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Season 14

2 Nov. 2001
Buu Is Hatched
The seal encasing Buu is finally broken! Supreme Kai insists on retreat, but Gohan refuses, launching an incredible series of energy attacks. When the shell opens, nothing is inside! Gohan, however, knows itâ€ôs no time to celebrate.
6 Nov. 2001
The Losses Begin
With his big pink belly and infantile behavior, Buu doesnâ€ôt fit the bill of a galaxy destroyer - until he hurls Dabura into a cliff with a single blow! Gohan senses a limitless power, and the Supreme Kai insists this is the end!
7 Nov. 2001
The Terror of Mr. Buu
Supreme Kai must use his unique fighting powers to keep Buu at bay - or lose his life! One mile away, Goten and Trunks stumble upon Piccolo, still frozen in stone, and accidentally shatter him to pieces! And thereâ€ôs more! The King of Demons returns!
8 Nov. 2001
Meal Time
Free from the grip of Babidi, Vegeta decides to seek his revenge by destroying the monster Majin Buu. Assuming Gohan to be a victim of the voracious villain, the Super Saiyan goes ballistic. Can Vegeta bring down Buu?
13 Nov. 2001
Final Atonement
After fighting with Majin Buu, Vegeta realizes he isn't fighting for just himself, but for the entire planet, and commits the ultimate sacrifice.
16 Sep. 2002
Evil Lives On
Majin Buu's flesh is scattered on the battlefield, but his mystical power is rebuilding the monster into one deadly piece. Babidi is recovering, too, having narrowly survived Piccolo's attack.
17 Sep. 2002
Find the Dragon Balls
Videl, Yamcha, Master Roshi, Chi Chi and Bulma find the last Dragon Ball... then it gets eaten by a dinosaur.
18 Sep. 2002
Goku hatches a plan for defeating Majin Buu: Fusion! By joining two fighters of equal size and strength, an entirely new fighter can be created. But only one such pair remains-Goten and Trunks! Can the young half-Saiyans save the world?
19 Sep. 2002
Global Announcement
Babidi seeks vengeance against Piccolo, Goten, and Trunks! Plastering images on everyone's mind, Babidi threatens to terrorize humanity until the trio is brought forward! Meanwhile, Gohan is taken to Supreme Kai's world!
23 Sep. 2002
Learn to Fuse!
Goku begins training Goten and Trunks in the art of Fusion. Meanwhile, Gohan, having been healed in Supreme Kaiâ€ôs world, tries to remove the legendary Z-Sword to use in the fight against Majin Buu!
24 Sep. 2002
The Z Sword
Majin Buu launches into a feeding frenzy, transforming an entire townâ€ôs population into chocolate! Gohan draws the ancient Z-Sword, Goku struggles to teach Goten and Trunks the art of Fusion, and an unlikely hero is asked to join the fight!
25 Sep. 2002
Race to Capsule Corp.
As Goten and Trunks train to stop the vicious Majin Buu, Idasaâ€ôs jaded mother tells Babidi exactly where Trunks lives! The Z-Fighters must now find a way to stop the evil wizard before he reaches Capsule Corp!
26 Sep. 2002
Super Saiyan 3?!
Trunks searches frantically for the lost dragon radar, and Goku powers-up to an unimaginable level: Super Saiyan 3! Will this newfound strength be enough to stop Majin Buu from destroying West City?
30 Sep. 2002
Buu's Mutiny
Goku uses his new Super Saiyan 3 abilities to combat the evil Majin Buu, buying Trunks the time he needs to locate the missing Dragon Radar. But now that Goku has started the fight, he may not be able to escape!
1 Oct. 2002
The Fusion Dance
Liberated from his master, Majin Buu becomes even more destructive than before, wiping out entire cities in mere seconds! Earthâ€ôs only hope now rests on the shoulders of two young warriors: Goten and Trunks!
3 Oct. 2002
Return to the Other World
While Trunks and Goten continue their quest to perfect the Fusion Technique, Gohan seeks to master the Z-Sword. Back on Earth, an encounter with a blind boy reveals that there is another side to the belligerent Buu!
7 Oct. 2002
Out from the Broken Sword
Gohan breaks the Z Sword in training, but from within it comes a new Kai, with a new technique!
8 Oct. 2002
Gotenks Is Born
After many comical misfires, Trunks and Goten finally perfect the Fusion technique, and Gotenks is born! Defying Piccoloâ€ôs command, the super-kid immediately leaves to go fight Majin Buu! Is Gotenks ready for the fight of his young life?
9 Oct. 2002
Unlikely Friendship
As Majin Buu continues to terrorize humanity, a lone savior appears: Mr. Satan! His Megaton punch wonâ€ôt be enough to stop the monster, but this unlikely hero may have a few surprises in store for Buu!
10 Oct. 2002
I Kill No More
While the Z-Fighters continue training in preparation for their battle with Majin Buu, Mr. Satan devises some sneakier plans to take the villain down. But will he even need to carry them out? Is Majin Buu having a change of heart?

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