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This show should have ended after s3!
Helen Kay17 June 2008
Shows like this make me wish IMDb allowed us to rate individual seasons.

Like Earth: Final Conflict, another Roddenberry posthumous series, it started out rather good, with a lot of potential. They both had interesting concepts, good characters and could have gone somewhere. Yet, as happened with EFC, the seasons got progressively worse until finally ending up as a joke, the likes of which you might expect to come from the SciFi Channel in the post-2003 era.

Andromeda's best seasons were 1 and 2. The plots surrounded the overall concept which was an idealistic captain from an idyllic fallen civilization seeking to restore an order to the fractured systems across 3 galaxies. It was evocative of Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire as the Dark Ages set in.

In season 3, the series lost its aim. There were still interesting plots but the overall aim of a lone captain in a powerful ship on a lone quest to restore the Commonwealth had been lost. While not as good as seasons 1 & 2 by any means, season 3 is still watchable.

It's at the end of season 3 when the series took a notable nose dive. Season 3 ended with a cliffhanger which made you think everything had changed; yet when season 4 began it was clear the only thing which had changed was that everything became less logical and the writing noticeably worse. I have to wonder if there was a major change in management and writing talent at this point. In season 4 things foundered and it was not the Andromeda of before.

Season 5 became a joke. The end of season 4 obviously set up a "reset" for the entire series but instead it appears in season 5 they ignored this set-up and created a scenario hardly worthy of Andromeda. Instead of roaming 3 galaxies trying to establish a grand civilization, the crew, which inexplicably survived clearly being killed, is now trapped by an absurd force in a single solar system plagued with ailments while Andromeda sits crippled. Season 4 was a disappointment but season 5 was so far removed from the original series that it only served as the butt of jokes from former fans.

All in all, Andromeda serves as an example that you should know when to end your show before it becomes pitiful. I average it out as a 5/10 because the last 2 seasons bring down the total score considerably. I would rank the seasons as follows:

Season 1: 8/10 Season 2: 7/10 Season 3: 6/10 Season 4: 4/10 Season 5: 2/10
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Gene Roddenberry must be turning and turning...
siderite1 July 2005
When I first started watching Andromeda I was blown away. A great universe, with great ideas, both in technology and philosophy. Now, I was a little concerned with Hercules being the captain of the ship, but I said what the hell, Kevin Sorbo deserves a break.

Unfortunately, the only thing broken was the show. After the first season it all went up in smoke. The universe turned silly, the fights idiotic, the logic nonexistent. You can see how the first season had such a powerful effect on me because I spent the last two days watching the fifth season, even if it sucked immensely.

What started as a great saga, adventure, call it what you like, ended up in a silly fight against an impossible evil, moronic opponents and allies like avatars of stars, moons, hot chick androids that functioned differently in every episode. You might want to see suns that move from system to system while the heroes "evacuate" entire planets with two ships, or even black hole avatars converted into code uploaded to a solar sail energy deflector.

So, I gather Gene Roddenberry must be turning in his grave after his great ideas were perverted by money hungry TV producers with no technical expertise, no strategic thinking, no feel for the wishes of the audience or of the original creator of the series. The "Abyss" has won and it destroyed yet another great opportunity for a great sci-fi show.

This is NOT Gene Roddenberrys Andromeda, its someone else's.
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Pluses and minuses
budikavlan1 December 2002
What Andromeda does well:

1. The cast is, on the whole, quite good. Kevin Sorbo is the solid core (typical) central character one expects in this type of story, but the other characters are generally original and well-played. I especially like Harper and Beka, who manage to be fresh and compelling without being so iconoclastic as to distract the viewer from the plot. I also like that Rommie is not only an AI "learning to be human" but is also The Ship.

2. Backstory and plot are as interesting as any sci-fi franchise on television. The tale of Dylan's having been "stuck in a singularity" for 300 years, while scientifically suspect, makes a good yarn.

3. Effects and art direction are up to the best modern syndie TV can offer: benefitting from the advances in computer tech while likewise suffering from the vague sense of unreality it creates.

Where Andromeda falls short:

1. As the biggest "power that be," Sorbo has a slight tendency to overstress his character's importance. Dylan is, of course, the most important character, but as a fairly stereotyped "strong, silent captain," he's far from the most interesting character. The other characters should not only be allowed to carry some episodes, they should also be allowed to "be the hero" in more stories, even when Dylan is also featured. No captain, no matter how heroic, is always right.

2. Individual episodes are hit-and-miss. Not only are occasional episodes not much fun to watch, they don't even have much to do with the ongoing story. While I recognize that we can't get a barnburner every week, we do need *some* reason to tune in, whether it's humor or romance or whatever.

3. Not every unique touch has played out: Rev Bem was interesting in conception but not really in execution. I don't fault Brent Stait; I just think a Magog monk was compelling for about a week tops. I don't really mind that he was written out (for whatever reason). Another character who has failed to reach critical mass: Tyr. KHC is a good actor and undeniably an impressive physical specimen, but as the seasons have gone by, Tyr has never really developed much beyond a surly, untrustworthy bore. I think the problem lies largely with the concept of Nietzscheans in general; to make him more interesting, they would necessarily undermine the underpinnings of the character--it's a catch-22. I'm also underwhelmed by the "new Trance." The character as originally played was enigmatic and sweet; now she's just confusing.

4. Season 3 already misses the "rebuilding the Commonwealth" story thread. While the stories this year have been interesting, the show lacks dramatic impetus. Now that they're not concentrating on preparing for the Magog invasion or on strengthening the Commonwealth, they seem to be floundering around a bit. The plot lacks direction.

All told, I like Andromeda as much as anything on right now. But I can't help but feel it's not living up to potential. I'm afraid they may be trying to please a focus group rather than trying to make compelling television.
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First Season Great, Rest Questionable (at best)
Christian Franz27 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Andromeda is a sci fi series about a star-faring battleship and it's crew that, after being trapped in time, embarks to rebuild the civilized universe after it's collapse.

As such, Andromeda's premise is interesting, and I thoroughly enjoyed the first season (I own seasons 1-4 on DVD). Acting is average, but special f/x are top notch (and they stay that way through all seasons). Season One had it's ups and downs, but the characters fleshed out nicely, even though many stories appear to disregard logic or anything resembling realism. On the whole, though, I felt season one was a winner.

However, with the beginning of Season Two, the show began to break down. More and more shows appeared to be simply a vehicle for Kevin Sorbo (playing Captain Dylan Hunt) showing off his selfless heroism. By Season Three the show had become confused, disjointed, and lacking any shreds of logic. Routinely, Andromeda's crew of (apparently) six take out an army of Killer Aliens, find a single missing person on a large planet within seconds (while other people have looked for them for ages), infiltrate, and fight their way back out of, a garrison, etc. After a while, it becomes too difficult to suspend disbelief. But worst of all is that, at the beginning of Season Four, the writers appear to have abandoned all hope of delivering a single, coherent, and believable story. Season Four does not contain one single interesting or well written story. Watch in awe as five people manage to stand in the right place along a 36 by 8 mile long arc-ship to fend off invaders that should board everywhere. Try not to groan when a signal is sent through space (and travels faster than light) by way of ultrasonic burst (which, as everyone knows, travels by speed of sound, and can't cross vacuum). Try to comprehend how two races that have battled each other for 'countless generations' managed to do so without any mixed children (even though they do mix in everyday tasks). Then bow to the wisdom of the captain who, while dying from debilitating fever, manages to deduct that the cure for his fever is mixing the two bloods. He finds a cure for which the people have searched for generations themselves. And key to his finding is some corny video footage from the library. And on, and on, and on. After a while the writer's contempt for their audience becomes almost palpable. The computer f/x, however, have become very good, and they are worth watching, though.

At the end of season four, Andromeda, which began promising, had become a total ship wreck. Beginning with season two, the stories went from stupid over idiotic to abysmally (ha, ha - pun intended) bad and finish as downright insulting.

My recommendation is to get Season One, and enjoy it. Get the other seasons only if you *really* like the show, or for the great cgi effects.
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Episodes are a roll of the dice...
gravity330 April 2005
Thanks to it's release on DVD, I have managed to watch the first 4 seasons of "ANDROMEDA" while avoiding pesky TV commercials. Thus, my take on the series might be different from someone who had the show's rhythm broken by advertising - talk about taking one out of the moment. I really wanted to like this show from the beginning, mostly because of its origins with Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry. I strongly disliked actor Kevin Sorbo's previous show "HERCULES" (except for the rare appearance by the brilliant Bruce Campbell), but was willing to give his new show a try anyway. After 4 seasons (season 5 is still airing and not available on DVD as of this writing), here's my take on ANDROMEDA: This might be as clear of a case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde writing as I can remember in a TV series. There have been episodes that stand up with the best of sci-fi television writing (the original "TWILIGHT ZONE", "City on the Edge of Forever" episode of "STAR TREK", "The Inheritors" episode of "THE OUTER LIMITS", etc.). The two-part episode that ended season 4 was probably the best thing I've seen from TV since "TAKEN", the Spielberg mini-series.

But when ANDROMEDA is bad, it's really bad. I've never been a fan of "BUCK ROGERS IN THE 25TH CENTURY", and some of ANDROMEDA's shows must be compared to the very worst of "BUCK ROGERS". Unfortunately, it's not like there's a good season or a bad one. It's, as my summary states, a roll of the dice. This 50/50 result of script writing (and I really must put the blame there) is in some part due to the pace that TV writers must produce these days. But there's the rare quality TV show out there to make the case that it can be done. I won't blame the actors, because when the writing is good, they're all fine - even impressive at times.

I think the issue with ANDROMEDA is a lack of clear cut identity. Is it a light space romp with plenty of humor? Is it a serious take on a potentially exciting premise? Is it experimental? Is it space opera? Unfortunately, the answer is 'All of the Above'. Beyond this, it's hard to define just why the show is sometimes terrific and other times pathetic. The one thread that I found had to do with the character Trance Gemini. It seemed when the show centered on her, it was usually better than when it didn't. But even that is not always the case.

So my recommendation for viewing ANDROMEDA is this: If you like your sci-fi goofy, this might work for you. If you're really hardcore sci-fi, it also might be worth sifting through the episodes on DVD. As I said, when it's good, it's hard to beat. For special effects junkies, Season 4 has some stellar (excuse the pun) and stylistically unique CGI work, some of the best I've seen on TV. For most casual sci-fi viewers and others however, I imagine wading through the bad apples to get to the good shows will be more trouble than it's worth.

I heard Mr. Sorbo comment on that last season 4 episode I mentioned earlier, and he seemed to think it was their best and they should do more like it. I fully agree, but as the show is running out to it's end now, I think this was a case of finding what was best about the concept way too late. I really wanted to like it, but overall just not as good as it should have been.
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Seasons 1 - 2.5: 9/10. Seasons 2.5 - 5: 3/10.
hacker1063 August 2008
I feel the need to post a comment on this title because I've seen a few comments from people who are surprised at the positive user response for such an awful show.

What is truly tragic about Andromeda is that it is a show that never realized its full potential. This is due to the powers that be and their decision to remove Wolfe from his post as head writer of the show.

From Season 1 to the halfway point of Season 2, Wolfe was the head writer of Andromeda and the show was quality in every sense of the word. Wolfe took his experience from shows such as Star Trek: Deep Space Night and invested it in Andromeda, bringing life to intricate plot-lines and vibrant characters functioning in a realized Universe.

As Season 2 began to move along, the usual first season clumsiness that one expects from new TV shows had totally dissolved and an epic plot line was beginning to come to life.

This was tragically cut short when Wolfe was fired. After this unfortunate event, nearly all of his work was thrown out of the window as the series took an entirely different direction in favour of mainstream approval and a more episodic format. The most painful example of the latter is embodied in the decision to do away with the character of Trance in favour of a new incarnation of the character designed to be sexy.

The series began to spiral downwards even more, until it was finally too difficult to watch. Andromeda soon began to buy into nearly every science fiction cliché in the book, and when it ended was a pathetic worm of its former glory.

Four stars out of ten for 1.5 excellent seasons and 3.5 awful ones in a show that tragically never met its unimaginable potential.
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Could have been SO much better
Stojan Majdic15 September 2006
After series finale I have been left with completely mixed emotions and had to wait for a very long time to come to a complete summary of the series. What started as one of the best Sci-Fi series, having enormous potential ended as a trash series with nothing left of the grandeur it once possessed.

The idea itself is intriguing and uncovers vast possibilities of exploring the personal and interpersonal nuances of feelings, relationships etc. And in the first season as well as in the first half of second season the signs were set to "GO". However, after Robert Hewitt Wolfe left the show and Bob Engels took over the show almost immediately began to drift into crappy action Sci-Fi. Each episode had to show at least 20 dead enemies, had at least 5 fighting scenes, 10 big explosions and so on. The once almost invincible ship became more vulnerable than MS Windows and she "went down" at least once per episode.

Character development went not further but backwards, the writers forgot what has already been seen and said, denied some aspects which were already stated clearly.

Bottom line: if it would be possible, I'd rate seasons as follows:

1. season 10

2. season 8

3. season 6

4. season 4

5. season 0

However, overall note is 5.

This could have been such a great show.... :-(
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Andromeda *DE*scendant...
Asteri-Atypical20 May 2003
How the mighty have fallen.

This series began as very innovative in some regards with interesting characters. Some stories were downright interesting. Many were even INTELLIGENTLY written in some regards (a compliment one can only offer very few TV series today). Also, there was a theme and a purpose.

The intrigue and purpose seemed to peak around the end of the first season. Season 2 continued to be interesting. Only the Great Maker knows what happened in Season 3!

While a few interesting individual episodes still managed to sneak in to Season 3, this season was a marked decline. They had lost the original purpose from Season 1 and the redoubled anxiety we saw in Season 2. Now, in Season 3, they seemed aimless and downright pointless in many ways. The role of the Andromeda in the new Commonwealth was absurd and not completely clear. Most importantly the goals of the first 2 seasons seemed utterly ignored. They weren't even engaging in missions to build and strengthen the new Commonwealth as you might expect; instead they were puppets, albeit rebellious puppets, of naive political powers.

The only element which remained somewhat intact in Season 3 were the characters. Yet even then, one could not see them in their new roles. Would Dylan not say "hell with this, we have things to do"?

The end of Season 3 was such that it looks like it might mark the end of any worthiness to the show we once knew as Andromeda. One got the feeling the writers didn't like the show they'd created so they just pointlessly smashed it all. They had a monumental event handled in such a poor and pointless why that it left the viewer saying "why did they do THAT"? It seemed like a cheap and senseless way of saying "OK, we producers have changed our minds so we came up with the quickest, most pointless way to change almost everything without having to waste more than an episode doing it". We're not talking about a sudden and shocking plot twist like you might see in the best of shows. There was no sense of PURPOSE to this one. No promise of a PAYOFF for having changed the rules. No - rather it smelled of taking an eraser to the script and aimlessly wiping out huge elements.

While I can recommend the first two seasons of Andromeda to most SciFi fans because they appealed to many people on many different levels, I cannot recommend Season 3 or beyond to anyone who appreciates intelligent or well done writing. This series is no longer what it once was.

If the producers are merciful they will put Andromeda out to pasture before it becomes primarily an object of ridicule and the punch line to many jokes.
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Surprise! This is good stuff!
evekaye29 October 2000
After reading the reviews for the new fall season, I was expecting Andromeda to be another Star Trek clone, but I was pleasantly surprised to find this was not the case! Andromeda is an entertaining show with solid acting and a great mix of action, sci-fi and comedy. Kevin Sorbo slips into this role like it was made for him and the only obvious remnant of his days as Hercules is his wonderful ability to portray the noble hero without taking himself too seriously! The effects are decent, the cast is solid and you don't need to know the technical specs of the Enterprise to understand and enjoy the plot! This show is a treat for sci-fi and action fans alike and even stubborn Star Wars fans (myself among them!) will get a kick out of Rev's Yoda-esque witticisms! All in all, an enjoyable ride!
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Andromeda Rules as Number One - and I Love All of It!!!
GI-Jane129 September 2008
I read various comments on the site and I was amazed, aghast and bemused by various comments from many viewers. Not being too familiar or justifiably an expert on sci-fi, my opinion will be a bit different than most.

It was only by chance or a stroke of luck that I came across a string of episodes that are still currently aired on cable that got me so intrigued about Andromeda in the first place. Most of the episodes varied from season one to five and gave nothing away about what the show was about, but I was curious and did some research on the internet and what I found I liked and I wanted to see the entire show. In January of this year(2008), I placed an order for the entire series on DVD – worth every penny I spent, great value and a treasure worth keeping!! For those like me who have not seen the show, please keep an open mind because this show has a lot to offer. It is now three years later that I'm watching the series and it's also three years later that the show is still lingering around and its three years later that this show is still Number One and its three years later that I believe this journey has more great stories to offer!!! I believe Andromeda deserves a Perfect Ten rating for great original and interesting story by the writers, great set production and inspirational artistic direction from prop master, wardrobe design and make-up to directors for editing, photography, engineering and special effects, great imagination and artistic talent from the entire cast of actors who work extremely hard at making each character more interesting and identifiable and smart planning and management from all the executives for making it a great quality production show.

Andromeda has a cast of six characters, all of them individually different. They all come from a different culture and race, they all have secrets to hide, making them all intriguing and fun to know.

Each individual character is far from perfect. Each of them has flaws and weaknesses, each one of them left someone behind and each character has a story to tell and someone to love and if you give it time throughout each season you will get to know them fairly well and share some of their individual adventures. With each season the adventures get bolder and more fun and exciting to watch.

The Andromeda story offers hope where there are few, friends and family to relate to in the best and worst of times. Their friendship holds the story together from season to season. Having the DVD series it's not hard to see just how good the friendship genuinely becomes and how hard all the actors work at making their characters as strong, as fun and as enjoyable and their individual talent brings them closer to the audience and strengthens the show as each season passes on.

Each season was a winner from one to five. Each season is a page-turner like every great book I've ever read, it's hard to put it aside. All the cliffhanger episodes for each season make me thankful that I don't have long to wait.

Andromeda delivers!! When I first began on this journey watching the series on DVD without any of its publicity, I never felt let down in any of the episodes in any of its seasons. I love them all. It's the only television series of its kind that I can sincerely unequivocally say that it's the best dramatic action adventure I have ever seen in a really long, long time and I have no hesitation in making this a must see recommendation!! Sincere best wishes, thanks and appreciation go to Kevin Sorbo, Lisa Ryder, Gordon Michael Woolvett, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Laura Bertam, Steve Bacic, Alexa Doig, and Brandy Ledford and the entire production team!! YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!! I love all the characters.

THE Canadian Cast, YOU ROCK!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!! As for the negative reviews on the show, I urge you all to re-consider!! You have no idea what you are missing. Revisit all his performances and see the true quality of his work, for what its worth, its truly worthy of a revisit. But for me, it just took less than a few episodes to recognize what a treasure I have found in this stunning, amazing talented artist!! For the first time in my life, the DVD's I purchase at first sight with Kevin Sorbo in the lead, I know with absolute confidence that I won't be disappointed.

On a final positive note, I'm just standing up for someone who is not only a genuinely nice person but who is one of the most hardworking intelligent talented actors in the industry who has a natural way of using his talent to draw people to his character and getting them to see what he wants them to see rather than what they want or expect him to be and above or else I admire his integrity and his work ethics.

He connects extremely well with the audience and fellow actors and the people he works with!! He is an actor who is always in command of how his character is played which makes him a very compelling unpredictable lead. Egos aside, he is genuinely good at what he does best and that is, "fight to win" and I'm on the winning team – "so let's bring it"!!
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Based On Genesis II By Gene Roddenberry
evilfactman28 April 2002
The Over-all Plot of Andromeda is based on Gene-Roddenberry's Genesis II. In Both, Dylan Hunt is somehow brought into the future. In the future he finds that the world (galaxy) has turned barbaric. He, with a little help from his friends, try to restore order against the barbaric powers. Many similarities between Genesis II and its retooled, more futuristic update exist but either way both were and are still good watching
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Hercules in space
desmozges10 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
First season or two were great, but that is only what is worth in Andromeda... It seams that Sorbo fired writer and continued to create Andromeda so that he can look like a great hero. At the opening he was just 300 years old starship captain stuck at the edge of the black hole. Later we find out that he is special, and soon after that that he is a member of an ancient race. Also at the opening main characters were equal, an later there is only Hercules, sorry Capt Hunt and every one else is nothing more then a sidekick. And what the hell is the story with Tyr?!? that is the worst turnaround ever in the worst direction. It is sad to see what can one man's ego do to the great and promising show.
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Andromeda is for those who like StarTrek the original series
CG A1 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
There are a lot of good and bad commentaries on Andromeda. That seems fitting, everyone likes different things.

For me, Andromeda is the type of show I wished had gotten better funding and had a chance to follow its arc with better precision. Some found season 4 the best, I found it the worst, in character development, plot and even writing. True, the CGI was better, but that never ever makes up for bad plots or writing in my book...without a good story, everything sucks. You can forgive a lot of bad makeup or silly sets, when you have great writing and characters. Those who are fans of Dr. Who or Blake's Seven or even Red Dwarf would understand. In fact, those who are fans of the original StarTrek, the one about ethical issues mixed with characters in an adventure setting, will understand.

I think Andromeda was truer to the old Star Trek than anything since ST's time. In fact, I'm one of those who was tremendously disappointed with Next Generation and all its spin offs, except for the 1st season of Enterprise and the last season (NOT including the stupid cliché season finale.) The first couple seasons of Farscape were good, then it got overly dark and cliché, same with Babylon 5, except there I put the blame squarely on JMS.

I even found that with Andromeda's faults, the characters grew on you (but not necessarily if you didn't see the series from the beginning... because the backstory was so important to each and every episode...building on the other to some extent.) Even story lines I've heard others say had no meaning, or too tangential, were often fun and I, personally, did see connections with the arc...whether the Abyss is attacking through the WorldShip or through influencing another universe to attack through a vortex, it is the same arc...just adding complexity. In fact, this show's arc was exceptionally complex and intertwined, in mini-arcs, character development, subplots, even was asking questions that are not PC, like mixing God and Demon, good and evil, multi-universes, Promethean like beings giving fire to mortals yet possibly being condemned as demons...god like entities that seek destruction as a way to harmony, hating life, because life is complex and chaotic and full of suffering...even the idea that an philosophy generated in our time (Nietzche) could end up causing a new kind of bigotry and genocide between human variants in the future. Nazism, Stalinism, human control, slavery...a great writer once said that basic human stories never changed, just the people and the variations in how the tale is told.

It's a lot to spin into a tale and I preferred those stories, whether it be as simple and fun as Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way to as complex as the idea of an entity developing that hates life, not in the cliché villain way, but because it wants an end to chaos and sees nothingness as harmony. You can do adventure and fun and still ask serious questions, more often you expect that from good science fiction writing, usually getting that from's hard to do a TV/film show that can get those issues in because of the great complexity and the likelihood you will offend someone...and even more sadly it seems lately, it's harder getting viewers that appreciate it rather than those that seem to want just CGI, creepy costumes and boring, wooden scientific speaking characters.

I also simply like the series because the characters don't walk around like valium-drugged-into-calmness zombies (Next Generation, et al) nor do they all speak techno-babble or all act like scientists. Here, the way is pretty much the way you'd expect people in the future to be...they don't speak about technologists or scientists, they simply accept the tech as normal and concentrate on normal daily activities..and reacting to odd things the way we might with "OK, this is weird..." or "I'm not a science ship, I'm a warship. I'm good at blowing things up." The humor is often because they are acting the way you or I might act, not calmly, with normal speech and with normal human-alien reactions.

Things I miss: tying things together better, like the connections between the Vortex warriors as a different front of attack than the Magog, the tesselation/phaseshifting hunters that came after Harper twice and were suddenly never seen again, the idea that genius brains were being stolen and that they were also tied in with the Engine of Creation thread being dropped, the Angels bell thread, the other avators like Trance suddenly not showing up anymore with conflicting ways of dealing with the Abyss, and so on.

I know season 4 and 5 could have been a lot better...4 if they had done some better writing and more consistently even at the loss of some special effects and dropped the paradigm stupidity...and 5 if they had more money, so didn't spend every show in Sefra...the stories seemed a bit better and consistent, I think, but the scenery and situation just stayed depressing/boring...without the general fun and humor that had kept the characters from killing each other.

And yes, I think the science on Andromeda was better thought out than on other shows, and the timeline/history...with the exception of how to rescue a ship caught on the event horizon of a black hole of course... but hey, no show is perfect on tech. It would be too boring if it were.

Anyway, my two cents...
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Big Movie Fan17 March 2002
In my opinion there haven't been many good sci-fi shows in the 90's/early 21st century. There are exceptions such as Stargate SG-1 and the awesome Babylon 5 but overall, I think the sci-fi shows have been poor. So it's refreshing to watch an action packed show like Andromeda.

When I watched the pilot episode of Andromeda I got the same feeling as when I watched Babylon 5. I knew that I was in for an awesome ride.

Kevin Sorbo makes a good Captain and he is supported by a brilliant cast. The good thing about this crew is that they are all different and possibly have their own agendas. The stories have been very good indeed.

Lets hope this runs as long as Babylon 5.
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Andromeda? (Gene Roddenberry's Dylan Hunt)
Omniholder6 February 2005
The first season of this series was unique and had all the touches of a Gene Roddenberry's creation. The next two seasons after that were slightly less interesting but still a good series to watch. With the last two seasons the entire idea of the series was completely removed ignoring prior facts of the show and weakening the development of the characters. If you are a Kevin Sorbo fan and can ignore bad plot lines then this show is probably your coup of tea, if you like a series were the writers remember the past episodes then this show is not for you.

As a personal note I am someone who likes to see the end of a series when I start watching it, I am glad to here that the fifth season will likely be the last.

If you like sci-fi shows then I strongly recommend not seeing what will hopefully be the last two seasons. four and five. series.
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It became so god awful later on though...
mikegyro15 November 2006
I couldn't stop watching this train wreck, because I always kept hoping that they would recapture some of the wonder that was originally established before the end of the first season. This show jumped the shark after the writer changes and while I liked Mr Sorbo's work as an actor in previous endeavors, his dumbing down of the show was a bad move. The plots didn't make any sense, it was just gun fights for no apparent reason, and there isn't a bad guy out there who can aim worth anything. Thats it thats all there is to it in the end. I could end this comment right here however the site posting rules want me to print at least 10 lines of text. Well here you go I'm typing some more text and I should repeat that Andromeda was fun in the first couple of episodes, and there seemed to be some sort of interesting back story to the whole thing but beginning in the second season, it lost touch with all of that possible storyline and became a senseless gunfight occurring over and over again and again.
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Sigh of despair, it really is Hercules in Space
CyBlack25 December 2004
In the very first two seasons, this show had potential. Sure, the acting was a bit stiff, and some of the plots a bit creaky, but there were interesting story-arcs developing, the show looked great, and the characters were interesting. Sadly, Kevin Sorbo fired the main writer, chiefly because he was unable to understand the complex story lines that were being woven into the show, and didn't think that audiences could handle it either, despite the fact that the complex science fiction show Babylon 5 is one of the best and most popular sci-fis of all time. After Sorbo took a greater role in the shaping of the show, it degenerated into Hercules in space, with no greater meaning, no deep or interesting characters, just Sorbo flying around fighting bad guys.

Avoid this trash. If you want good science fiction, with interesting characters and sophisticated story lines, Farscape, Firefly, and Babylon 5 are all out on DVD.
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What are you guys talking about?!
bobbyem17 May 2008
Andromeda isn't even Scifi. Its fantasy, like star wars. It set in a Scifi looking world, but there is no substance. Only a lot of bad acting and childish story's Some of you Ppl say you like Star trek but love Andromeda. Shame on you. Even Deep space nine has more heart than Andromeda. I'm glad that Gene was lucky enough to come up with Star Trek since a lot of his other ideas are crap.

Series like Andromeda is what gives Scifi a bad name. Just a lot of flashy lights and ugly costumes. And a main character that is some kind of superhero without any depth at all. He can do anything has no flaws. While the other crew mates just run around and look weird.

If you compare it to Star Trek TNG that deal with really existential and moral problems and encounter thought provoking anomalies. That often are rotted in real science.

Although a lot of the scientific terms are often outdated or wrong, but compared to those in Andromeda its almost a science documentary.

And I'm not saying that everything has to be scientifically correct to be good. But this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Andromeda. To feel that your immersed in a story you have to have some feel of that this is real. I just cant believe in something as silly as the Andromeda future.

I just cant understand how anyone under ten could like this crap.
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boe_dye sez: Well it was pretty cool in the beginning...
boe_dye21 April 2008
And then it just went to pot sometime during season 4.

My wife and I, like most people accepted this series mainly because of Gene Roddenberry, and Star Trek. We felt that it was produced by Majel Barret, and it would be pretty good.

Kinda like a "what would happen if the federation fell" story line.

Imagine Star Trek a thousand years after the entire Milky Way Galaxy was unified under the federation and then finally falls, and this is basically the idea.

So we watched, and we enjoyed. Until the dreaded 4th season came around, and then the show just made very little to no sense.

Suddenly things were happening that had some type of back story, but were never really explained. Stories started to have huge plot holes, and just made no sense, until eventually we lost interest and said thats the end of that.

The concept of the show was pretty good, and had they stuck with it, it would have lasted a very happy 5 seasons, however due to the well publicized change in direction of the show, it's easy to understand why it ended on a down note.

Now to be fair we only go a couple of episodes into the 4th season until we called it quits. However from what we have read (my wife and I), by the end of the series it was basically a mercy killing.

The best way to look at this series would be to essentially break into two ages so to speak: The Age of Blue Trance, and the Age of Gold Trance.

Once you make it to the age of Gold Trance, right around the time she loses her tail, you might as well just stop watching cause it goes down hill rather quickly from there.

Fortunately in this internet age that we live in, there are more then enough summaries out there to tell us how it ends.

It's sad that this "alternate" view of what Star Trek could have been in the future turned out so bad. Poor Gene is probably still rolling in his grave.
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not that good
Cross188 March 2001
I'm a big sci-fi fan and a huge Star Trek fan, and I had high hopes for this show, but man was I disappionted. They've taken a interesting premise and a good cast of actors and ruined everything with annoying characters, bad effects, and plot lines that aren't that great. I find the characters Rev Bem, Trance, and Harper to be quite annoying. And Rev Bem's and Trances makeup effects are kind of bad. You can tell that they're not really aliens, they're just actors dressed up in bad costumes. And the ship looks like the easter bunny's vacation home. It's just bad looking. Although I think for me the last straw was when I saw an episode that featured an entire civilization of robots that called themselves "the Concensus of Parts", they were a total rip off of the borg. That turned me off the show permanently now. I think I'll stick with any of the Star Trek shows, even the reruns are better than this stuff.
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Pretty Good Show
iamabravesfan3 August 2001
Andromeda is, to my surprise, a pretty good show. At first I thought it would be one of those shows that wouldn't last but five episodes. But it has been proven to me that Andromeda may last long enough for syndication. My advice is to check out at least one episode of this wonderful show.
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Absolutely Mind-blowing!!!!!!!!
My Goddess14 November 2000
I am a HUGE Star Trek fan, but I never thought anything could top the series' that came before, but this one does. When it's on, I don't move, even if the house was on fire. The stories are amazing, the special effects are heart-stopping (so are Kevin and Keith) This one (I hope) will never be taken off the air. Majel Roddenberry has done an amazing job bringing this to TV. Where-ever Gene is, he's cheering. An amazing man, an amazing cast, one hell of a show. A once in a lifetime kind of thing. If you love sci-fi, don't miss it. It's addictive, if you've seen one, you'll see them all!
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Doesn't add anything profound to the fabric of sci-fi television
cadfile22 May 2005
I was stoked to see Andromeda when it debuted in 2000. Created by the genius behind Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, the show employed complex archetype characters, story arcs, some interesting effects, sprinkled with some humor.

I would watch the first couple of seasons religiously because I liked the stories and the characters.

While I still catch an episode most weeks, the show evolved.

I think shows should evolve as actors get comfortable in their roles and the writing does the same. Shows tend to get better as the years move forward. Andromeda didn't do that.

The show evolved from a story/character focused drama to an action/adventure throw off.

While the show was still OK to watch, it stopped being something that dragged you in - something to invest in.

It did turn out better than some it didn't really add anything profound to the fabric of sci-fi television.
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Started off good...loosing interest fast...find a writer fast!
dmgruber19 February 2005
What started off as an OK sci-fi series that I "kicked" myself when I missed or forgot to tape has become one of those shows that I now watch and wonder "why am I waisting my time on this?". My young daughter used to watch it with me, but now she would rather do homework.

After the first two seasons of decent action, sub plots etc, the story lines started to get stupid in season 3. There was more action in season 4 but the final show was one of the worst I have seen on any show.

Season 5 has limped along with too few interesting stories, little character development, new long term "bad guys", little good action (same karate type fight sequences where Sorbo gets to kick people, and the introduction of the "busty" Doyle character adds nothing to the cast. In fact she detracts from time that could be spent with other regulars. When the season 5 DVD comes out, they should edit the whole season down to about 2 hours, but then it would really not make much sense.

I've heard Sorbo has taken more direct control of the show as it has continued....what a shame. The "artsy" look and inane stories remind one of a boxer well past his prime trying to do what he did years ago and continually getting sent to the mat.
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