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In "Session 22 Cowboy Funk" Spike, Jet and Faye go to a costume party to catch a bounty head. Jet is dress up as an hippy with a marijuana leaf on his shirt.In the TV version Cartoon Network edited out the leaf and replaced it with a peace sign.
When aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, Session 26: The Real Folk Blues Part 2, has the brightness and contrast levels of the colors turned almost extremely dark, probably to mask the blood shed that occurs frequently during the gunfights.
In Session 8: Waltz For Venus, there was a scene where Faye Valentine breaks into a hotel room to look for a man named Piccaro and finds two men sharing a hotel bed. On Cartoon Network, the second man was digitally removed and replaced with a pillow.
On Session 12: Jupiter Jazz, Part One (and in the recap scenes on Part 2): The infamous shower scene where Faye finds out that Gren has the breasts of a woman, yet he's still a man was edited to conceal Gren's breasts and any hint of it (i.e., his cleavage) using cropping and shots of Gren's face. Also: a second-long shot of Gren's butt crack during the pan up his back was cut.
After the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, for two cycles, episode #22, "Cowboy Funk" was not aired on Cartoon Network, due to its plotline (a bomber blowing up skyscrapers) and the associated images of skyscrapers collapsing. The episode has since been aired on Cartoon Network. Also unaired, due to 9-11, was Episode #8 "Waltz for Venus," which opened with a spaceliner being hijacked. Also, for different reasons #6 "Sympathy for the Devil" (for scenes of a child being killed) was cut. All three episodes have since been aired on Cartoon Network. The original Japanese broadcast only aired half of the episodes in the show's run: the other half were deemed too violent for broadcast. It was aired later, uncut, on the cable WowWow network.
In 2001, director Shinichirô Watanabe supervized the re-mixing of episodes Asteroid Blues, Ballad of Fallen Angels, and Wild Horses. All 3 episodes were re-mixed in Dolby 5.1 with several new sound effects and an improved musical score. Later that year Watanabe released a second set of episodes which consisted of Waltz for Venus, Mushroom Samba, and Hard Luck Woman. These were also re-mixed. For the U.S. release the episodes were released as one two-disc set and re-mixed into a Japanese DTS 5.1 soundtrack. An English and Japanese Dolby 5.1 soundtrack was also included.
The "Best Sessions" collection cuts the long panning shot of the hypergates over the atmosphere of Mars at the start of Ballad of Fallen Angels. Also, in all episodes on "Best Sessions", the panning shots are sped up a bit for some reason, and the "Next Session" previews are absent.

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