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September/October. It's a Wrap

Since the bulk of September and October are given over to festival life each year (here's all that business wrapped up for you) there's less time for randomness which is in some ways our favorite thing about blogging about the cinema. But since we haven't done an Icymi best of since August, here are 16 things you might have missed that you should check out:

This is Halloween Salim's cinematic evocation of the season The Furniture: The Beguiled Daniel gazes into the plaster haze Elizabeth Debicki as Virginia Woolf Murtada takes a first look Martyr Mothers of Aronofsky Jorge wonders if the director has mommy issues? Two for the Road (1967) Tim's fiftieth anniversary revisit Podcast 9.9 Battle of the Sexes, Beach Rats and mother! discussed Academy Expels Weinstein Nathaniel sees the end of an era Smackdown 85 The Color Purple, Agnes of God, and more 5 Takeaways from the Success of It Spencer lists
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Breaking News: Iconic R D Burman Lata Mangeshkar-Kishore Kumar number ‘Kya Yehi Pyar Hai’ to feature in Dutt biopic

Breaking News: Iconic R D Burman Lata Mangeshkar-Kishore Kumar number ‘Kya Yehi Pyar Hai’ to feature in Dutt biopic
The Raj Kumar Hirani – Ranbir Kapoor bio-pic on Sanjay Dutt just got more exciting. The latest development on that front is the inclusion of the song ‘Kya Yehi Pyar Hai’ (haan yehi pyar hai) from Sanjay Dutt’s 1981 debut film Rocky. Fans of nostalgia music will recall this Lata-Kishore duet composed by R DRead More

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New NCIS Season 15 Premiere Episode 1 Official Description Revealed By CBS

  • OnTheFlix
Recently, CBS served up the very first official description/spoiler teasers for their upcoming "NCIS" premiere episode 1 of the new season 15 via a press release! It sounds like things will be really intense to start off the season. The D.C. team will be working nonstop to locate Gibbs and McGee in the deep Paraguay jungle. Torres and Vance have to attend a congressional hearing and more. The premiere episode 1 is titled, "House Divided." We'll go ahead and start things off with the Gibbs and McGee storyline. They made sure to put this storyline in all caps. So, it sounds like the episode will certainly focus heavily on them. They tell us that their storyline is going to pick up two months after they were last spotted fighting an elusive group of rebels in a Paraguay jungle. The D.C. NCIS team will be working tirelessly to try to track
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Nashville Recap: You Can Go Home Again, But You Probably Shouldn't

Nashville Recap: You Can Go Home Again, But You Probably Shouldn't
Need to catch up? Check out the previous Nashville recap here.

If you’d have told me a year-and-a-half ago that I’d be asking for more Maddie in my Nashville, I’d have told you to go shove your head in a Tupperware full of pink macaroni. And yet, as this week’s Gunnar-centric episode unspools, I find myself constantly wondering, “Yes, but what is going on with the Maddie-Juliette beef?” So here we are.

The hour spends a bunch of time with Gunnar in his old hometown, revisiting his childhood, which was even sadder than we’d been led to believe.
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June Foray, Voice of Rocky the Squirrel, Dies at 99

  • Yidio
2017-07-27T06:39:47-07:00June Foray, Voice of Rocky the Squirrel, Dies at 99

June Foray, the famed “first lady of voice actors” whose repertoire of characters include Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Pottsylvanian spy Natasha Fatale, Tweety Bird’s owner Granny and a sinister talking doll, has died. She was 99.

Foray, who worked alongside such animated legends as Mel Blanc, Chuck Jones, Stan Freberg and Jay Ward during her unseen yet spectacular eight-decade career, died Wednesday according to close friend Dave Nimitz who posted a notice of her passing on Facebook.

Versatile in her intonations and cadence, Foray provided voices for an incredible range of characters, including the killer Talky Tina doll in the 1963 “Living Doll” installment of The Twilight Zone, an episode said to be inspired by Mattel’s enormously popular pull-string Chatty Cathy doll (she provided the voice for that, too).

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June Foray, Voiceover Actress Behind Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Dead at 99

June Foray, Voiceover Actress Behind Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Dead at 99
June Foray, the Emmy-winning voiceover actress who brought Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Natasha Fatale to life in The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, has died. She was 99.

Per our sister site Variety, Foray’s death was confirmed via Facebook by close friend Dave Nimitz, who wrote, “With a heavy heart… I want to let you all know that we lost our little June today at 99 years old.” A cause of death has not been disclosed.

In addition to her work on Rocky and Bullwinkle, Foray voiced Cindy Lou Who in Chuck JonesHow the Grinch Stole Christmas, and demonic doll
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June Foray, Voice of ‘Bullwinkle Show’s’ Natasha and Rocky, Dies at 99

June Foray, Voice of ‘Bullwinkle Show’s’ Natasha and Rocky, Dies at 99
June Foray, the voice of “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show’s” Rocky the Flying Squirrel and his nemesis Natasha Fatale of Boris and Natasha fame in the early 1960s and a key figure in the animation industry, died Thursday. She was 99.

Her close friend Dave Nimitz, confirmed her death on Facebook, writing “With a heavy heart again I want to let you all know that we lost our little June today at 99 years old.”

Foray was also the voice behind Looney Tunes’ Witch Hazel, Nell from “Dudley Do-Right,” Granny in the “Tweety and Sylvester” cartoons and Cindy Lou Who in Chuck Jones’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” among hundreds of others.

The first lady of voice acting, one of the original members of animation organization Asifa-Hollywood and founder of the annual Annie Awards, was also instrumental in the creation of the Oscars’ animated feature category.

“We are all saddened by the news of June’s passing,” said
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Cars 3 Review: Dir. Brian Fee (2017)

Cars 3 review: The animation giants Pixar return this summer, with the third instalment in their most lucrative – albeit if not most critically loved – franchise.

Cars 3 review, Awais Irfan.

After the studio switched gear and put Mater in the spotlight last time around (to bad results), the focus is very much back on Rookie sensation Lightning McQueen (voiced again by Owen Wilson). Only, he’s no longer a Rookie. And when McQueen finds his career challenged by younger, faster, more tech-savvy racer by the name of Jackson Storm (voiced by Armie Hammer), he will have to prove that his racing days are not over yet, seeking help from a new generation car herself, Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo).

As we’d expect from any Pixar affair, the animation is undoubtedly stunning. This is, yet again, masterclass technical work from the subsidiary of the House of Mouse. There are landscape scenes
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Everything You Need to Know About the 2017 BET Awards

Everything You Need to Know About the 2017 BET Awards
There’s nothing better than getting an intimate look inside one of music’s biggest nights — right from your couch!

The BET Awards — honoring African Americans and other minorities in music, acting, sports and other fields of entertainment over the past year — were established in 2001 by the Black Entertainment Television network.This year’s show will air on Sunday live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles at 8 p.m. Est on BET.

Here’s everything to know about the annual show:

Who’s Hosting?

Who better to host than Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones? If her Twitter account is any indication,
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2017 Tribeca Film Festival Preview

  • HeyUGuys
Author: James Kleinmann

The Tribeca Film Festival hits New York next week and runs from April 19 – 30 th. Now in its sixteenth year, the annual event was co-founded by screen legend Robert De Niro in the wake of the September 11th attacks in an effort to revitalise Lower Manhattan. Retaining an element of its original commitment to Us indie cinema, it has evolved to encompass TV, Vr, online work, music and gaming. As ever, the festival will welcome a dizzying array of big name guests including Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, Jon Favreau, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Quentin Tarantino, Scarlett Johansson and Ron Howard. Here are just some of the highlights, for the full line up and to buy tickets check out the official festival website here.

Opening and Closing night Galas at Radio City Music Hall

Kicking off the festival is the world premiere of music doc Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives.
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Ranbir Kapoor to carry six different looks in Sanjay Dutt Biopic

Recently Ranbir Kapoor was snapped on the sets. The actor was seen sporting long locks and has beefed up to fit into the role. Ranbir's uncanny resemblance to Sanjay Dutt from his earlier days, without a doubt, took the internet by storm and created immense anticipation. However, a well-kept secret is that Ranbir Kapoor will be donning 6 different looks throughout the film. What kind of looks? Ranbir Kapoor will be seen in various looks of Sanjay Dutt marking different phases of his life. Sanjay Dutt has sported a variety of looks through his journey and Rajkumar Hirani is leaving no stone unturned to bring it all to the silver screen. The looks will vary from the ones in his movies like Rocky, Khalnayak, etc; he will also don Sanjay Dutt's look while he was in prison, and a few other looks. "It has been an inspiring journey for me
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Laverne Cox on Grammy Metallica Mishap: ‘It Was on the Teleprompter and I Was in a Moment’

Laverne Cox on Grammy Metallica Mishap: ‘It Was on the Teleprompter and I Was in a Moment’
Laverne Cox is not letting the hate over her Grammy stage mistake get her down.

The actress-activist stopped by Sway in the Morning Tuesday to chat with host Sway Calloway on Eminem’s SiriusXM channel Shade 45, where she cleared up her Metallica mishap and swooned over her Grammy run-in with Beyoncé.

On Sunday night during the 2017 Grammy Awards, Cox took the stage to introduce Lady Gaga and Metallica’s blistering performance of “Moth Into Flame,” but she was so “in a moment” that she failed announce the heavy metal group’s name.

Laverne Cox accidentally only said Lady Gaga instead of Metallica #GRAMMYs pic.
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Snickers Gets Starring Role in ‘Rocky Horror’ Ad Break on Fox

Snickers Gets Starring Role in ‘Rocky Horror’ Ad Break on Fox
Many TV viewers use commercial breaks to do things like run to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Fox hopes viewers of a revival of the iconic “Rocky Horror Picture Show” this evening will instead stick around and chew on something else.

When Fox shows a retooled version of the 1975 cult favorite Thursday night, viewers might want to think about candy instead of the toast many aficionados of the cult favorite often bring to showings to hurl at the screen. Mars’ Snickers candy bar will have a prominent role in this evening’s proceedings: The chocolate bar, which also contains caramel, nougat and peanuts, will be featured in a two-minute commercial break that depict how the actors and actresses in the production were transformed into the outlandish characters who populate the off-kilter musical comedy.

Metamorphoses of these sorts play off Snickers’ current ad campaign. For the past several years, the candy bar has won notice with commercials
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'Don't Breathe's' most disturbing scene is also one of the year's most controversial

  • Hitfix
'Don't Breathe's' most disturbing scene is also one of the year's most controversial
Warning: There are major Don't Breathe spoilers below. Last week I wrote about Don't Breathe's instantly-notorious turkey baster scene, in which the psychotic "Blind Man" (Stephen Lang) ties Rocky (Jane Levy) up in a harness, cuts a hole in her pants and announces his intention to impregnate her with a turkey baster full of his semen. When I first watched the film-- which just topped the North American box office for the second week in a row -- the brutally-tense moment had me physically squirming in my seat, which is obviously the reaction Alvarez intended to provoke. As Rocky screams and struggles in horror, the Blind Man also, incredibly, announces: "I'm not a rapist." Which, of course, he is. Since Don't Breathe's release, the baster scene has been widely lauded by critics as a daring bit of provocation by the film's director Fede Alvarez, and for better or
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Upfronts 2016: People Editors Preview Our Most Anticipated Shows

Set your DVRs! This week, the major TV networks announced their upcoming fall and midseason shows. Here are the top 17 series People's own TV team is most excited to watch in coming months.This Is Us Stars: Mandy Moore, Milo VentimigliaWhy we're excited: Grab your tissues! Moore is about to bring the feels (again), now the small screen. NBC's new dramedy pulls together an ensemble of characters that initially share the same birthday but ultimately connect on deeper levels. Each one has a story to tell that is bound to make you both laugh and cry. The trailer wracked
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What's New in Blu-ray and DVD releases this month? (March 2016)

  • JoBlo
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 wraps up the series, coffee gets poisoned in The Hateful Eight, Rocky trains Creed, the market crashes in The Big Short, Brie Larson enters Room, Rooney Mara falls in love with Carol, Saoirse Ronan moves to Brooklyn, Charlie Brown and the gang head to the big screen in The Peanuts Movie, Ron Howard takes viewers In The Heart Of The Sea, Tina and Amy play Sisters, Will Smith... Read More...
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What's New on Netflix, TV, Digital, and DVD/Blu-ray This Week: February 29-March 6

At a loss for what to watch this week? From new DVDs and Blu-rays, to what's new on Netflix, we've got you covered.

New on DVD and Blu-ray

"The Danish Girl"

Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander were both nominated for Oscars (and she won) for this inspiring drama, based on the real lives of artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener. The film is out on Blu-ray, DVD, and On Demand March 1, and the discs include the bonus feature "The Making of The Danish Girl," with the actors, director Tom Hooper, and others on the filmmaking team taking you through the creative process.


Yo, Adrian, Rocky is back on Blu-ray and DVD this week. Michael B. Jordan stars as Adonis Johnson, who never knew his famous father, Apollo Creed, but ends up training with Apollo's old opponent, Rocky Balboa. Stallone was nominated for an Oscar (again) for his performance, and
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Interview: The Cast and Crew of The Barn!

Check this trailer out, creeps:

Rad-ass, right? Well, I know yer just itchin’ to learn more about this freaky fright flick… so I crammed some of the cast n’ crew into the ol’ Crypt o’ Xiii to do just that!

Famous Monsters. Tell the ol’ Coffin Club all about The Barn (seriously, some of these cats actually Do live under rocks and may not have heard about it) and how all of you came to be involved with it!

Justin Seaman. I am the writer and director of The Barn, a a 80s-style retro horror film that takes place in the 1980s and follows a group of teens who stumble upon an old abandoned barn and unleash a trio of baddies on Halloween night! If that’s not enough for you, it has blood, guts, boobies, and rock n roll music! This has been a passion goal of mine for 22 years!
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Metrograph, New York City’s Newest Indie Theater, Unveils Impressive First Slate of Programming

Each weekend we highlight the best repertory programming that New York City has to offer, and it’s about to get even better. Opening on February 19th at 7 Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side is Metrograph, the city’s newest indie movie theater. Sporting two screens, they’ve announced their first slate, which includes retrospectives for Fassbinder, Wiseman, Eustache, and more, special programs such as an ode to the moviegoing experience, and new independent features that we’ve admired on the festival circuit (including Afternoon, Office 3D, and Measure of a Man).

Artistic and Programming Director Jacob Perlin says in a press release, “Jean Eustache in a Rocky t-shirt. This is the image we had in mind while making this first calendar. Great cinema is there, wherever you can find it. The dismissed film now recognized as a classic, the forgotten box-office hit newly resurrected, the high and the low,
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2016 Grammy Awards: And the Nominees Are…

With just over two months until the 2016 Grammy Awards, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences just released the first batch of nominees.

And as could be expected, Taylor Swift scored nods for Record of the Year and Song of the Year while her buddy Ed Sheeran also nabbed a Song of the Year and Record of the Year mention.

The 58th annual Gramm Awards will go live on February 15th, 2016 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles with plenty of powerful performances and a slew of sexy stars. Meanwhile, here is the first wave of nominees-

Record of the Year

“Really Love,” by D’angelo and the Vanguard

“Uptown Funk,” Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

“Thinking Out Loud,” Ed Sheeran

“Blank Space,” Taylor Swift

“Can’t Feel My Face,” The Weeknd

Album of the Year

Sound & Color, Alabama Shakes

To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick Lamar

Traveller, Chris Stapleton
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