A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) Poster

Sabrina Grdevich: Sheila



  • [Professor Hobby asks Mecha, Secretary Sheila, what is love] 

    Professor Hobby : Tell me. What is love?

    Secretary : Love is first widening my eyes a little bit... and quickening my breathing a little... and warming my skin and touching my...

    Professor Hobby : And so on. Exactly so. Thank you, Sheila.

    Professor Hobby : [the group claps]  But I wasn't referring to sensuality stimulators. The word that I used was 'love.' Love like the love of a child for it's parents. I propose that we build a robot child who can love. A child robot who will genuinely love... the parent, or parents it imprints on... with a love that will never end.

    Supernerd : A child-substitute Mecha?

    Professor Hobby : But a Mecha with a mind, with neuronal feedback. You see, what I'm suggesting is that love will be the key... by which they acquire a kind of subconscious never before achieved. An inner world of metaphor, intuition, a self-motivated reasoning, of dreams.

  • [Professor Hobby stabs the Mecha, Secretary Sheila's hand in a demonstration, asking her what she feels] 

    Professor Hobby : How did that make you feel? Angry? Shocked?

    Secretary : I don't understand.

    Professor Hobby : What did I do to your feelings?

    Secretary : [Secretary Sheila holds up her hand]  You did it to my hand.

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