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sometimes you luck out
sdufton20 April 2004
I rented this movie cause I heard it wasn't bad and I gotta tell ya, it wasn't bad... it was surprisingly good! Alright, so it is kinda low budget (although the special effects looked on par with most studio flicks) but the acting, direction, suspense, monsters were convincing and intriguing enough to keep me more entertained than most stuff in theaters. It's a silly movie, but if you like throwback flicks that combine horror and comedy (like Fright Night and Evil Dead) this is right up your alley.
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This is Hilarious!
blzoe28 September 2006
This film is full of sly humor, and the two leads are extremely likable. The story is silly, and the special effects are a little primitive sometimes...but I didn't care! I was very entertained.

Terrence and Corey are thieves commissioned to steal a rock that allows the owner to corrupt souls. Or something like that; it really doesn't matter. The fun is in watching them doggedly forge ahead through supernatural obstacles to complete the job. There are great throwaway lines, so you really need to pay attention. And there are also some fun visuals; I don't want to spoil anything, but the scene involving the Civil War almost made me split a seam.

The relationship between the two leads was actually kind of touching...whatever sins these two may commit, they are unflaggingly loyal to each other.

My only complaint is that I found it nearly impossible to understand Brad Dourif. He was using a French accent I could barely penetrate. But it's always fun to see him in a movie.

If you are looking for lots of scares, gore, or a story that makes complete sense, this may not be the flick for you. But if you'd like to have a little supernaturally-tinged fun, you should check this one out.
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Good Old-fashioned Fun
jic-12 November 2003
Despite being released in 2001, this is a mid-'80s Comedy-Horror movie, like *Fright Night* and *Night of the Creeps*. I don't mean that it is a tribute to mid-1980s Comedy-Horror movies, or a pastiche of mid-'80s Comedy-Horror movies, I mean it *is* a mid-'80s Comedy-Horror movie! It has the same kind of humour, the same kind of plot and dialogue, and the same kind of cast as those movies. Its also so low-budget that it's not even filmed in Canada, another thing that has been rare since the mid-1980s. If you loved the aforementioned movies, you will love this movie. At the same time, despite what I've just written, it doesn't *feel* like an exercise in '80s nostalgia. This is a very enjoyable movie, and, if it wasn't for some gratuitous nudity and strong language, an ideal family movie. Still, I did like the gratuitous nudity...
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Better than one might expect
memattohyeah30 October 2003
For a low brow, low budget horror film this one is actually better than usual. Some of the jokes are actually amusing, the performers are lively and the special effects are actually quite good. Not all the bits are successful - but how can you go wrong with Karen Black as a fortune teller/psychic/manicurist who projectile vomits all over co-star Rowland while levitating during a 'seance'. The cast is rounded out by Robert Davi, Brad Dourif, Tiny Lister and Deborah Gibson appearing ever-so-briefly as herself!
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Good 80's style fun
avideodrome24 October 2003
This movie is an amusing homage to the 80's action-horror. It has a risible plot, poor special effects (The monsters are bad actors in ridiculous masks)and some decidely bad scripting..However it was a really fun experience, It made me feel like a kid again. It was an eighties film with better clothes! The two main characters worked well together, and had a good buddy-chemistry thing, some truly funny scenes (There's a scene where a demon turns into his mother during a sex act that's particulary good) Overall I'd say that if you want a good wry chuckle and a burst of nostaglia for those truly cheesy movies of the eighties watch it!
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Delightful supernatural adventure.
pantagruella15 December 2003
This is a very entertaining film which I only discovered through the now essenjtial combination of eBay and the IMDB.

The two leads, who remind me of a young John Ritter and a young Patrick Swayze, are likeable. They master that difficult trick of showing spiritual development whilst being funny. Their confessions are delightful: "I once owned a copy of Judas Priest's Unleashed in the East".

There'a great cast of support players including Brad Dourif, Robert Davi and Karen Black.

The direction is very smart, with plenty of good tricks. I liked the snaring of the heroes in their first assault on Simon Magus's mansion.

Simon Magus! That's a nice piece of Christian lore to firm up the story's background.

The plotting is neat with some of the less understandable interludes made clear at the film's resolution which had a surprisingly wistful quality.
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ofjeworstlust19 June 2006
Man, as a real horror fan the story sounded okay, the ratings weren't that bad. But hey, don't all good horror flicks start out okay as well ;) Please read this again after watching, and you'll agree on the following. Take the usual ghost things somewhere in the middle east, some losers with retro jokes, the regular good/bad/weird horror characters, and that was soulkeepers.

After 20 minutes we agreed on switching to another movie, I wouldn't even bother skipping to the end or next chapters. Seeing it was from 2001 surprised me more than anything else in the movie, the story and lines could've come from way back like the 1980's. Simply a no go, ignore the ratings (4.9 as we speak)
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Uhhhh...the pain
CreedenceLeonoreGielgud7 December 2005
Do you believe in the power of the human soul? The power to make incredibly bad movies that will leave you helpless either from laughter or sheer disbelieve, but must likely discomfort. This was wrong. Why? First the script. The characters don't say or do anything that I find reasonable. The characters themselves aren't reasonable. The premise is quite ridiculous, one that is overused, but even so isn't even driven in this film at all, it just sort of assumes the over generalized plot will fall into place because the audience will understand the clichés that form the foundation upon which this masterpiece was built. This film is also filled with blatant rip-offs and over commercialized scenes that involve them tossing in things like boobs and girls making out to cater to a seemingly all pre-teen male audience. We get it. Horror movies like boobs, but at least don't go hog wild in making up some ridiculous reasoning for the boobs. I almost would rather them simply be tossed in ala Uwe Bol. I never thought I would be asking for Uwe Bol. Dear God, do you people see what this film has done to me?
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do you believe in the power of the human soul?
SheriffGeneFreak30 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I'll go ahead and spoil this for sucks. This movie, wow, where to begin. First of all, I can't believe that this movie was made in 2001. Really? OK, but even if I can get beyond the fact that the effects in this movie are reminiscent of the TMNT movies there is still plenty to shock me that I found this in the horror (rather than comedy) budget bin. The plot, hammy, I've read more interesting stories in a bowl of alphabets soup. The story is your standard, boy gets possessed by a demon, boy becomes Antichrist 30 years later, witty thieves get recruited to save humanity from boy, boobs, boy turns into demon, more boobs, and boy is finally destroyed by the witty thieves and an angel. Not exactly Oscar material. Example of actual dialogue from the movie, "There are some super scary monsters heading this way. They're going to eat our faces off." Oh, and during the blatant Exorcist rip-off scene this is said by the possessed psychic, "Terrance, your mother is here. I just f***** her in the a**." Yes, that's actually in a movie. There are plenty of scenes to make you say: do what? And there are so many continuity errors that at some points you feel as if you are watching several different movies, all of them bad. There aren't even any good boob scenes in this movie, for they all either include blood or demons. If you enjoy laughing at bad horror movies, then by all means by this jewel, otherwise, avoid it.
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Oh dear
Dodge-412 April 2004
I got the DVD of this movie free on a magazine cover and still feel I was ripped off! The writer/director should stick to directing because the film looks quite good. It's the lame gags that had me checking my watch every few minutes to see how much longer I had to endure.

I laughed just the once and that was at a puke joke: I always laugh at puke jokes. If there was any real plot I must have forgotten it.

If you want horror with humour and a whole lot more you're better off watching any episode of Buffy.

3/10 for the visuals and FX.
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Better than most direct to video horror films
jklein878715 October 2001
Ok, this isn't that bad. What saves this film is the fact that the comedic scenes are sometimes actually funny. Most horror comedies strive to be scary and funny but lack both. this doesn't try to be scary, it isn't. It is funny at times and worth a look for when you are in the mood for a cheesy horror/comedy that has lots of nudity and cheesy monster effects plus cameos by Robert Davi, Michael Ironside, Karen Black, and Brad Dourif.

The plot is about two losers who steal objects for rich people and get paid for doing so. They get hired by Dourif who wants them to steal this medallion that can capture your soul. From there, it gets crazy and all sorts of mayhem comes about.

This is more or less a party movie to watch with friends who can't seem to pay attention to most horror movies. It's fun but you could do a lot better.
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Matt Kracht30 October 2012
I tried watching this horrid movie, but I was unable to get beyond the halfway point. It's juvenile, bordering on infantile. That wouldn't be so bad, except it's excruciatingly unfunny, has some of the worst acting ever, is incredibly predictable, and resorts to constant use of filler. I could go on and on describing all the elements about this movie that sucked, but what's the point? It's like trying to point out all the idiotic elements of a Fred Olen Ray or Jim Wynorski movie.

It was only later that I found out that this is actually a TV movie, made for the SciFi Channel. Ugh. Figures. This was made to appeal to people who like professional wrestling. If you had an IQ above 80, avoid it.

Everyone involved in this travesty should be beaten and blacklisted.
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Great movie if you know what you're getting into!
nefylym26 November 2005
OK, first of all, this movie is a wacky horror comedy flick, pure and simple. It's like From Dusk till Dawn's lesser known brother. Don't go in expecting poetry, or deep plot... but the dialog and the writing in general, are phenomenal, on the level of Joss Whedon's wit and sarcasm, easily. "Tiny" puts in a marvelous, though very stereotypical, performance as your mean tough guy. Brad Dourif is likewise a fantastic actor, too bad he doesn't get more recognition.

The set up is, two guys (who aren't exactly on the right side of the law) are tasked to what amounts to in the end as taking down a Christian necromancer... now if that ain't an oxymoron i don't know what is. Basically this ancient dead guy is manipulating souls to forge an army and these two goof balls are all we have to rely on. Classic.

The movie is meant for a good time, and cheap fun, as such, it succeeds phenomenally. It even manages to get slightly existential, and deals with the power of the human soul in a world of fading faith.

But the occasional monster special effects still suck. This is what happens when a good script gets a cheap production.

I heartily recommend it!
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The box cover sucks, but the movie rocks
scocerer20 April 2004
It's sad because, if this movie was marketed differently, it could've been a hit! When you look at the cover, which has a mean-looking monster with long fangs and dripping saliva, you think you'll be renting a typical direct-to-video horror flick with bad effects, horrible acting, no imagination and cheese everywhere. Soulkeeper is better than any direct-to-video horror film I've seen, but you'd never know it by looking at the box. First of all, it's not a horror film. It's a funny as hell comedy with some scares thrown in to wink at the audience. Second of all, that monster on the cover??? He's not even in the movie!! The monster in the movie is better. Why wasn't it on the cover??? Thirdly, the film just rocks. Funny one liners, hot chicks, believable creature FX, awesome CG FX, and just an overall fun ride. It ain't a classic, but it sure would've got me to rent it sooner if it was just marketed as what it is: a fun adventure film. They should really consider repackaging it.
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Very good
jillandy-318 October 2003
We got this by buying a DVD magazine that gave this away on the cover!.I looked it up first here and because of most of the positive comments bought the magazine.What a fun movie,it was spooky and very funny.The two main actors were very good and there are some nice touches by the director.The plot was a bit hit and miss but so what,we loved this film and we think others will as well.Watch it !!
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Incoherent non-horror
kathleen-7919 October 2001
This is not, as its advertising suggests, horrific. Instead, it is primarily a comedy, and almost never takes itself seriously. It is incoherent and generally inept. It is very dull, and could use 30+ minutes of cutting. The video comes in R and unrated versions for no apparent reason. Avoid at all costs. For a horror/comedy with some real "punch" try FROM DUSK TILL DAWN.
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A comedy/horror movie of the "grrrrr-arrgh" variety.
walneto14 October 2001
A sappy movie with a lot of monsters chasing people and menacing close-ups of reptilian creatures. Watch it if you're in the mood for a silly horror flick and have no desire to think or make judgements about plot, acting, or script.
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PU!!! What stinks ?? Soulkeeper !
dieu123413 October 2001
I know this show was created for cable.. but, give me a break !! I'm assuming the goal was to create a horror story with a twist of comedy, but something went very wrong ! I did sit thru this show hoping it would pick-up, but the story is slow and very boring, with cheap special efx, and low-end bit players as a cast. What a waste of time ! Maybe next time the film makers should attend a 2-day film school in their area before attempting to make another film.
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Entertaining and funny flick, just right to relax after a hard day!
Melvp773 November 2001
Warning: Spoilers
*just a few spoilers ahead!*

I have to say I was very sceptical about this movie because of the many bad feedbacks I've heard and read. But I've learned that this must be a question of taste.

Well, I just loved that movie. If this movie was made for a special target group then I was one target. ;-)

First the special effects. My opinion is that they were brilliant and not overloaded. Too many special effects are not good for a movie, but here it was just perfect. But also the visual effects were great, just remember the scene with that skull that turned out to be the Asian looking woman... *puhh*

Next the actors. I think every actor got the right role and they played it very believable. There are those two guys, Terrence is the clever one and the guy who decides and Corey, well, I'd say he's the biggest unlucky fellow I've ever seen. Both are funny to watch and they're a good team.(hey filmmakers! give Mr. Walls and Mr. Rowland more comedian roles!).

Robert Davi as Mallion was a nice surprise and it fit so well as well as Debbie (oh, sorry, Deborah ;-)) Gibson's short appearance. Brad Dourif was as excellent as ever, too bad he just had such short screentime.

Last the story: I had to watch the movie twice to understand it fully. I've missed too many key-scenes while watching it the first time (that could be because English is not my native language). However, besides the comedian touch the story was interesting as well and it had some surprising turns. The End was very sad (well, besides Corey finding the woman he always searched for). Why do TPTB always kill the cool guys? *sigh*

All in all I'd say it was a great movie that's maybe not everybody's taste, but that's the general problem with genre movies. Show me one genre movie that could reach all target groups and I'm going to marry the producer, 'cause he'd be a millionaire. ;-)

Oh, before I forget, I do have to criticize one thing: The Making of was way too short! I'd have loved to see more.
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Not a total mess....
insomniac_rod26 March 2005
Not that bad effort. "Soulkeeper" has some interesting scenes like Corey's dream sequence. The gore level is okay if you consider that this is very low budget. The acting surprisingly delivers. But the f/x is the thing that stabs "Soulkeeper" in the back. The demon/monster is very cheesy; even for this kind of movie. There are better costumes in any 80's slasher flick. The direction is plain and doesn't offers anything. The false scare scenes are lame and there are plenty of them. No suspense in other words.

Overall this is a movie that you should ONLY watch if it airs on cable. Please don't waste your money on this. Still give it a try only if you are hungry for b-movie

Plenty of nudity, some sex, and beautiful women help this from being just another pathetic excuse to make money.
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Very Disappointing
Claudio Carvalho16 July 2004
Corey Mahoney (Rodney Rowland) and Terrence Christian (Kevin Patrick Walls), two small time thieves, are hired by Mr. Pascal (Brad Dourif) to heist a powerful and magic stone, which would bring evil souls back to earth. The two nice crooks get in troubled situations while looking for the stone. This movie is very disappointing, staying between comedy-horror-action, and not being good in any genre. I myself have had an additional problem, since I have watched it in a horribly doubt in Portuguese VHS. I hope one day the Brazilian distributors understand that the speech is an important part of acting, and therefore dubbed movies become ridiculous and senseless. Some jokes, which might be funny in English, or even depending on the pronunciation of the actor or actress, are lost in the dubbing process. My vote is four.

Title (Brazil): `O Guardião das Almas' (`The Soulkeeper')
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Ripoff marketing
guyb1 November 2001
We rented this for our Halloween treat since it seemed to get decent reviews on as well as the trailer and the box description. Boy, what a ripoff. This was like a really bad episode of the old "Spin and Marty" (Disney series). What you saw in the trailer was only about 1 minute of the whole movie. They must have only had a budget for one minute of special effects and they had to reaally stretch it out. Don't bother with this one.
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Boring unfunny horror comedy.
Paul Andrews14 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Soulkeeper starts as two thieves Corey (Rodney Rowland) & Terrence (Kevin Patrick Walls) are contacted by a guy named Mr. Pacal (Brad Douriff) & are asked to find & steal the ancient Ark of Lazarus, with a potential $100,000 up for grabs Corey & Terrence accept the job. The first clue to the whereabouts of the Ark is a dead body in a graveyard & from there it gets even weirder as Corey & Terrence come up against the forces of Satan & the fate of the world lies in their capable hands...

Written, produced & directed Darin Ferriola I assume that Soulkeeper is meant to be some sort of light hearted supernatural comedy, my main problem with it is that it's not funny in the slightest & I personally didn't even crack a smile during this thing let alone actually laugh. The comedy is both slapstick & of the one-liner variety but I just don't find someone asking for a divine sign & then someone else farting straight after funny, many of the one-liners are references to current pop culture (a lame joke about The Backstreet Boys for instance) & will obviously date the film & I suspect many of the one-liners will simply go over people's heads, gay discussion about perfect penises & having sex with a pretty girl who suddenly turns into your mother is not my idea of comedy & it all came across as rather forced & none of it particularly funny. The actual supernatural elements of the plot are a disaster as well, the film limps from one set-up to the next, it introduces various silly character's who disappear as quickly as they are introduced & not that much actually happens except for these two guy's randomly going from one place to another in search of an Ark that becomes a Rock by the end of the film for some reason. I wouldn't actually call Soulkeeper a horror film in any way, sure it has supernatural overtones & a big monster at the end but otherwise there seems to be no effort by the makers to include any horror here at all, all the set-pieces & situations are geared up to (try &) be humorous (which they are not) rather than for scares. Basically I didn't like it & at well over 100 minutes Soulkeeper felt like it went on forever.

The script is a mess, I am not even that sure what the thing is about, there's a pre credits sequence set in 1964, living dead girls, people with glowing eyes, a castle, a monster who is the servant of Satan, a dead body in a grave & a black guy who boasts he has a perfect penis before he is possessed. This is just a mess of ideas all hoping to be humorous which it most definitely isn't. Boring is more like it. Forget about any gore as there isn't any & I mean there like isn't a drop of blood in the entire thing that I can remember. There's a bit of nudity but nothing excessive. The big monster at the end looks pretty good actually & the special effects are cool but it's only on screen for about a minutes & doesn't do anything other than roar a bit.

The production values are decent actually & it's quite well made but the films sucks so it doesn't really matter. There's a cameo from Michael ironside who literally phones in his performance while genre favourites Robert Davi & Brad Douriff are wasted in small roles. Ex-teen pop star Deborah Gibson plays herself.

Soulkeeper is a comedy that commits the ultimate sin of being totally devoid of any humour, add that to the awful plot which is a mess & a zero horror quotient apart from a cool monster at the end & Soulkeeper is definitely not a film I could recommend.
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