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Didn't deserve such swift, brutal cancellation
Keith Ammann28 February 2000
It was smart, it was quirky, and it was unceremoniously circular-filed after, what, three weeks on the air? Maybe WB, having promoted it as heavily as "The Phantom Menace," was peeved that it failed to grab monster boffo ratings right out of the gate, but that was no reason to kill it smack in the middle of sweeps month, especially when so many great shows lag for a season or two before they take off. A simple rescheduling probably would have done the trick.
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Could have developed into something good
Triple00121 July 2002
I don't really know why this series was cancelled at such an early stage. Was it really *that* bad? I was actually quite wary of what to expect from a show that starred Mike Damus (who, of course, starred in the rather unforgiveable and unsuccessful Teen Angel), but I was pleasantly surprised...with both the scripts AND his acting (I don't mean to be nasty, but I think he just made a bad mistake of taking the lead role in Teen Angel...)! While Brutally Normal does attempt to somewhat delve into teen issues, it also deals with those involving family crises/problems in a comedic way. Admittedly, this is quite an average show aimed at young people. Perhaps more depth and better storylines could have developed had it not been given the boot so early.
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