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Three faces of swindle
dbdumonteil19 November 2015
A movie made of three independent stories,all dealing with cunning schemers.

Segment one (Spanish):how to sell a streetcar If the Eiffel tower was already "sold" to naive tourists (see "Les Plus Belles Escroqueries Du Monde"1963 ,4th sketch by CLaude Chabrol),why not a tram?Two crooks make a well-to-do peasant believe that owning a streetcar is very lucrative;a bit repetitive,inferior to the before-mentioned short.

Segment two (Italian) :how to pretend you're dying to catch the populace's attention.

An Italian would like to stay in a comfortable hospital where he is well fed ;but he is not ill anymore.So he pretends he is,the press picks up the story of the "poor sick lad who is denied a bed in a hospital" ;even politicians try to cash in on the situation.Rather successful,but the ending is not satisfying,leaving the principal overplaying.

Segment three (French):mariage bureau

Two lazy men (Darry Cowl and Jacques Bernard ) join with an unscrupulous woman (Maria Pacôme) to "help" lonely hearts find their soul mate ;they actually want to take advantage of rich women's gullibility.Some good moments: the gingerbread full of messages of love ,the wedding with a "Député"'s daughter ,the penal colony ..which is actually a performance ;it is funny ...in places .
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