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The Giltons are next door neighbors to the Biltons. The houses are exactly alike and adjoin each other; the back yards are even unseparated by a fence. Gilton is a crabbed old money-maker and childless while his wife has grown submissive through years of continual nagging. The Biltons are a happy family of seven; poverty and scrimping have not soured them. The struggle to maintain his wife and the little ones has left Bilton threadbare, it is true, but the loving wife and five pairs of little arms that crept around his neck each morning and night were worth the fight. The fact that old Gilton fumed and fussed about the children sometimes stepping over the line of his back-yard, bothered him only in so far as he disliked discord; and when Gilton's dog was poisoned Bilton was as sorry as though it had been his own, yet old Gilton accused him of having been the poisoner. Even the heart-broken sobs of Cora Corrella, Bilton's sweet little daughter over the death of her canine playfellow, ...

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