Eric Hurt

Cast: Marc Singer (Charlie Hays), Art Lafleur (Don Thompson), Hayley DuMond (Susan Hays), Janey Gioiosa (Emmy Hays), Paul McGill (Jason Thompson), Rebekah Kennedy (Hanna)

Moving can be a real pain. Finding that perfect house can be an even bigger inconvenience. Well, if I ever had any sort of informal education from horror movies, I’ve learned two fundamental truths. There’s gonna be trouble if hooking up with a beautiful woman is effortlessly easy, or if you run across a seemingly sweet real estate property at a ridiculously low price. I’ll go a bit further and say that said real estate property is probably going to be a murder house inhabited by a vengeful spirit with some serious emotional baggage. I would almost bet the farm on it.

Speaking of farms, Charlie
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Briefs: The “Hustling” Season Premiere, Looking Back On An Historic Lgbt Year, And Dame Angela Lansbury

Birthday shoutouts go to Joey McIntyre (above), who is 41, Val Kilmer is 54, Bebe Neuwirth is 55, Ben Kingsley is 70, and Anthony Hopkins is 76.

Angela Lansbury has been named a Dame. What the hell took so long?

Out‘s Year In Photos.

Rose Parade Gay Wedding Will Take Place Despite Protest

Don Lemon on Phil Robertson, and Robin Roberts‘ coming out.

ABC News looks at an historic year in Lgbt history

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Kathy Griffin talks about tomorrow night’s appearance on Kirstie.

Below you can see the third (and final) Season Premiere of web series Hustling, about a porn star who turns 40, and re-examines his life. And if you’re into binge-watching, the next three episodes were also released today.

And here’s The Weekly ShoutOUT™. Each week we’re going to focus on one out athlete/performer and feature a daily pic and career timeline. We’ll be showcasing the big names,
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What Renaissance Pictures did for geek TV

Feature David Menzies 12 Apr 2013 - 07:00

Would we have had Mutant Enemy or Bad Robot without Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Robert Tapert's Renaissance Pictures? David thinks not...

After 1992's Army Of Darkness, another Sam Raimi feature film wouldn't emerge in theatres for another three years. What Raimi did with the time in between is anybody's guess - perhaps he wandered the world; maybe he dug through a peculiar collection of Spider-Man comics with most of the dialogue cut out. But what he certainly did with his Renaissance Pictures partners was bring to light a new frontier of genre TV (cue heroic music and a narrator saying, "This is the story of a time long ago – a time of myth and legend. When the ancient gods were petty and cruel, and they plagued mankind with suffering, only one man dared to challenge their power...")

While Hercules may be one
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Go House Hunting with the Beastmaster this March

The American dream once again becomes the American scream when two families looking to buy a new home attend an open house only to find themselves trapped in a hellish nightmare unleashed by the wrathful spirit of the original owner.

This sounds like a job for Dar the Beastmaster… I mean Marc Singer!

Marc Singer, Janey Gioiosa, Hayley DuMond, Paul McGill, Rebekah Kennedy, Victoria Vance and Art Lafleur star in Eric Hurt’s House Hunting, the new horror movie in which it isn’t just the house that’s condemned.

If the American dream for most families is buying a house, then for the two families headed to what they think is a simple open house, their dream is about to become a nightmare. We meet our two very different families as they search for the perfect house to call a home. When both families show up at the deserted farmhouse,
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Hollywood! Adapt This: The Beastmaster

This week has seen some progress in video game adaptations Splinter Cell, which landed Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises) in a lead role, and Deus Ex, which will be written and directed by Scott Derrickson (Sinister). While it appears the Hollywood Adaptation machine for new movies is still running strong (for better or worse), sometimes an old property deserves to be revisited, refreshed and rebooted.  Today's suggestion first graced the screens thirty years ago and spawned two (terrible) sequels, a TV series and a cult following. An early work from director Don Coscarelli (Phantasm), this swords-and-sandals picture was a very loose adaptation of a book series from award-winning author, Andre Norton. Hit the jump to see why there's more to this property than you might think. Hollywood! Adapt this: The Beastmaster. While The Beastmaster wasn't exactly a critical darling (currently at 50% on Rotten Tomatoes), it has established a cult
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House Hunting and a Supernatural Battle Royale: A Movie Review

*a screener of this film was provided by Phase 4 Films.

Director/writer: Eric Hurt.

Cast: Marc Singer, Art Lafleur and Hayley DuMond

Tagline: "The American Nightmare."

Phase 4 Films has released Eric Hurt's first film, House Hunting, on video-on-demand as of Februarty 1st. This is a small indie film starring Marc Singer that was completed in 2011. "The American Nightmare" is a great tagline for this film as two families are forced to do battle in order to survive a type of supernatural Venus Flytrap. All roads lead back to a haunted house and House Hunting is one indie horror film that you will want to seek out despite a circular storyline.

Two families enter the real estate market and both groups are looking for a house away from urban strife. Their return to nature is directed by a mysterious man wearing a strange hunting cap. He sends them
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B-Sides: Beastmaster 2 Rocks Los Angeles

Like a mentally handicapped remake of Dolph Lundgren’s Masters of the Universe, Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time sent a half-naked fantasy adventurer to modern-day Earth to defeat the forces of evil and bring back to his tribal people the greatest magical force in the universe: rock ‘n roll.

Nearly a decade after the release of the Don Coscarelli-directed cult favorite Beastmaster Marc Singer once again donned his loin cloth and bitchin’ mullet to return to the role of Dar, the Dr. Doolittle of barbarians, for a sequel with its tongue planted so firmly in cheek it often came close to choking to death on that tongue. The more sitcom than fantasy adventure sequel saw Dar and his animal sidekicks dimensional traveling to 1991 Los Angeles to save a spoiled party girl from an overacting warlock searching our world for a thermonuclear paint can.

Most importantly, Dar learns the power of rock music,
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The Beastmaster Real-Time Review: Never Doubt Our Commitment To Diaper Power

  • Pajiba
Welcome to Pajiba's newest experiment. Something we've never attempted before -- a real-time review, done by two people 3000 miles away from each other. For tonight's feature, we'll be discussing the 1982 classic, The Beastmaster, otherwise known as "The Best Fucking Movie Ever." Your hosts this evening are Tk, most well-known for his irritability, misanthropy, general disdain for all humans (yes, including you) and burgeoning alcoholism, and Joanna, best known for general cleverness, a dedication to witticism, and burgeoning alcoholism. Let's get right to it, shall we?


Jr: The porno-vibe evoked by the title Beastmaster is not helped by the opening shots of taxidermied animals that look like they belong in your uncle's rape basement.

Tk: I'll trust you not to speak ill of my family's hobbies, madam.

Jr: It's not a mere hobby if you have a dedicated room.


Tk: Aaand we've got our first creepy nudity!

Jr: Oh man,
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Are You Ready to Go 'House Hunting?' New Trailer

House Hunting is your typical, "let's skip the theaters, and show up straight to your house" movie. It stars Marc Singer, who is probably best known for his role in the Beastmaster, along with Janey Gioiosa, Hayley DuMond, Paul McGill, Rebekah Kennedy, Victoria Vance and Art Lafleur. The movie involves two families who are on their way to an open house pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Upon arriving at the old house, they soon discover t…
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Exclusive: Marc Singer Speaks on Return to ‘V’ and Season 3 Expectations, BeastMaster

It’s not everyday you get to speak to a living legend like Marc Singer. The former BeastMaster star was at WonderCon this past weekend, showing his support for the V reboot and talking about his role as Lars Tremont.

Singer graciously shared with us his thoughts on ABC’s V, how he thinks Elizabeth Mitchell is doing as the Fifth Column ringleader and his prospects for coming back to the show should it be renewed for a third season. Of course, we couldn’t get this close to the original BeastMaster without asking him if there should be another reboot of that in film form.

He also shares with us what he checks out when he comes to events like WonderCon and Comic Con.

Of course, there’s still another month and a half to go before V gets word on an official renewal. Hopefully, Season 3 will get the
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Exclusive Interview: Elizabeth Mitchell Talks ‘V’ Season 3

During WonderCon 2011 this past weekend, we had the pleasure of speaking with self-professed sci-fi geek Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost), who was on hand with legend Marc Singer (BeastMaster, Original V Series) and Executive Producer Scott Rosenbaum to talk about V.

Of course, V is currently in renewal limbo, so Elizabeth was there to pump up fans and make sure that a third season does happen. She talked to us about that wild Season 2 finale, her thoughts on Season 3 and just how her character Erica will react to Anna’s latest victory. Wondering where Hobbes went? She also dishes on her thoughts on what happened to the treacherous mercenary. Finally, she gives us her idea on how the whole show should end.

Fans will find out if V is renewed once the ABC Upfront Presentations happen in May. Stay tuned here for more info.
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The 10 Most Cheesilicious Sword And Sorcery Films

  • Pajiba
A couple of weekends ago, after a vigorous night of drinking and carrying on, I found myself idly scanning the cable channels, looking for something to help me fall asleep before the spinning walls caught up with me. I flipped past the abominable 1987 adaptation, Masters Of The Universe, and then flipped back to it, because I'd completely forgotten about it. The movie had been on for 20 minutes. I watched the entire remainder of it, fascinated and strangely enjoying myself.

There's a great deal of fun to be had with the sword and sorcery genre, particularly for those of us who grew up with comic books, Dungeons & Dragons (both the RPG and the Saturday morning cartoon), the artwork of Frank Frazetta, and books by the likes of David Eddings, R.A. Salvatore, and the Weis/Hickman combo responsible for the Dragonlance novels (Raistlin forever, motherfuckers). Particularly in the 80's, there were a
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