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I'm confused with all the hate of the film.
joshhylto17 April 2019
I've never written a review before but after seen how many people are saying this film I thought I better. I actually think the film was great the main premise of the film which I feel most people have completely missed is a bond between two guys that is as strong as a brotherhood hood. The alpha one who has the confidence to take over the world and the quiter one both who would die for each other in an instance. And maybe it was just me but I really did feel the emotions that they feel throughout the film. It seems like a lot of people hate the film so maybe I'm missing something but i think its a great film. The film is not totally accurate but films don't need to be and I film is long which is the reason I suspect it gets so much hate.
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Why is it so badly rated?
TyMaTix23 September 2020
I don't understand, why people are rating this film so bad. In my opinion its a good mixture between action and love story. Maybe a little bit more action. And in my oppinion a film hasn't to be 100% accurate, when it's enjoyable to watch it. If you want accurate things, then you have to watch some documentarys and not action films.
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C'est magnifique, c'est ne le guerre pas!
hissingsid28 January 2003
(Please excuse my French, it's probably wrong) Roll up, roll up! See the cinematic spectacle of 2001! See the horrible deaths of 2500 or so people commemorated by a film about two guys who fly fast planes really fast. See them go ZOOOOOOOOM, see them go WHIIIIZZZZ! See them reprise the 'flypast and debriefing' scenes from Top Gun. Watch the beautiful love story unfold. See the true love two people have for one another tested and broken when Kate Beckinsale comes between them. See a fine young actor reduced to playing Token Black Guy. Watch as he fights to prove he's more than a Token Black Guy, even though he's given so little to do that he ends up as nothing more than a Token Black Guy (even though, unlike the two guys in the planes, Token Black Guy actually existed). Watch the awful bombing of a military target. Watch the heroic bombing of a city. Watch Jon Voigt recreate Peter Sellars' unforgettable character Dr. Strangelove. Watch the whole reality of war, and the lives and deaths therein trivialised to make a Big Dumb Action Movie that thinks it's some kind of ghastly tribute to the American dead of December the 7th. Or better still... don't! On the other hand, if you want an unrealistic film with ponderously paced romance, fighter planes zooming all over the place and nice explosions, check this out. It's a lot of fun. Just don't take it seriously - you'll only encourage them!
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Historical Trivia
daniel-mcgarry24 November 2008
In 1941 it cost the Empire of Japan 147 thousand dollars to stage the three hour attack on Pearl Harbor.

In 2001 Michael Bay spent $132 MILLION dollars to film the event, and ran four minutes longer.

Even taking into account 60 years of inflation, the Japanese did a better job with a smaller budget...

Due to the ten line minimum submission this may be too short - but sometimes less is more.

20th Century Fox already did the Pearl Harbor attack in Tora Tora Tora - and did an excellent job. Michael Bay should have left well enough alone.
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Someone get me a pair of scissors!
David-24010 July 2001
What a great film this could have been! The recreation of the attack on Pearl Harbor is some of the best film-making ever - an extraordinary and moving sequence made utterly believable by state of the art special effects. It ranks up there with the opening sequence from "Saving Private Ryan" and the sinking of the "Titanic" as one of the most harrowing "disaster" sequences filmed in recent years. But like both those other two films, PEARL HARBOR is desperately in need of a decent script to frame the disaster sequence.

Okay - I could almost accept the hokey old love triangle romantic plot - certainly the stars are great to look at - but the dialogue really sucked: "I don't think I'll ever look at another sunset without thinking of you". Please! And all those hero shots from the ground, and the slow motion love bits, and the soppy music, and the eternal sunsets...

But what this film really needed was an editor! The climax of the film is the attack on Pearl Harbor - an American defeat. But it seems the film-makers decided that the American audience wouldn't be satisfied with this - and so the movie grinds on and on for another hour or so dramatising a revenge attack on Japan. And we're supposed to believe that this attack was fought by the very same guys who were on the ground in Hawaii. I mean we all know that America won the war in the end, so did we really need this long epilogue?

Personally I'd cut out all the Roosevelt and the Japanese high command scenes and concentrate on the experiences of the people on the ground at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese stuff was all completely unbelievable anyway. The sad loss would be the superb performance of Jon Voight as Roosevelt - but maybe they could make another film about him. I'd also end the film after the attack at Pearl Harbor, as the survivors pick up the pieces. So why not have a shorter Director's Cut - a novel concept - that makes this film the great film it could have been. If you like I'll lend the scissors!
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Michael Bay's World War II is entertaining, yet deeply flawed
Screen_Blitz8 December 2015
For the past two decades now, Michael Bay has been known littering his films with countless explosions, and with this heavy special effects, garners wide success at the box office. Here, Michael Bay steps into the war genre with this intense, dramatic retelling of the fateful event that pulled America into World War II in the 1941. Set near the dawn of World War II, Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett play Rafe McCawley and Danny Walker, two Airforce soldiers who have been best friends since childhood. As they grow up, they are caught in a love triangle when they both fall in love with beautiful nurse named Evelyn (played by Kate Beckinsale). Things get pretty complicated when Danny and Evelyn are transferred to Pearl Harbor where Rafe returns from fighting overseas in Great Britain to find the two are in a relationship. Next morning, December 7, Danny and Rafe wake up to find hundreds of Japanese fighter pilots dropping bombs on Pearl Harbor. The two friends arm themselves with the F-51s in attempt to fight off against the Japanese fleet. With the U.S naval base devastated and thousands of innocent lives lost, the U.S declares war against war. From there on, Dafe and Rafe and their army lead by Lieutenant Colonol James Dolittle (played by Alec Baldwin) prepare for a fight against Japan to overcome their country's catastrophic defeat. This film also features Cuba Gooding Jr. who plays Captain Dorie Miller, the first African- American in history to be awarded the U.S Navy Cross.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor was one of the most shocking moments in the history of America, and it makes interesting subject matter to be told on on screen. Although this movie does manage to paint the horrors that took place during that fateful day, this film does suffer from some flaws that director Michael Bay is often known. Now with a war movie being directed by Bay, audience should go into this movie expecting abundance of explosions and this film plenty of these during the 40-minute action sequences that takes place during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The entire scene is very well done and the special effects are great. The scene really captures the grim details of what the civilians of Pearl Harbor suffered through as we watch countless of people killed from gunfire and drowning, as well as others who suffer some gruesome injuries. This entire scene is quite difficult to watch and it really pulls at your heart strings. Now here is where the film falters. Along with the whole Japanese attack and its aftermath, audiences are treated with a romantic subplot involving Josh Hartnett, Ben Affleck, and Kate Beckinsale that takes up a good portion of the film. What we get from this is poor acting and cheesy dialogue between Affleck and Beckinsale, including a line "I love you so much it hurts", a line that is highly laughable and far too corny, especially when dealing with a war flick. The whole love story is not terrible, but definitely takes more than what is needed of the film. With the whole story, the film ends up running 183 minutes.

Pearl Harbor is certainly not one of the best war movies in Hollywood and definitely not the best of what Michael Bay has to offer. I feel that this could have done better if it was handled someone like Steven Spielberg who has been masterful with the World War II genre (Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List). Overall, this is film is not terrible. Despite some of its flaws, it still works and is entertaining to watch.
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Superb film - Believable acting - Well written - Severely underrated
D-Gal3 November 2015
I seriously do not understand the utter hate toward this film by critics when writing their reviews. "Historically inaccurate" or "Just another love story" or "boring!"... If you want to see a film that is totally historically accurate, watch a documentary for heavens sake. This movie goes way out of proportion to what really happened that day in Pearl Harbor, but it is a MOVIE! Get over it. It's not supposed to be real.

The film as a whole is brilliantly written; it's not too soppy with the romance and not too over the top with pure action. People are saying that it's just too much shoot 'em up and too many explosions. Well, I got news for you... They're at war! Bombs will go off and guns will be fired from all places possible. If you want to see a movie that's not so explosive, watch Twilight.

To me personally, character development is very important in a movie and I believe Pearl Harbor succeeded with this. I grew attached to individuals and felt vulnerable as a member of the audience at the best of times. Absolutely superb watch, and I'd highly recommend it! If you're offended by a film not being entirely accurate, steer clear and stick to your documentaries.

9/10! Excellent!
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Epic Failure!!!
Danielramos1628 April 2008
OK the action sequences are fantastic, the music is wonderful & gripping, the Pearl Harbor attack was intense, it was at many points very emotional and made you a bit teary eyed because you feel for all the brave men & women who died on that faithful day in December 1941. Now lets get down to why this is movie failed miserably:

1.) First off the movie is way too damn long, I mean Jesus I would have to spend have a day to watch it so the makers failed to edit many scenes that didn't need to be in the film.

2.) Historical inaccuracies are everywhere. Little and small. I read a list of all the inaccuracies in this movie, I couldn't possibly write all of them down in this review that's how bad this film is. If you'd like to know what these inaccuracies are checkout Wikipedia and search Pearl Harbor (film). Trust me the list of historical inaccuracies are long.

3.) Waste of talent: Tom Sizemore, Jon Voight, Alec Baldwin, and Jennifer Garner are given relatively minor roles in the film.

4.) This is what really upset me. The movie is called Pearl Harbor, I thought it would be about the events leading up to that faithful day. in fact it's about a cheesy love triangle, A LOVE TRIANGLE! this entire movie is centered around three stupid & shallow characters surronded by characters just as annoying as they are. The Pearl Harbor attack doesn't come till the middle of the movie. there isn't much attention given to the events that lead to the attack, just these cliché characters. Pearl Harbor just seemed to get in the way. Goddam this is like a cheesy Soap Opera or a World War II version of Titanic. I mean how much more Cliché can we get?

5.) The Pearl Harbor Attack was a n intense action packed sequence, but even that was incredibly flawed. First off Why is there a Pee-wee baseball game being played so early in the mourning? second when Hartnett & Affleck get up in the air it seems like they shoot down about 20 planes, in reality the Japanese air losses where bare minimum. third there is too much emphasis on CGI effects. fourth this really made me laugh when a group of about 5 men went up into a tower and shot down an enemy fighter with rifles and automatic rifles ..... right... Damn they must have had good accuracy.

6.) Kenneth M. Taylor is a legendary hero of Pearl Harbor. He was one of two pilots who got into fighter planes and began engaging & shooting down Japanese planes. The other pilot was his friend George Welch, Basically Affleck & Hartnett were depicting them. Taylor called this film "A Piece of trash, over-sensationalized & distorted". This was a man who was there and did these heroic feats so you can't discard his opinion. This is proof that this film is a disgrace to our veterans.

Overall this movie was a huge disappointment & let down. If you are gonna do a movie based about Pearl Harbor then do it right! seriously! thousand of good men died that day so tragically in one of the most defining moments of American History and you wanna make a movie centered around fake characters and a cheesy love story. Michael Bay whether you realize this or not I think you disgraced a lot of WWII veterans. This film had so much potential and ultimately failed to deliver something spectacular that could have had a major impact in film. My recommendation, watch Tora!Tora!Tora! a far more faithful retelling of the Pearl Harbor attack. Pearl Harbor had a budget, but at least Tora!Tora!Tora! has heart.
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Sappy love story, inaccurate history -- In short, *avoid*
jmzkeenan29 July 2008
I heard about this film while it was in production. I heard about how they were going to go out of their way to get all the right aircraft to film so things would look right. I heard how they wanted everything to look as authentic as possible. I heard that the movie would somehow encompass the Battle of Britain, Pearl Harbor, and the Doolittle Raid (??? - an early warning sign). I heard that they were going to stage the premiere on an aircraft carrier moored in Pearl Harbor, for an audience of Second World War veterans. They even managed to get one of the veterans attending the premiere to say complimentary things about the movie. I knew that special effects technology had advanced enormously since 1970, allowing the filming of things that would have been impossible in the previous big-budget movie about Pearl Harbor, Tora Tora Tora.

So I thought "Given all this, how bad can it be?".

The answer, unfortunately, is AWFUL. This may not be Hollywood at its worst, but it's pretty close.

I don't know the origin of the phrase "Titanic with bombs" for describing this film, but it's pretty apt. One difference is that Bay and Bruckheimer together don't add up to James Cameron. Both films feature trite, sappy, predictable love stories (with every chestnut in the Hollywood Cliché guide clearly in evidence) layered over a real-life, tragic event. However, although I don't particularly like Titanic, I have some respect for Cameron's success in reproducing the appearance of the RMS Titanic and the events of the Titanic sinking on screen. I am prepared to watch Titanic (while fast-forwarding over the love story bits) just to see the history parts.

Pearl Harbor fails this test. The portion of the film featuring the attack on Pearl Harbor comes off like a video game -- Lots of sound and fury, but no realism whatsoever. The problem here is that this is not only a real event, but an event of pivotal importance in the history of the United States. Worse yet, the event is still within living memory. How will we feel in 2061, when a director decides to make a movie about September 11, 2001, and casually re-arranges the events of that day to make the resulting film "more entertaining/more commercial/more appealing to mass audiences"? Do you feel sick even contemplating that possibility? That's how I suspect that veterans of the actual attack on Pearl Harbor feel about this movie. The late Brigadier General Kenneth Taylor, one of the pilots who did in real life what Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett portray on screen described the film as "a piece of trash...over-sensationalized and distorted."

Watch Tora Tora Tora instead. It's not perfect, but it's a pretty accurate telling of what really happened at Pearl Harbor. (Tellingly, Tora, Tora, Tora used veterans like General Taylor as advisers to make sure that they got most of the details right). A newer film with improved special effects is not necessarily a better film.
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horrible, horrible film
talonz514 September 2004
You know what really bothered me? The fact that they advertised this film as one thing (the attack on pearl harbor) and actually gave us another (love triangle drama before, after, and during pearl harbor).

So little time was spent on the actual battle and the memorable instances within it that one wondered if they had even bothered to research it. Heck, they couldn't even bother to take out the modern US navy destroyers still at the harbor during filming (with cgi)!

Don't bother with this film, it was horrible. Go rent Tora,Tora,Tora. An excellent and faithful reproduction of BOTH sides of the battle via a joint directorial effort and 2 production teams, melded into one strong movie.
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Pearl Harbour
mittalparth23 November 2015
Est-Ce fabuleux!

"Ma, you know who else lived through World War II besides grandpa? I did", I screamed at her from outside the house, while still getting down from the cab that I took from the cinema. What a great movie it was. The images of the gusty air-force combats and the invasions are still in my head, the sounds of the thunderous cannons still roar in my ears, and the gentlemanliness of the army men, with their uniforms and planes, still leave me grasping for more, as did the jam-packed theater. 

Why did it have to get over? Why couldn't it last just a tiny bit longer? The sky high aerobatics, the machine guns, the fighter jets, the discipline, the pretty army women, the well ironed suits, the line of command, and the bigger than life climax, I adored it all. The chemistry between the leads is something to look forward too. The unconventional romantic relationship and the intimate scenes between the lovers spice up the movie and give a new twist to the plot.

If you want to feel the thrill and the emotion of being at war and love at the same time, of being away from home, of being behind enemy lines, and of leading your country to victory, go and watch Michael Bay's extraordinary take on the events leading up to and involving thereof one of the most disastrous catastrophes of the era.

Michael Bay never misses a chance to leave his viewers awestruck with his action packed works, with strands of deadly love. And he did it again with Pearl Harbor.  The movie, though titled Pearl Harbor, is much more than that just the bombings. The war is twofold: between countries and between hearts. Army Air Corps, Affleck and Hartnett, thick as thieves, become the target of a deadly love triangle, with the potential of encompassing their friendship, falling in love with the ever-pretty Evelyn, which results in a love-hate relationship being fired up between the two captains. But Bay has something new to offer rather than the clichéd. Their friendship is tested when they are sent off to war together, resulting in their hatred for each other ultimately turning, or rather returning, into a brotherly bond. The climax is sort of depressing, but that is overcome by the patriotism of winning the war.

The motion picture is certainly not for the faint hearted. It is a mixed bag of emotions, and it is one that has many holes in it. The movie takes its audience through a variety of different emotions, starting at a high with love and patriotism, progressing to hatred and anger, and then ending into sorrow and dismal. The movie throughout, holds its viewers onto their seats and unleashes a surprise, a twist, every few frames, bounding them to think on what may follow next.
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Hollywood At Its Worst
Theo Robertson12 December 2002
I wasted three hours of my life watching this crap . Sure as hell I won`t be wasting too much time writing a long review .

I hated this movie , it`s so full of anachronisms and cliches and I`m so glad everyone else has pointed them out , but the two ones that made me laugh were Josh Hartnett announcing " World War Two has just started " . Hey since the second world war started more than two years before in September 1939 you just know this is from an American ( Read Hollywood ) perspective , not that it was called " World War Two " for a considerable time afterwards , and the scenes where Gooding Jnr bellows " Yo who`s da man ? " Yo right on bro you zap those Jap mofos with your 90s street vocabulary . Most excellent dude

I did like the bit where Ben Affleck screams " Get me into a goddamn plane " because I thought the producers and screenwriter had used up every cliche in the book by that point. Nice to be proved wrong , though I don`t think I`ll be proved wrong when I say Affleck will never win an Oscar for his acting ability .

My heart had a nice little holiday when I found out this flopped both commercially and critically . Maybe now the Hollywood system can concentrate on making films with good scripts and little FX before they bankrupt themselves . Though having said that if anyone in Hollywood is thinking of making a blockbuster as ridiculous as this or TITANIC based on 9/11 I`d be quite happy to see Hollywood bankrupted
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Excellent Comedy
duskeye24 July 2005
This is hands-down one of the funniest movies ever made. The script and acting are hilarious! While some may find it distasteful to turn a horrific event which cost so many lives into a laugh riot, if you can get over this minor annoyance you'll find yourself embroiled in a film that gleefully lacks all of the following:

*Credibility! *Acting talent! *Historical accuracy! *Periodical script accuracy! *Any serious lines or story threads whatsoever!

I swear to God, if Michael Bay and Bruckheimer had any serious intentions WHATSOEVER when making this bucket of faulty rectum discharge, then I would be trying to sell them hookers in a vagina storm. I honestly cannot believe they approached this important subject with any respect at all.

This is supposed to be a war movie right? Then why is the majority of the film consumed with a hilariously bad love story which has all the believability and relevance of a boiled potato? Why are there more historical inaccuracies than you could shake a stick at? Why is reknowed comedy actor Ben Affleck involved? His idiotic mugging through every scene is simply impossible to take seriously.

Hugely amusing, and as a comedy I would not hesitate in giving it top marks. But be warned, if you want a serious war movie this is guaranteed to offend beyond all reasonable boundaries of good taste. These people have no shame, and the racist undertones only lend more laughs to an already unbelievably tongue-in-cheek outing. Absolutely a barrel of laughs.

In the words of 'South Park' creator Trey Parker, "Michael Bay actually makes comedies, but he just doesn't know it because he's a turd."
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Pearl Harbor: Movie Review
anastasiia_shystovska8 April 2020
'Pearl Harbor' is a wartime drama that was directed by Michael Bay and released in 2001. The scriptwriter who worked on this movie is Randall Wallace. Before this movie, he wrote for such projects as "Braveheart" (1995) and "The Man in the Iron Mask" (1998). The soundtrack was created by unsurpassed master Hans Zimmer, who also wrote music for "Pirates of the Caribbean", "The Prince of Egypt", "The Dark Knight", etc. The stars that played the main characters were Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale and Josh Hartnett. In 2003, Kate went on to star in "Underworld" and in 2004 she took on a leading role in "Van Helsing".

On 7th December 1941, Japan launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, where the US Pacific Fleet was situated, leaving the US deeply shocked. It is a movie about war, love, courage and honour.

The trailer, which I have personally seen more times than I had expected, really made me, and I hope you, want to watch this movie. The movie length is 3 hours 3 minutes and to my mind, this is just right. You can watch it the whole thing in one go. Moviegoers won't be able to look away from the screen because of the stunning visuals and deep emotions that they'll no doubt feel. Both the main and minor characters are highly convincing and during the whole movie, they effectively engage with each other and what is more, with every member of the audience. You truly believe every moment.

Written by Anastasiia Shystovska
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9/11: A Romance
Krog__22 August 2004
Okay, so just a quick rant here, but imagine if 50, 60, 70 years from now filmmakers make a movie about 9/11; except, instead of it being about 9/11, it's a dumb soppy romance that has nothing to do with 9/11 itself. Wouldn't you be just a little p***ed off? I know I would be. Taking a horrible tragedy and turning it into an insanely stupid movie with a lame romance story would be terrible.

Now imagine that that tragedy actually took place 50, 60, 70 years ago, and that the insanely stupid movie was released today. As a matter of fact, make it be Pearl Harbor. Oh, wait, THEY ALREADY DID THAT. Talk about totally disgracing and disregarding a horrible tragedy. Good job, guys; now let's watch you make fun of disabled people.

Anyway, that's just my little rant. Now back to the movie...

It was sh!t. The romance was stupid, the acting subpar, and the writing was like jamming a screwdriver into your brain through your ears. The only decent thing about it was the special effects, but since many other movies have just as good if not better effects, that's probably not a good reason to see it.

I don't recommend this film at all.
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One of the silliest war films ever made
jsmog18 June 2001
If you can't say something nice... What tripe, full of historical inaccuracies and weak special effects (such as the Oklahoma turning turtle). It tries to capture the horror of Pearl Harbor with "Saving Private Ryan" intensity, but only mocks itself. For the real story, get "Tora Tora Tora" or Ford's documentary. For the real feeling, go visit the Arizona in Oahu.
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This film should contain a health warning!
avianblue11 May 2006
There are very few films I've come across which actually make you want to beat yourself senseless with a heavy object. But this is surely one of them. Quite possibly one of the worst films ever made and I can't believe I managed to watch it through to the end! Twice. Once in the cinema and once on TV!

First off let me say that I can understand the need to make a compromise between historical accuracy and the telling of a 'good story'. That assumes of course that you have a good story to tell, rather than this banal boiling-pot of the oldest clichés in the book.

The heights of implausibility which this film manages to attain are just jaw-dropping. Saving Private Ryan managed to interweave an implausible story with historical events while maintaining a semblance of believability. Pearl Harbor just had me swearing obscenities at the screen in frustration!

I can forgive the use of late-model Spitfires in the 'Battle of Britain' sequences. What is less forgivable is the portrayal of the Battle of Britain at all given that it took place in 1940 and not 1941 as depicted here! And it is never quite explained how Ben Afleck manages to get himself released from his duties with the RAF and return to Hawaii - I guess he decided he'd had enough and so handed back his plane and uniform! Isn't that desertion in most people's book?

Some of the special effects during the attack on Pearl Harbor are, admittedly, not bad - despite the appearance of what appear to be quite modern warships in some shots! But the makers seem to think that the more special effects they can get into a single frame of film then the more realistic/impressive it will be! Unfortunately it just ends up looking like an intro-sequence for a Medal of Honor type game. Less is definitely more sometimes!

Talking about effects - what was that all about with the sequences in the hospital during the battle? Did they get a dud batch of film stock that had been exposed to sunlight or something? It's all very well trying to be smart with film effects but sometimes you can end up looking like complete amateurs - which I'm afraid they do here.

As for our intrepid heroes suddenly becoming experienced B-25 pilots - oh pur-lease!! At this point I had my head in my hands and was sobbing uncontrollably. The boys even manage to get involved in hand-to-hand combat, wiping out an entire Japanese platoon in the process. Presumably this was to show that our heroes were capable of going toe-to-toe with the enemy as well as just dropping bombs on them?

Who on earth was this film aimed at? I'm sure the majority of filmgoers are not complete imbeciles but this is exactly who the target audience seems to be. It could be viewed simply as a romantic adventure yarn (although the romantic element is dire) but it seems to want to portray itself as much more than that, which is it's biggest weakness.

If you want to be a heavy-weight historical drama then you just cannot mix in the sort of love-triangle claptrap and implausible plot lines that are in this.

Dreadful. Watch it and cringe.
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Tragic historical event reduced to a comic book story
kxok63030 March 2007
This movie is unbelievably bad. Problems are everywhere; let's start with the dreadful Titanic ripoff love triangle: they look like Barbie and Ken dolls, with plastic acting to match. The script is so corny and lame you'll be taping something over your ears to stop the pain. 21st Century anachronisms appear routinely, far too many to list. There is no heart for the people who died that day; the attack sequence is an exploitive, excessive, over-indulgent CGI field day that depict this tragic event as if it was comic book style mayhem.

Ben Affleck fights in every battle you ever heard of, from Europe to Japan. I thought any minute they'd show scenes of him strafing Sioux Indians at the Little Big Horn, bombing Santa Ana's forces at the Alamo, or firing lasers at the Galactic Empire's Death Star.

Since the whole thing is garbage, the director is to blame. Most inept movies can be laughed at for their awfulness, but this one will just make you mad that you wasted your time watching it.
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The proper and correct term for this movie is: CRAP!
batti7 July 2004
I think the proper and correct term for this movie is: CRAP! I have never experienced anything like this. It is bad in every possible way, with one exception: the sound. But I don't watch movies solely for the sound. The main purpose of this movie is to show the world that Americans are good and Japanese are bad. And that is something most Americans don't believe...with the exception of Michael Bay.

And what on earth is the love story doing in the movie? Wasn't it supposed to be about the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The worst thing about Pearl Harbor is that there are people who will believe that this is how the attack on Pearl Harbor really happened.

If you like this movie, you will never be a friend of mine! I think that explains how I feel about this very very very bad movie.

Rent Tora! Tora! Tora! instead, it's better in every relevant way!
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A cheesefest for the historically ignorant
Homer90026 August 2006
I have been trying to sit through this bloated, ignorant and horribly acted movie for the past few hours. Since when do Army Air Force officers amble onto a Navy ship to watch a shipboard boxing match? Since when did active duty USAAF officer leave the US and fight for Britain, while still on active duty and the USA officially neutral? Since when did P-40s turn, twist and do aerobatics that out maneuvered the Japanese Zero, probably the single most nimble aircraft in the early part of the Pacific war? I could go on, but the music was ever present, the camera movement made me reach for an airsickness bag and the thought that kids today think this is what really happen at Pearl Harbor is sad. A stupid, stupid movie.
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The Pearl Poem
othello6762 July 2001
Bloated and boring The audience snoring This film is a waste of my pay

The story is sappy The acting is crappy On this we blame Michael Bay

When the bombs finally fall Bay botches it all He's taken all damn day

This film's a joke Let's set it a smoke And burn all the copies away
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"If I had one more night to live, I'd want to spend it with you."
Nazi_Fighter_David15 February 2009
The film opens in 1923 and shows farm boys Rafe and Danny as close friends in Tennessee, who share a passion for flying... They join the United States Army Air Corps in 1941 and both show an ability at being daring pilots while training under the command of Jimmy Doolittle, in Long Island...

Their life is changed when they encounter a beautiful dedicated nurse called Evelyn Johnson...

Rafe falls for Evelyn and volunteers for service in the Battle of Britain… He continues his love affair by letters with Evelyn who ends up with Danny in Hawaii - Pearl Harbor, where the US Pacific fleet is gathered at rest...

News comes back that he was shot down over the English Channel, and assumed dead… Keenly distressed, Evelyn eventually finds relief in the arms of Danny... They go too far, too soon, leading to exactly what you would expect...

By the time that Rafe reappears, Evelyn is in love with Danny…

Kate Beckinsale brings warmth and intelligent sweetness to her character... She is quietly at a loss, holding back her tears, when she finds out she must choose between the two charming fighters she loves...

The film honors those who underwent Pearl Harbor…The great shots plunge viewers into mass destruction, chaos and incompetence... We see hundreds of Japanese planes approaching towards their unsuspecting targets… Sailors sauntering along the decks of their moored vessels when the torpedo planes, armed with special shallow-running devices, headed for the battleships, their prime targets…

Bay's cameras move sometimes fast, and sometimes in slow motion to show the savage blow… Scenes, out of focus, evoke the sense of disorientation and fear, also of bravery in the midst of confusion in the island's base hospital...

'Pearl Harbor' is a fight between love and glory against a backdrop of America's entry into World War II... The film has some moments of excitement and grandeur…

Schwartzman gets some extremely nice-looking scenes of the Hawaiian twilight... His shots of Kate—sitting atop a rock, reading Rafe's love-letters, totally unaware to the striking Hawaiian surf that threatens to pull her out to sea—are incredibly beautiful
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"I don't see why people hate this movie..."
Bry-229 June 2004
So many "reviews" of movies *everybody* hates, like this one, begin with that expression. Obviously, these people don't read the reviews they disagree with!

If they did, they might get a clue as to why so many people feel so strongly in a negative way about the film in question.

If not, they can read this summary:

Bad script.

Bad acting.

Bad history.

Bad dialogue.

Bad pacing (or was there any?)

Bad direction.

Bad music.

One the other hand ... ... good CGI. ... good sound effects. ... good sound recording. ... good editing.

Now I promise: No more comments from me on this most dreadful travesty, from the most talentless director since Edward D. Wood. At least Ed Wood had a passion for his "art" -- Bey only seems to have a passion for his paycheck.
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Why do people hate this movie?!
happy_hobbit_chic30 June 2002
I thought this was an amazing movie, and I dont seee why people dont like it. Josh Hartnett and Ben Affleck are so talented in this movie, and the emotion in this movie is so true. The action sequences were incredible, but most people hat this movie because it was "mushy". Well, it's a love story, it's supposed to be romantic. I understand it almost had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor, but it was great all the same!
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So bad I ended up cheering for the Japs!!
james.c.beeching19 August 2006
A really, really bad movie..The acting was awful the action was OK in places but historically inaccurate beyond belief... Plot inaccuracy: Ben Afflecs character has dyslexia so severe he can't read an eye chart- fair enough - he then writes a letter every day to his sweetheart! What must of those letters been like? Written in crayon? Plot inaccuracy- Kate Bekinsale sticks her fingers in a guys jugular to stop the bleeding--but seconds later in the corridor she is looking all lovely and clean!! The bit when Ben Afflec is with the RAF fighting the Battle of Britain in 1941?? Ummmm...The Battle of Britain ended in September 1940! The British actors playing his comrades really look like they want to be sick or cry when they read out some of the lines... I think in the far future Pearl Harbor will go down as a classic really bad cult classic but I think it maybe for the 100th anniversary of the actual attack!!!
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