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The Greatest Anime Ever Made; Hands Down
Zabon29 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is, without a shred of doubt, my favorite anime of all time... the story is vivid and clever.

Plot: I'm going to be quite honest... the plot's rather simplistic in terms of storyline. However, the characters have strong mannerism; there's great emphasis on development. Basically, there's some dilemma being faced... people join forces and battle this threat; Also, the search for Dragon Balls places heroes and villains against one another; each having their own desires for obtaining the balls.

Story: The essence of the series is to convey a solid storyline, intertwined with sheer brutality... well-animated fighting... and emotional sequences... there's a commonly seen pattern of events building to climactic, pulse-pounding revelations.

Music: I can say one thing about English version music: it's bad. They're plain techno tracks that don't match the great emotion... with minor exceptions... most are lame. However, the DVD releases have included the original Japanese version music, which is a GREAT positive; those extravagant tracks are the sheer saving grace as the show's BGM. There's such emphasis placed on each strike of a limb, every twitching nerve; everything perfectly coincides. Bravo to Shunsuke Kikuchi for writing these brilliant pieces; especially the likes of "Kyoufu no Ginyu Tokusentai," and "Tenka Wakeme No Chou-Kessen"... examples that bring the scenes to life.

Battles: Some conflicts are rather long and tedious. I didn't enjoy the scuffle between Gohan and Cell, for example. That two-way Kamehameha was quite annoying. Nor was it enjoyable to witness the childishness of a candy battling Super Buu... that's rather lame, to say the least. However, there's enormously brutal instances littered with bone-cracking, back-breaking action that makes up for it. Personally, my favorites are, respectively:

1. Zarbon versus Vegeta - Zarbon transforms into a demonic beast and completely dominates Vegeta with a systematic ferocious head-butt combination, gripping choke holds, and a devastating pile-driver that sends Vegeta plummeting.

2. Recoome versus Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, and Krillin - Recoome tosses Vegeta like a rag doll, incapacitates Krillin with a single kick, and unleashes an array of blasts against Gohan before paralyzing him, and is in turn downed by Goku's swift hit.

3. Android 19 versus Vegeta and Goku - Android 19 takes the opportunity to savagely suck Goku's energy as a heart virus weakens the warrior... until Vegeta intervenes, proceeding to shred off 19's arms and relentlessly decapitate him.

4. Spopovich versus Videl - Videl's attack generates no effect on the muscle-bound Majin-inflicted Spopovich, who mutilates Videl using bone-smashing maneuvers.

Characters: They're all well-layered, exquisitely designed, and encompass radiant back-stories. Ultimately, my favorite characters are villains. In particular, Zarbon and Dodoria; they redefined the substance of villainy and are perfect plot devices due to butchering the Namekian warriors, elders, and children. In essence, they portray brutality; the more treacherous a character, the more I'd find them captivating. Their suggestion to Frieza to eliminate the Saiyan race pretty much sets the entire story in motion. They meet a grisly fate... which makes me love them even more. There's others I love, the likes of which include Cui, The Ginyu Force, Android 19, Spopovich, Dabura, Pui Pui, Nappa, Raditz, and Frieza... but Zarbon and Dodoria remain my favorites throughout the series run.

Sagas: The series is divided into three primary sagas: The Frieza debacle, the Cell scuffle, and the Buu era... all three have redeeming qualities... my least favorite's the Cell Games, where the main antagonist challenges the main protagonists to a tournament (I found this idea rather dull in comparison to the rest; it was less engrossing in terms of ferocity)... I was rather neutral for the Buu saga in terms of progression since the main antagonist was a bumbling goo monster... fine for children maybe, but for the serious viewer, not very appealing... Ultimately, I found the Frieza saga to be best, beginning with the Saiyan conflict between Raditz, Nappa and Vegeta... to the three-way guerrilla war making a battlefield of Namek, where Zarbon, Dodoria, and Cui take on Vegeta, who later joins forces with the protagonists to take down the Mercenary Squadron of the Ginyu Force... and the eventual rise of the Super Saiyan, Goku... who faces Lord Frieza to halt the tyrant's threat. This was Akira Toriyama's masterpiece; the epitome of the series at its zenith. Of course, like many series, the ending couldn't live up to prior expectations... it was rather low-key and without rising tension.

Moral: Everyone takes something away when they watch it; be it last impressions or a complete understanding of the piece... I have obtained, to my knowledge, the best viewing experience an anime can offer. Giving mankind such an honorable taste of morals, it remains unparalleled. The actions of subduing one's own greed and desires to find a common goal, and sometimes choosing to do things one would detest for the overall betterment makes this series genuinely riddled with moral overdose.

Overall: As a highlight to anime history, the series should be judged on all levels; not its eventual decline. The Frieza saga portrays Toriyama's vision as he had originally grafted it, without altering anything based on fan preference. It was the initial concept to which the series unfolded; The struggle of good versus evil portrays the wicked with emotion; Frieza has feelings of his own, and the audience has the chance to comprehend him; his fears and his agony; and come to an understanding with the decisions he made out of his own fear of someday meeting a warrior who'd surpass him. And from Goku's perspective; to give into one's anger and become the thing you hate or remain oblivious to cruelty... the definition of a hero's quest to stand against the evil that destroyed his race, his planet, and the very struggle to sustain the love he's gained and contain the silent thunder that boils within.
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The 2nd installment of Akira Toriyama's iconic anime about the life and adventure of Goku, earth's greatest defender.
talarisw11 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm no expert on anime aka Japanese animation but I like the genre. Dragonball Z is by far my favorite anime. Toriyama's dragonball saga are the king of anime. It's no doubt the most iconic anime ever or at least in America. I think Akira is a very talented writer and is master at developing stories and creating characters but I do think that he sometime disregard characters and plot points to suit his story. Also a lot of people say how the fight sequences are way too long, which is true but they're also well crafted. This is different from it's predecessor dragonball but makes for a good sequel. I like how in the dragonball series we get to see Goku, his friends and family grow up unlike most cartoon characters like Charlie Brown and the Simpsons who never age. In dragonball we see Goku as a kid, in Dragonball Z(dbz) we see Goku as an adult and dad and in Dragonball GT we see Goku as an old man and granddad. I like how dbz is split up in sagas then seasons and I think that's the best way to review it. The series begins with the "Saiyan Saga" that takes place 7 years after dragonball. The star of the series is Goku a kind-hearted martial art expert who lives in the woods with his wife Chi-Chi and his son Gohan(named after his step dad "grand pa" Gohan) and he meets his old friends from dragonball like Bulma, she is one of my favorite characters and possibly the 2nd most important character in the series. Krillin, Goku's best friend and comic relief. And Master Roshi, Goku's and Krillin's former martial art teacher and pervert. Then we meet earth's biggest threat up until this point, the Saiyans an race of ruthless, bloodthirsty alien warriors who act as mercenaries, invading planets and destroying it for other aliens. Thus, we meet one of my favorite villains from dbz, Raditz. Who comes to earth looking for his younger brother, Kakorot who is Goku! So we find out that Goku's an alien. Later we meet the super strong Nappa and Vegeta, the prince of all saiyans who will become the breakout star of the show. But the good thing is their home planet was destroyed 20 years ago so only 4 are left but earth is still in great danger from the 3. This is the best saga in the series, I love the plot twist that Goku's a saiyan, it fits perfectly. I like how someone as good natured as Goku could come from a race of brutal killers. The saiyans make for great villains. I love Raditz, he's ruthless and his sonic the hedgehog like hair style is awesome. It's a shame he pretty much disappears after this saga, I wish he would of came back or at least be mentioned in future sagas. I also love Vegeta who is a really menacing villain and who's more evil then the others. But I don't like how Akira disregards Piccolo's(a villain from dragonball) back-story. He was Piccolo Jr. the son of the evil Piccolo, who's spirit lives within him but all of that is forgotten as Akira turns him into one of the good guys. Next is the "Namek saga" where Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan go into outer space to planet Namek, there they meet Vegeta and worst yet his boss, Frieza an evil planet conquer who has the reputation of being the most powerful being in the universe. Frieza is my favorite villain in the series, he's like a cross between Satan & Adolph Hitler. He's the most important villain in the story and I like his right hand man, Zarbon. In the "Ginyu Force saga" we meet Frieza's special forces who are a great group of comical but deadly warriors. In the "Frieza saga" Goku comes to Namek and faces off against Frieza and we get to see Frieza's true power and Goku turns into a "super saiyan" and defeats him. This one goes on forever, it's way too long but still great to watch. In the "Trunks saga" we see Frieza is brought back to life by his father, the evil King Cold. They come to earth but are killed by Trunks, Vegeta's son from the future. This one starts off good but I don't like how quickly they killed off Frieza but I like the introduction of Frieza's father but they don't explain much about him like why is he called king? and they said he was stronger then his son but they never showed it. I like Trunks but I don't like how Vegeta went from being pure evil to a good guy with a bad attitude, didn't make sense to me. In the "android saga" we meet half human half robots killers. I like Android 17 & 18 who in another time line wrecked havoc. I like them because they're teenagers out to have fun not conquer but they're idea of fun is mayhem. In the "cell saga" we meet a special android who's made up of the cells of great fighters. I like him because he's cool, sophisticated and calm. But by this time we get too many "super saiyans" with Goku, Vegeta, Gohan and Trunks all becoming "super sayains". In the final saga, "Boo saga" we meet an indestructible villain, Boo. The saga goes on for too long but I like the 3 Boos, baby boo, evil boo and kid boo. Unfortunately some of the characters from dragonball like Yamcha, Tien, Chazu, Parr, olong and Launch get overshadowed by the super saiyans and the villains. I love the comical moments. The fight scenes are the best ever any where! Goku is one of the greatest heroes ever! DBZ and it's predecessor dragonball are my favorite anime of all-time.
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Aw, I Remember When All I Wanted To Do Was Go Super Saiyan….
gigan-9223 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Amongst most rubbish I was forced to watch as back in my childhood days, this stands out as an instant classic. I started watching it around the Ginyu saga when I was probably younger than seven or eight, and as a child I looked forward eagerly to each episode like no other show before and few since. "Next time on Dragonball Z…", it was great. As a kid, it seemed quite different from the kind of action the USA was putting out, and the fights were unbelievable. However, some have lambasted it as over-lengthy, bad-dubbing and a terrible English score.

My, my shame, on all of you, criticizing your own childhood. But as it goes, I will enlighten those critics. For starters, over lengthy? It was simply a very, very, long tale of epic proportions told in small and detailed bits. If you've watched it and paid attention to the character's reactions to things, it will dawn you this is on the level of a Greek tragedy. Some of the filler was unnecessary but a lot of it was either funny or added to the fights. Overall if you hate filler, "Dragonball Z Kai" is now available for viewing. Bad dubbing? Sean Schemmel,, Christopher Sabat, Eric Vale, if you hated the dubbing it was probably due to some of the cheesy lines they incorporated. However, as you may or may not know the original Japanese cut is free of this. What exactly did you expect, seeing as it was being broad casted on prime time, and not late night animes like you would often see on "Adult Swim". Granted, it's somewhat better, but if that's what you want just purchase the season box sets, which contain several language and audio options, plus revised dialog. Bad score, please! The score by Faulconer is fresh, something new and it sharpens the action to an irresistible point. Once more, if you don't like it, the season box sets can let you enjoy the also exhilarating Japanese score in 5.1 surround sound, awesome! Aside from those ludicrous claims, I believe DBZ holds together as a timeless show with many themes. Themes of pride, loyalty, courage and endurance. The characters develop continuously from start to finish, the most noteworthy of them being Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo and (Future) Trunks. While kids will find it hard not to watch, there's a fair level of violence and even disturbing character moments. The villains were never boring and always so varied from one another. Frieza with his cold and calculating persona, Cell with his thirst for greater challenges and power, and Buu in all his insanity. The fights are of course were always amazing, brutal and here and there even funny. Akira Toriyama has created a masterpiece that will be passed on for generations.

The artwork is stunning despite the age. Owning all the seasons as I do, makes you realize that a very select few episodes had a somewhat less standard look to them, but these are scattered about and one could hardly notice. Anyways, far from a brainless smack down, DBZ takes you on a adventurous adrenaline fueled thrill ride and yet deliverers emotionally and comically as well. If you're a true fan make sure to get the seasons and pass this on to your siblings or children, as I have.
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Greatest cartoon/anime ever created
mikey3101922 September 2006
Dragonball z is probably the most entertaining of all anime. I thought it was filled with action, entertainment and different and well thought plots. I loved it as a kid, and still do. I watch it every now and then. Dragonball z is comprised of different 'seasons' known as 'Sagas. There were originally 4, but they were divided into 'sub-sagas'. They are: Saiyan/Vegeta Saga Frieza saga :

Namek saga

Captain Ginyu

Frieza Saga (The main battle)

Garlic Jr. Saga

Trunks Saga

Cell Saga : Android saga

Imperfect Cell saga

Perfect Cell saga

Cell games Buu Saga : Great Saiyaman Saga

World Tournament saga

Majin Buu Saga

Fusion Saga

Kid buu saga

OUt of all the above, i thought that the Frieza Saga was the best by miles. Frieza was and is the greatest villain, not out of his power, but of his appearance and personality. He is in a strange way, polite when killing his victims mercifully. He is in fact a very important character in DBZ (dragonball z) because he is why the saiyans were sent to earth, and why their planet was destroyed etc. Overall i would give dragonball z 99.99% vote. The 0.01% being that it was a little corny at times. But it is and always will be the greatest anime ever! I also thought that Dragonball GT was terrible, it ruined the dragonball name! It was childish, aimed at the lower ages (7-10) when the original DBZ was for 13/14+ But dbz will always live on...
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lyndale-27 July 2000
Frankly I demand that the animation industries crown DragonBallZ "THE GREATEST ACTION CARTOON OF ALL TIME!!!" A 10, a perfect 10 is what I give this BEYOND AWESOME TV SHOW! There is nothing like it in the world! No one else has thought up the kind of animation stunts they put on here before! If HollyWood tried to make this a live action film, the Special Effects company's would have a run for their money! This is red hot stuff from Japan, and it's steaming! The trick is, you must see the right episode. If you see a dull episode, then it's no good. But if you catch an episode with TONS of action, I promise you, "You're in for a real treat!" This show is very addictive, why? Because EVERY SINGLE EPISODE IS A "TO BE CONTINUED". There is no end! You pick up where you left off, just like a Soap Opera. Except this is not boring like Soap Opera's are. (No offense to Soap Opera lovers) I suggest this to the family groups. This is great for both kids and adults alike. (Though it can get too violent for the little kids. However it's a "PG" rating show) I highly suggest that you see the "Frieza Saga" since those are the best episodes. See it on "Cartoon Network" or rent them at your local video store. I'm not allowed to say too much more about this except for my good critisizm. As you can see, I am a true fan. And I wouldn't lie to you if I didn't think you wouldn't enjoy this a little. Just make sure you see the right episodes.
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Coolest Cartoon Show Ever Made!
r-downey113 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Hi there I first discovered this show back in early 1999 I guess when it was broadcast on cartoon network and I just fell in love with it. I'll admit when I first saw the adverts on TV I thought the show looked just like another one of those stupid over the top action cartoons like Pokemon and Digimon etc and did not expect much from the series. However I forced myself to watch a few episodes of the series when my friends all told me how great it was. So when the reruns of series one where being shown again on cartoon network in one hour specials I sat-down to see what the fuss was all about at school. It of course did take me to watch a few episodes to get really into the plot and so on but by the time I'd seen several or more episodes of this amazing action show at the most, well that was it I was truly hooked and from that very moment I was a true Dragon Ball Z fan and I only wished that I had listened to my friends advise write from the start. Utter brilliance that was the only word to describe this cartoon. Not surprising really considering it came out of Japan who are master cartoonists.

Dragon Ball Z told the story of a young earth man called Goku who in the first ever episode learns from a strange visitor from outer space who turns out to be his evil older brother Raditiz that he was born on another planet home to the strongest race of people in the universe, the mighty saiyans. Who long ago sent him to earth to destroy all the living creatures so they could take it over and sell it on the Galactic Market headed by the ruthless Emepour Frezia, but due to a head injury Goku suffered when he was a small child had forgotten his mission so his brother was sent to see why he had failed. After defeating his evil brother in battle Goku and his friends here of two other far more powerful Saiyans warriors ( Nappa and Vegeta ) who are now on their way to earth. One of which turns out to be one of the central characters in the whole show, the saiyan prince Vegeta. Now when we first see Vegeta he appears to be nothing more than an evil killer, but in later episodes he joins forces with Goku and his team of heroes in order to over come many far more evil and powerful bad guys like the evil Freiza, Cell and Majin Buu etc. Goku and his son Gohan are the true heroes of Dragon Ball Z but my favourite was always Vegeta for some reason as he always took the fighting and being a saiyan very close to his heart plus he also delivered most of this shows most memorable quotes and lines. When he and Goku fight along side each other they are truly an unstoppable force of good. Also my favourite villain would have to have been Frieza as he was one villain who we all loved to hate.

Even though all the battles do last a long time that to me made the show more real and like other fans on this page have said it was made indeed like a soap opera which kept-ed on going for over several years. I'm very glad to see that I'm not the only huge fan of this classic cartoon after reading lots of other good fan comments on this page but at the same time there are a few people who just do not get it, well what I have to say to them is if you want to give off about animated series then go and badmouth Pokemon or Digimon the true most overrated and silly shows of this century and leave this exciting,touching and breathtaking series be.

I loved Dragon Ball Z and wished it would never end but I still watch the reruns when ever I get the time when there on the TV. I have never watched a cartoon so well made or heart touching in my life. I would overall give all the Dragon Ball Z sagas 10/10 stars. Truly Brilliant!

Hopefully it'll all be made into a real life movie trilogy someday!
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Why I like DBZ!
SuperVegitoLover1 October 2004
The Characters - There are many characters in the world of Dragon Ball. Some powerful, some average, some good, some bad, some silly... some plain weird, but they're all colorful and full of personality (ALL 250 of them.)

The Story - Definitely one of the most gripping, dramatic, and intricate stories of all time. So very dramatic to get to the end of one episode and to ponder "what is going to happen next? Is Tien gonna kill himself trying to kill Cell? Is Goku gonna make it to King Kai's planet? Can Evil King Piccolo be stopped?" so many cliff hangers over the years.... so many episodes battles... which brings us to

The Action - GREATEST FIGHTING EVER! The fighting in DBZ isn't your every day martial arts. We see super warriors who have trained in over 100X gravity performing incredible feats of power, speed and energy, and yet they still seem like real people to us because the characters are so well thought up.

The Morals - Yes, DBZ teaches us life lessons. It teaches us to overcome our fears and to have confidence (Gohan). It teaches us to be strong but gentle (Goku/Mirai Trunks) and to be determined and never give up (Vegeta) and that brains are as important as brawn (Piccolo/Bulma) and that , yes, it's okay to be silly (Gotenks/Mr. Satan). We learn so much from the characters on DBZ.

The Relationships - So many wonderful relationships since the beginning of DB. Many friendships and even romantic attachments. Goku and Krillin, lifelong friends forever, both students of Kame Sennin. Bulma and Vegeta, an unlikely romance between a space warrior and a mere human.... yes, Piccolo and Gohan, perhaps the most touching and unlikely friendship of all..the story of how a boy taught a demon to love. So very nice. It adds a lot to the story.

All in all, as far out as it is, DBZ isn't that different from real life. It's definitely character driven for me. People get stronger, grow older, die... learn important lessons about life, love and happiness. It's really just a great anime that anyone could enjoy if they'd just watch it.
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Dragon Ball Z! (Need I say more...)
jasonmadrid21 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is where it all began. (Well, technically, it began with the less popular yet chronologically earlier "Dragon Ball" series, and, of course, the manga by Akira Toriyama, simply titled "Dragon Ball." But I digress...) The anime craze, which saw a bare beginning in Pokemon, was jumpstarted by the epic--that's right, EPIC--chronicles of Goku and co. better known as "Dragon Ball Z."

By today's standards, Dragon Ball Z would be considered so-so, but considering that the show itself was butchered both by imitators and even by its own creators and distributors, and that manga and anime creators have only built upon DBZ's success, that's to be expected. And of course, DBZ introduced the mind-boggling, seizure-inducing fight sequences, the uber-awesome characters, and the martial-arts-driven story lines that are still talked about today and have yet to really be topped in terms of their epic scale.

Like most anime (including 99.9% of DBZ's successors), the show takes place in a serialized format, and is split up into 3 general "sagas": The Frieza Saga, the Androids Saga, and the Buu Saga. The sagas are essentially named after the uber-powerful "boss" villains which the heroes must defeat in combat. Before I begin, it should be noted that Akira Toriyama, who created the original comics for Dragon Ball, intended for each of the above-listed villains to be the last major villain while he was creating them, which must've made it unbelievably tougher each time for him to top the previous villain.

The Frieza Saga: (For you longtime fans, this includes the "Saiyan Saga," which is simply too short to be a saga in its own right and also blends well with the events surrounding the Frieza Saga.) To me, this is the best of the three sagas, which probably makes sense since it took place before the idea of "that villain is more powerful than anyone we've ever faced before!" was beaten to death in future plot lines. It was simply a sheer adrenaline rush, culminating in a final battle between the new, Super Saiyan-powered Goku and a fully-transformed Frieza, all while the planet Namek was exploding beneath their feet. In fact, the eps on Namek were the first I ever saw, and it took me a while to get used to the idea of them being on Earth afterward when they had already torn right through Namek. (It also took me a while to realize that Frieza was actually a guy...) It's notable that Frieza, as the first really great villain, was also the last villain who was actively searching for...those things...that are supposed to be important, what are they called again...oh, yeah, DRAGON BALLS!!!

The Androids Saga: Begins with Frieza's comeback in a "more powerful" robot body, only for the uber villain of the last saga to get sliced in half in the time it takes you to blink by a herald from the future who says, "Oh, the new bad guys are too tough for EVEN ME to handle." Thus begins our heroes' frantic training to beat new, more powerful villains, most of whom are made from machinery by some deadbeat scientist who died within eight episodes of his appearance. The science behind the androids, including the infamous Cell, who is supposed to possess the "cells" of the world's greatest fighters and ends up absorbing the other androids to become "perfect", is questionable at best, and when Android 16 came on, I just kept thinking "TERMINATOR! TERMINATOR!" Still, there's no denying that Cell was a great villain. Hercule (or "Mr. Satan," for you purists...) makes an interesting comical addition as a wannabe extreme fighter who gets FI%^&NG PWNED by Cell in five seconds...

Buu Saga: Includes Goku's tournaments in the "Upper World," Gohan's time as a bumbling superhero, the emergence of the evil Majin Buu (who is not only more powerful than both the all-powerful Frieza and the even more powerful Cell, but also happened to be asleep on Earth for ten thousand years when our heroes "woke" him), and way more slapstick than I was used to. Buu still makes an interesting villain, but it was starting to get to the point where it all just looked and felt ridiculous. Our heroes' training starts to move into the realm of choreography (the Fusion Dance) and matchmaking (Elder Kai: "I'll raise your power if you bring me a beautiful girl, hee hee hee!"), and, looking back, it all seemed to be more of a parody of DBZ than a real saga. Of course, seeing how deep he would've been into the Dragon Ball series already, that may have been what Akira had in mind when he drew up the final saga. (I was pleased to see that Goku's Spirit Bomb actually worked for a change...)

My final ruling, on this classic and breathtaking anime which would set the bar for years to come? It starts off as incredibly innovative and original (considering it was another show based on a comic), but it starts moving downhill after the Frieza Saga and eventually turns into a farce with some fights thrown in for good measure. (Those fights, as we all know, lasted at least some five episodes each...) Not bad, just blown out of proportion.
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Simply one of the best Anime series out there
ArcPaladin20 May 2006
This anime cartoon in my opinion, is better than any other cartoon I seen. I still watch it whenever I get the chance to. It's character development and the plots of the whole DBZ story is superb, the animation is full of action, and every ending of an episode leaves you wondering what may happen next. It also contains a bit of humor as well as subplots. When I first seen it in 1996, I was overwhelmed at how much action and comedy was fit into one anime series. I found Goku and Vegeta to be serious but a bit funny in between, and the roles of Gohan and Piccolo weren't shabby either. It has a whole saga inside which makes it worth watching.

Overall, I watched this cartoon more than all the other cartoons put together. I like it even better than Inuyasha, which is also good. My favorite episode is when Goku finally becomes a Super Saiyen, and Frieza later gets cut in half by a flying disk. You may have to watch this series from the beginning to get the full meaning of the story and what is going on, but if you see this on Cartoon Network or any other channel, watch it! Don't miss out! It is definitely worth seeing for the eye.
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DRAGONBALL Z All time classic
dwjlglobal14 October 2014
If there's one word I can say to describe this series it would have to be "Success" because that's all it's ever been known for, from its very origin Dragon ball z has been helping establish not only itself but the brands that it's been associated with from the now very popular "SHONEN JUMP" which DBZ help cement as being the leader of an era which was known as the golden era of Manga 16 million circulation Dbz was the main push behind all of that it also helped other big titles come to fruition such as One piece and Naruto and many others. Outside of Japan Dbz built what we now know as "Funimation" Back in the early 90's Funimation was a very small company that started its first dub with Dragonball and everything they are today is because of the success Dbz has driven also Dbz popularized Anime as a main stream medium globally. I can't say enough good things about this series I gave u guys the history to show u truly how epic this series is a true all time CLASSIC! 10/10
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One word to describe it: OUTRAGEOUS!
SpideyJedi6 November 2002
Ok, ok, so I may be biased because DBZ may be one of my favorite shows of all time, and if not my favorite Anime`- EVER! But who cares? I love this show. And I loved Dragon Ball (although I must say that the American dub of Dragon Ball is for more of the 11-under crowd if you ask me) Now, allow me to tell you my testimony of how I came to love the Dragon Ball series....

When I was in Kindergarten-first grade or so, I saw my first episode of Dragon Ball. I was sick and home from school, and it was airing on Fox Kids I believe. It came on after Bannana's in Pajamas. (God save my soul, I hated that show.) Well, I've been one who has followed and practiced Martial Arts my whole life, and since I was a huge fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (and since I was sick in bed) I decided to watch Dragon Ball. I laughed, and smiled, and of course enjoyed it. I can't tell you exactly what I remember, Master Roshi and his island come to mind at best. Well, over the years I skipped through the episodes, never exactly becoming "hooked" and die hard. That wouldn't be for another few good years. In 5th grade, my friends were Role Playing Dragon Ball Z during recess (it had just started to air around that time.) Of course, I wanted to role play with them, but didn't know-or remember- any female characters. They had me play as Bulma. All that came to mind was blue hair (and one of my friends complained of me playing Bulma because they had to play Yamucha. Go figure) Years still went by and it wasn't until around the 6th grade did I start watching. Over the summer I'd be wtaching Frieza or Garlic Jr. reruns, and my younger cousin and his friend would make fun of the show. (I tell you now: DBZ isn't just about people screaming at the top of their lugs with beyond steroid possible muscles and beams of light shooting from their bodies.) And when the time came of the Android/Cell saga, I WAS OFFICIALLY HOOKED!!!!!! DBZ is the first show I've come to obsess over, and even though I am a 15 y/o female, I don't care. If fighting and mountains blowing up appeals to me, then too bad!!!!!! DBZ ROCKS!!!

P.S: Like I said in my above comment about screaming and muscles and lights, it is beyond that. The show talks a lot about courage, friendship, and loyalty. Though the American edited version may not be AS good as the Japanese version, I still find it great. And it may take a while to understand the principles of DBZ if you start watching in the middle of a saga, but keep watching- it may take time (like me.)

Akira Toriyama has definitely created a classic.
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An Amazing Story...
lucas-4230 April 2002
I'm a late blooming DBZ fan, but I've already seen almost the entire series! LOL! I will tell you the story of how I became a die-hard fan, and why you'll be VERY sorry if you haven't already!

It was around the year 1999 that I first came across DBZ. I think the Namek saga was airing on Cartoon Network. My friend was big on the show (though he had very little knowledge of it's origins) and forced me to watch it myself. I made fun of the show every-time he watched it. I thought it was corny, cheesy and the voice-acting was stupid.

HOWEVER, somewhere along the way in the summer of 2001 he told me they were re-airing the Android saga on CN. Well, I started the old usual comments, making fun of it. But then.. I actually became interested in the story. After a few episodes, I was hooked. You see, the story of Dragonball is more than you think. It covers over 500 episodes in it's entire run over three different animated series.

I began watching with the Android/Cell sagas. I watched them to the end and then watched the Frieza saga. Then I watched the Saiyan and Namek Saga. Now here we are today at the Buu saga. What better time to become a DBZ fan than now! The last 54 episodes of the show will air this fall, and that's something NOT to be missed.

The show never has an ending to a story. It's a continous "to be continued" storyline that grows and grows. Characters have time to develop into interesting relationships among them, making moments where someone dies or is hurt even more emotional.

It tells the story of Goku (son Goku in Japan) who is an incredible man born with an amazing fighting talent. His strength never ceases and he becomes stronger and stronger. He is kind and pure of heart.. a friend to even his enemies at times. He is the central point of DBZ, but not the only point.

Throughout the series, he learns of his Saiyan heritage, finding that he was born of an alien human-like race that has an ability to concentrate energy called Kai (or ki) to create energy blasts, fly, etc. They are born with a natural instinct to fight, and conquer entire planets to sale to the highest bidder.

That is only the beginning of DBZ, there are 200 episodes or so of a previous series called Dragonball that explain Goku's childhood-into-adult hood. DBZ covers him from his early twenties or so all the way until he's over 50 years old.

The show has sparked 13 movies and two specials.. and much more. Some of the movies are dubbed in english, while others are only available in Japanese subtitled versions.

ANYWAY, this show is specatacular, and takes forever to explain every aspect of the storyline. The ORIGINAL Japanese version has much better music and voice acting, I'll admit. And the English versions (at least early episodes) were edited to death, the show still holds what makes it magic.

The beginning of the series will re-air on Cartoon Network as of May 2002. I suggest you begin watching. Do NOT let the animation, or the voice-acting, or bad editing of this first saga shake you away. The show takes time to understand and become interested in, but once your there, you'll be hooked.

There are over 290 episodes of DBZ, and the animation gets much better, as does the storyline. Just keep watching, trust me... your gonna love it!
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SeanSmith30 May 2004
I have been watching DBZ for a while now. Of coarse it has its flaws, but every great show does!! It has action, suspense (if you watched episode by episode on Cartoon Network) love, and character development. When people say FUNimation ruined DBZ, from your point of view they might have. With me, whatever version I see first, that is the one I enjoy the most. I prefer the English version over the original Japanese version, just because I saw the dub before the Japanese version. But, I will watch the original version and keep an open mind. I respect everyones opinion and understand where they are coming from. Although, I can NOT tolerate people who talk shit about a show they probably don't understand. (Dragonball Z is a very complex TV show, if you don't see all, or a lot, of the episodes, your lost!) So, what I'm trying to say is If you don't like a show or movie, keep it to yourself. The whole world doesn't need to know what you don't like.

Just to set the record straight: The first 64 episodes of DBZ were done by a company in Vancouver, Canada. Not the Fort Worth company FUNimation.

It was SABAN who changed the show more than FUNimation. Thats why they sounded like Power Rangers (Somebody said they sounded like them) And, whoever said this show doesn't teach you anything? This show used a very vivid vocabulary. They said lines like "But to no avale" Children could learn more watching DBZ than in a vocab lesson at school.

About the music: You have to remember that the music was conducted during two different time periods. The original music was made in the late 80's to early 90's. The dub's music was made in the very late 90's to the early 2000's. Music changed a lot from the Japanese version to the dub. I personally like both versions.

I like DBZ very much, even though I didn't at first, I thought it was stupid because it was a cartoon, then I watched it... I was hooked after the first episode. If you could sit through it with an opened mind you DBZ haters just might learn to like it.
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Best show in the world.
oblivionass6 September 2006
Wow this is not only the best anime of all time its the best show of all time! I have liked this show since I was in 3rd grade absolutely amazing show. I love it not only for the action but for the emotional scenes in it are very well done, its definitely got a great storyline to back up its fabulous action. The only thing that can get annoying about this show is a lot of the stuff is drawn out too long but hey everything has its good and bad parts. The show starts off a little slow but trust me it gets good once Freeza saga hits. Also the music that Funimation's Bruce Falconer is a true artist wow I was blown away at how good the music is. The music really makes you feel how emotional the scene is. Its like the music puts you in the situation its so good.
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Animation Of Epic Proportion
Dark Eye15 June 2000
Dragon Ball Z was, to many, one of the most influential cartoon series ever in the world. When I was younger I grew up watching the whole series from start to finish, read the comic books, and played the video games. The Dragon Ball Z series contain some of the most charismatic characters, great fighting sequences, and strong plots that covered thousands of years. Originally created in the 1980's, it's truly a blessing that western audiences finally gets to see it in english. However I wish the series would start from the very beginning, the story when Son Gokou was a courageous little boy who uses his innate fighting talents to help out others.

It's only a shame though that the western TV version are heavily censored, causing disorientation and lack of flow to some of the original fight scenes. The Japanese version showed no-holds barred violence and the use of strong words (aka swearing), creating emotional tension that is not present in the english-language version. Also, die-hard Dragon Ball fans out there will agree with me that the voice acting is nowhere as good as the Japanese version.

Still, revisiting Dragon Ball in any language still stirs some of the fondest memories in my heart. Kame Hame Ha!!!! See it's still there.

Highly recommended viewing.
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My favourite show growing up, and still is.
gumballthechewy6 August 2012
I loved this show growing up and I still love it (this coming from no anime fan either), in fact I just bought the DVD's (the ones with the orange covers) and am currently re-watching it now. When I was younger I only saw about one in every ten episodes (never having the luxury of my own TV set) so I was always a little confused about what was going on but that didn't stop me from loving the show. I love that the DVD's are uncensored, it just flows better and rocks harder. I also love how it has the English and Japanese dialogue, but I have no idea why people say the Japanese dialogue is better, I find it stale and monotone for the most part, and all the voices are kinda high and girlie, I dunno, maybe it's just because I grew up with Sean Schemmel's and Christopher Sabat's iconic (to me anyway) voices, among the other North American voice actors.

Well, whether you prefer the Japanese or English dialogue, this show rocks as hard as ever, better even than I remember. I recommend this show to anyone with even a passing interest in anime or just in action cartoons in general, hell, I absolutely HATE anime! always have and always will, but for some reason I've always loved DB, DBZ & DBGT, they just have that special something about them that makes them endearing and timeless.
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Creative, cool and epic
TheLittleSongbird9 March 2011
This was a childhood favourite of mine. Even as a child I found it much better than Pokemon and Beyblade, both of which I found predictable and repetitive, and I still do. Along with Avatar:The Last Airbender, Dragonball Z is one of the most creative, coolest and most epic cartoon series I have had the fortune to see.

The animation is really quite impressive, and doesn't show its age. The backgrounds have an ethereal quality to them, the colours are eye-popping with unique shades to them and the character designs are impressive too. Also the visual effects are very, very good and enhance rather than distract, and there is some great-looking animation in the well choreographed fight sequences.

The music is another strong asset. Not just the iconic theme tune, but the background music fits perfectly. The stories have outstanding ideas and mature themes and any conflict is done in a resourceful and compelling way. The writing is also excellent and induces thought, the characters are immensely likable with great personalities and the voice acting fits the characters perfectly.

To cut a long story short, this series is really quite wonderful. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Possibly the best all round cartoon ever
Beastify28 May 2005
I think DBZ and its predecessor are the best all round cartoons ever.

Some of the plots are thick with chunky bits. The fantasy behind it makes the fans want to be the characters (ive always wanted to be a super saiyan preferably Gohan teenager). The characters are cool funny and slick. Some of the best are vegeta, Android 16 and Trunks. Its got comedy, tons of action cool stories and sub stories. What more can you ask for in 20 mins.

The only other sagas that can beat this would be the LOTR/Hobbit saga and Star Wars. The whole saga past to present kicks ass. Wish I had the cash to buy all the episodes and movies.
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So cool
junioradeeso22 October 2006
This is my favourite manga cartoon ever.The storyline,plot and fighting scenes are just excellent both me and my friends Robert Hannon,Luke Mutagh,Tyler Harris,Gregory Davidson,Patrick Osewa,Abdul Anwar absolutely love it My favourite character has to be gohan on the games playing as him i've never been defeated.

I personally think that dragonball started off a little slow due to the fact that Akira Toriyama meant for it to be a comedy about a sayain boy arriving on a strange new planet(Earth)but as the first tournament started it slowly changed into the most memorable mangas ever.

Many people think that the beginning of dragonball gt started off slow when they toured the universe i agree but when the bebi saga gets around thats when i think it gets good

The games are also excellent getting better with every sequel.

A few people I know think Naruto is better than DBZ. Lets get one thing straight.Naruto doesn't compare to it and it never will the games sure look good especially ultimate ninja but it just wont be up there.
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The Best in the Series Warning: Spoilers
Dragon Ball Z is the continuing adventure of Goku and his friends. This story is much darker then it's predecessor.....people die about every few episodes, even Goku. The name of the show has always sort of confused me...while Dragon Ball dealt a lot in the Dragon Balls, and the later Dragon Ball GT does as well, the dragon balls in this are just like something needed in case a friend of a lot of people die. Also Dragon Ball Z is more action, more violence. I sort of miss the campy feeling that Dragon Ball had, but I do like how much action there is. Goku is still the same pure hearted hero he was before. I like Vegeta too, who is a hero too, but wants to show he can beat them more then wanting to save the earth, though in the Buu saga he does sacrifice himself for the sake of his family. Dragon Ball Z is far more entertaining then Dragon Ball and is a little easier to get into.
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Incredible Anime That Deserves Much Attention
Mithrindir23 July 2006
I watched all the DBZ episodes on the Cartoon Network when Toonami just started out a few years ago. They were all very entertaining. I think the best part about this anime is that it is very addictive. The plot, the characters, the fight scenes, and the overall feel of the entire series makes a fan out of any child, and even many adults.

I remember at one point I read somewhere that DBZ has around 67 million fans worldwide. I believe they meant viewers. This I read a long while ago, but I think the number holds to current times. This is because the series as a whole, including Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT, all the movies, games, and toy lines, reach out to many nations and are somewhere in the memory of many fans of different age groups.

This is a classic anime that is easily adaptable to American television. Its power lies in its originality and the fact that it is fun to watch. The anime has a strong sense of suspense and a large inclination towards great battles between alien forces. It has a lot of humor and builds on the concept of morality that surrounds its main character, Goku, although the Japanese version is more vulgar than the American, or other international versions.

Altogether I give this entire series a solid 9/10. The reason I hold back 1 point is because its episodes are sometimes empty of any action and the animation in general is slow. The reason I don't hold back more than 1 point is because this thing is a classic and deserves much attention. A live action movie made from DBZ (not just based on DBZ) would be extremely fun and interesting to watch.

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Cool show
Op_Prime5 January 2000
Dragonball Z is a great anime series. Unlike a lot of that anime garbage, Dragonball Z has story and cutting edge action. It has everything a good show needs. Good writing, comedy, drama, adventure, suspense and lots of action. There are also a lot of interesting characters. Dragonball Z is worth watching.
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DragonBall Z Forever
byson518624 September 2014
I have been watching DragonBall Z, for 15 years since 1999. I own some of the Season DVDs you can buy online or sometimes find in places like Walmart. Dragon Ball Z is timeless, I mean it's interesting to think how the episodes you watched aired in the USA in the late '90s early 2000s, and they even aired earlier in Japan in the '80s and '90s. Watching this show years later, it does not look old or lose it's appeal, some of the graphics from the older episodes, mostly DragonBall look a little old. DragonBall Z is the version they started out with in the USA before DragonBall thinking DragonBall Z would get more viewers. It used to be on Cartoon Network on Toonami. They later would have DragonBall be part of Toonami to show the origin of the story. Then, they'd later do DragonBall GT, but DragonBall GT is non- cannon and written by somebody else. Most of us don't like GT as much. By all means, DragonBall Z has been a huge success. I've read interviews from the guy who wrote the series on the Manga, Akira Toriyama. He did not anticipate the series going on for so long. From what I read, Toriyama did not think much about writing after the first Saga Emperor Pilaf when he started the series. He would later think of ending the series after the Frieza and Cell Sagas. But, the success of the series had him continue writing it and coming up with new awesome story lines. Obviously, the series was awesome enough for him to continue writing it. Though some of the things he wrote did not seem well thought out of and he was probably trying to hurry up the series. For example, most of us do not like the series finale of DragonBall Z. There were also some things Toriyama obviously either forgot or stopped caring about from older episodes to later episodes. I personally am amazed at the success of DragonBall Z. People still talk about that show regularly even when it no longer is airing. I've worked at Amazon and some of the most popular franchise I saw on the shelves would be from DragonBall Z, mostly DVDs. You can also see so many clips from the show on YouTube and so many searches on Google for DragonBall Z showing it's a living legend. On YouTube if you want to hear about people who are fans of the series and have thought well of questions we have of the series and how to answer them you can go to Blackenfist and Qaamans Land. You can also Google Search any episode throughout the entire series, you could do a search on any attack, any character even like a background character from one episode. You can basically search like any noun that is from the DragonBall Z World and your top results will most likely be DragonBall Wiki where you can get a full in depth view on your search for what is known about it. So, I've talked about the success of DragonBall Z, I'll now talk about what makes it a good TV show. Well, it has a really good story line you're likely to get into if it interests you, and like a Soap Opera although this show isn't a Soap Opera, the story line is continuous where each episode continues where the last one left off, and the episodes frequently end at an exciting part where we will want to see what happens next. The show by all means is an empowering show, when I watch it I'll feel motivated to push myself harder as you see characters throughout the series training and always getting stronger. Sometimes it even shows real workouts we could be doing. So, the fact that we see characters that like to work out and continue to push themselves hard is motivational. The show has awesome fighting, which is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the show, the action. But, I don't see how you could not see the action in certain episodes and not think of it as epic. The characters in that show can also be role models, mostly Goku as he is the main character throughout the series. Goku is always cheerful and friendly. Goku has a mind set where he does not give up and can always think of a way to win the toughest fights. Well, thanks for reading. It's nice to write a review on a TV show I've been a fan of for so long and that never gets old.
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Excellent TV Animation Series
akbehl12 January 2007
This is the best anime series throughout TV History. Excellent episodes continued thrill....

This series bring a child and hero in us to a common point.

I would recommend everyone to see this series at least once.

Enjoyed every episode and loved it.

Must see for everyone and a certain collectible : )

I am planning to buy whole DVD series for all 270+ episodes. Expensive however worth it.

Thanks and Regards,

Akhil Behl
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A wonderful cartoon with lots of depth.
Andersen-72 July 2000
Unlike most North American cartoons, Dragon Ball Z has actual character development, and depth as well. Using a continuing series to do this sort of thing works even better than it would in any movie, as they can explore many other nuances in-depth.

I thought everything about the first 2 season was good. The voices, the translation, the dialogue, the music, the sound effects, and the editing. When they had to change Gokus voice mid-way through the second season, it lost a little bit of itself, same with the change of Kamis voice mid-way through season 1, and Master Roshis voice in season 2.

In the third season though, Dragon Ball Z changed hands from Funimation to the Cartoon Network. Being as the Cartoon Network apparently had a smaller budget and wanted to get 50 episodes out quickly, I think the show lost some of its charm to the North American audience. Now the voices are kind of poor, with voice actors that can't act. The translation didn't quite come through very well, and very little editing was done on it, so the dialogue is horrible. The music never quite seems to fit the scene. The sound effects were OK. There should've been more editing from the Japanese version as well. Granted, some of the Dragon Ball Z purists want there to be NO editing done at all, however, in trying to be dramatic, the Japanese tend to drag things on a bit. The guys at Funimation knew this, and did small editing changes to speed the show up, however, it seems the guys at the Cartoon Network probably didn't have the time (or possibly the experience) to make the editing changes. The other editing changes include content as well. Because the first 2 seasons were meant for syndication, certain graphic parts had to be edited out. A frothing mug of beer becomes a frothing mug of water. Characters rear ends somehow get covered by towels and of bits of ripped up clothing. There is very little blood at all. Instead of threatening to kill someone, they threaten to send them to another dimension, and when people are killed, they try to cover it up, saying that they were only slightly hurt, but still alive, or that they managed to escape. Most of that editing, which I didn't like (Not that I'm interested in seeing blood, or a persons rear end, I just don't think that children should be censored so much, and should instead see consequences to real actions.) stays in the third season, and the following seasons.

For those of you that dismiss Dragon Ball Z as just another simple cartoon, I'll tell you to just give it a try. It's more enjoyable than you might think.
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