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A Different Kind of Pony
kitsy-223 August 2008
This series is often a love/hate issue. For those looking for pure remake of the original series, they are disappointed, for those looking for something different they love it.

In short, this is actually an anthrophorphic series, very well done with the ponies having a developed culture, history, and social structure, mirroring humans in some ways, but different enough in others. Small details such as soccer teams wearing different color leg warmers to represent their team, or the transition from quadrupedal locomotion to bipedal and back make the series something special. Meny of the topics are to mature for then younger audience, dating, boy troubles, and a lot of the dialog often uses terms and such more suited to a young adult audience. But by far, the animation, as well as the story lines, are some of the best, the songs are OK, and for a 8-12 year old, the concepts and issues will mean more then random violence or slapstick humor of other cartoons.
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I may be the only person here who LIKES this version.
CrystalBlueSilver15 June 2004
Okay, face it. Most of us got hooked on the ORIGINAL version of My Little Pony. Which, hey, I was one of them. But, since I have known this show almost as long, I still love it. Whoever it was who said "What ponies go to the mall?" I have a few words for you. First of all, cartoons sometimes evolve and change form, to keep some younger kids' interest. Yes, I love the original, but it could get boring going on quest after quest and running around in caves, caverns, etc, you name it. To make the ponies go to school and the mall puts a personal touch on the series, and makes it have situations that kids can relate to. Such as the episode where Melody was a total Primma Donna and trying to take all the credit in the school play. It teaches kids to share the limelight, and other things, but it also puts an element that kids can better relate to. Yes, sure, there are elements of the original that kids can relate to, but putting a modern spin on the show keeps it popular. Anyway, the rant aside, I adore this series.
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Not THAT bad!
TheLittleSongbird26 April 2012
In fact, I like My Little Pony Tales. I do just prefer My Little Pony and Friends, but this series is nothing to scorn at either in my view. I do miss Megan, who was always one of my favourites from My Little Pony, but I can see why she wasn't included. The ponies themselves don't have the most interesting personalities in the entire world, but they are still cute and likable. The animation is colourful and vibrant, the music is whimsical and mostly memorable(I personally liked it that there weren't many songs an episode) and the dialogue and story lines are sweet and gentle with good morals that don't feel too forced. The voice work is suitably dynamic, not overdone or overly-cutesy. All in all, I don't think My Little Pony Tales is that bad a show. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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Not as bad as you think
RAMChYLD17 July 2002
Well, I'm not sure what some of the people here are complaining about, but I actually liked 'My Little Pony Tales'. I mean, if we can have aardvarks, raccoons, dragons and other animals going to school, why not ponies?

Also, the story-line here is more realistic then the those in the original 80's series. Gone are the mean and nasty, horrible warlords and witches who wants to conquer Pony Land. Instead, they now talk about down to earth everyday problems like pollution, practical jokes, cheating, and other stuff that we're all more familiar with. I actually liked the change. And on the bright side, we still get songs, although only one a story this time around. My only gripe is that the show lacks Megan - then again, putting humans into the show would ruin things.

Call me nutty, but I feel that this show is a major improvement over the 80's series.
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My Little Pony in the 90's
CoastieMouse13 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I have two sisters, and grew up in the 80's, so I became quite familiar with My Little Pony. I saw "My Little Pony Tales" when it was broadcast on The Disney Channel. The writing wasn't that bad given the stories they were telling.

This version was a radical departure from the original. Where the original was set in a fantasy setting with magic, wizards, knights, dragons, etc., this version had no fantasy elements in it, except for talking ponies. It version was set in a more modern setting. It told stories centering around a group of adolescent ponies dealing with everyday issues, such as cheating on school tests, preventing an endangered species from becoming extinct due to the actions of developers, telling the boy or girl you like that you like him/her, etc. It did have the distinction of not being tied to a toy line like other cartoon series at the time. The characters were completely original. Each character had her own personality, quirks, and talents. Each character was explored and developed as the series went on. Where the original series was a fantasy adventure, with wizards, witches, demons, etc, trying to do acts of evil against the ponies, this series was more a social commentary, with the characters dealing with the same kind of issues that the viewers might deal with. Essentially these were morality tales.
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3 words: I LOVE IT
StrawberryMint11 July 2002
My Little Pony Tales was my favorite TV show when I was 4 and is still my favorite show. It revolved around 7 ponies there friendships, boyfriends, family and school. Bright Eyes, Starlight, Sweetheart, Clover, Patch, Melody and Bon Bon were the girls and their 3 boy 'friends' Ace, Lancer, and Teddy. They battle issues of more importance than the earlier My Little Pony and Friends. And they were much more realistic.
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Good Children's Show
iloveeggg31 March 2005
This was my favorite show when I was 4-6 years old, I had all the pony toys and would watch them over and over again. I still have 2-3 taped episodes and they remind me of when I was that age. I cannot really critique the show since I am very biased because of it being associated so much with my childhood.

The ponies act like little girls, a lot older than it's target audience. It seems as good as the rest of children's shows.

I always liked the shy pony, Brighteyes.

It seems like the toy manufacturers are trying to bring the show back with marketing more pony toys.
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thousandisland9 August 2003
Take away the serious, good vs. evil plots. Take away the interesting fantasy world the ponies lived in. Take away Megan and her special relationship with the magical ponies. Take away the appeal that horses have for girls, by turning the ponies into people that wear backpacks instead of saddles and run around on their hind legs. Add too much humanization of the pony characters so that there is no point in their being ponies. And worst of all...Add all the mundane stories that can be found in EVERY OTHER kids show on TV !!

Equals: Dumbed Down Version of an earlier GOOD SHOW, but this one is just some stereotypical, unoriginal cartoon that almost no little girls liked, because it had no real suspense or drama, and was no longer about horses.

"Oh, I have a crush on so-and-so from math class, and he doesn't know it yet!! Please don't tell him!" "I procrastinated on my HOMEWORK and now I have to stay up till midnight to finish it ! What lesson have I learned from this??" "I was supposed to babysit, but I went to a rock concert instead and let my parents down!! Oh, I feel terrible !" "I want to save up my allowance to buy X, but I keep spending it on candy! HowEVER will I afford X??" Blah blah blah, Little Guy vs. Bully episode, Crash Dieting episode, Hanging out with the popular kids and what did we learn from that, I'm still beautiful INSIDE even though I'm not as pretty as so-and-so, I'm going to be in the school play isn't that exciting, I just got an afterschool job and now I don't have time to do my assignments and I'm going to have to learn a lesson from it....

Who the hell cares? If boring "Modern 90's Kid" plots interest you, see "Full House" "Growing Pains" or any other typical show. This is truly an embarrassment to everything "My Little Pony" was.
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The Madness continues
filmbuff-367 December 1999
It seems the My Little Pony craze did not die with the 80's, managing to make it's presence known it the early part of the 90's as well.

A quick look at this show on the Disney channel reminded me in some ways of the HBO cartoon Babar the Elephant. There seemed to me the same feel good pre-teen thing going on in both shows.

Decent enough animation and interesting stories, I guess, but still just another cute cartoon that will excite young girls and make young boys want to hurl.
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Lady Jasmine5 February 2002
How far away from the charming original could you get? Make these 'ponies' humans and you have a regular old sitcom. I adored the original My Little Ponies, and I'm unashamed to day I still do, but their charm lay in the fact that they were ponies! I was so thrilled when I saw this title air, but when I sat down to watch it I found I was so disgusted with what they had done to the show that I couldn't even sit through it. Take my advice, show your kids the real thing...stay away from Tales. What ponies go to school? And to the mall?
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Okay I admitted
mandy jones10 February 2018
The show is a guilty pleasure of mine. The lessons are horrible, so are songs and story. The ponies act too human like, but that's just a nitpick.
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Not a big hit for me.
morphricky24 July 2012
Having an all cast of teenage ponies obviously leads to a lot of annoying teenage drama with predictable plot stories about who loves who. Fortunately enough, there are episodes which doesn't focus on this at all. The Swedish dub has (too obviously) an all adult cast, so I can't speak for the original voices.

Some episodes are kind of good, I think the episode where Bon-Bon is acting like a drama-queen because she isn't getting attention had a good lesson on what is important when someone in the family is ill. Another good example is when Clover wins concert tickets which all the ponies want, but she can only choose one of her friends to go with her. These episodes all focus on relating to others.

An example of what is bad about this show is the episode where they are having one of the ponies dressing up as a princess. One of the other ponies moves the candy bowl away and tells her "A princess is supposed to be slim!" That sends a bad message to girls. Another bad thing is that most of the male characters are self-centered jerks. There's mainly three boys present in the series and only one of them is nice to the girls because he wants to. The other two are only nice because they want something from them and that is never addressed. Rather we see many of the girls try to win the affection of them by changing themselves to their liking.

Watchable, has some good morals, the characters had good personalities. I'm just not fond of the stereotypical teen drama. I prefer the older show which had elements of fantasy in it.
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Oh god, this is worse than Friendship is Magic.
WeYreAoung22 August 2013
My Little Pony is an 80s cartoon that blew with very bright backgrounds and colors, ugly looking ponies that look like rejected horses, music that a music critic would rate low than 5, awful script, and voice actors that just make me wanna press the mute button on YouTube. Now because the other cartoons wasn't enough, they now brought up MLP Tales, an inglorious, piece of sheet show. Because IMDb don't allow swears, I'll call it average, because s*#! wasn't strong enough word. I might hate it, MLP fans may enjoy it, but that's not a good thing. The animation is much worse. So are the ponies. I'm glad this is no longer alive because if it airs back on television, I'll be like "oh this is not good, son". I swear, I am not in to get any more nightmares.
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A different take on My Little Pony that I missed out on during my childhood
Stompgal_8710 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I discovered this cartoon on YouTube three years ago after learning that it aired in the early 90s, which means that I could easily have seen it as a child but unfortunately missed out on it during that time. Because of this, it doesn't have the nostalgic appeal like the original MLP cartoons did, but it has its positive aspects nonetheless.

Further to the positive aspects of this show, it had a couple of the same elements as the original series such as brightly-coloured talking ponies, albeit their humanisation and the absence of wings and horns, with different personalities (e.g. the wise Starlight, the tomboyish Patch and the accident-prone Clover) and songs. The ponies here walk on all fours as well as on their hind legs and engage in activities that humans would partake in such as hanging out at the ice cream parlour and attending school. I liked the change of scenery in this series because it is more realistic than the fantastical surroundings in the original and the addition of male ponies is more than worthy. There are also some good life lessons in this series as well such as those involving teamwork (An Apple For Starlight), not lying to get more attention (Too Sick To Notice), not cheating in tests or reading people's secret diaries (Bon Bon's Diary) and not gossipping (Shop Talk). There also seems to be little to no mistakes in this series compared to the numerous goofs in the original.

I know I've focused solely on comparing and contrasting this show to the original series but I am now ready to give my final verdict. This incarnation of My Little Pony was worth watching due to having similar elements to the original and a change of scenery in spite of its lack of nostalgic appeal. 8/10.
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Not fit for children
mfr0200227 June 2006
My two daughters (ages 5 and 2) were the luckiest girls in the world when a friend of mine gave them her original My Little Pony videotapes from the 80s. They watched them over and over again, and to keep my sanity, I let my husband buy some cheap DVDs with My Little Pony Tales, for variation.

That variation I could have done without. Much like other people here, I was disgusted by the superficial and petty characters (even though at first glance the story lines appear to offer some good values). Stripping the beloved horses of all their horse qualities and making them over like some cartoon 90210 for 12-year-olds is a crime.

My girls don't really understand much of the Tales, but they watch them anyway, since they recognize the ponies. So, I let them watch the DVD's anyway and tried to hide how much I hated them.

Until today, that is. Today I forced myself to sit and really watch an episode. It didn't take more than two minutes for one of the horses to say (while eating a carrot, perfectly normal food for a PONY) that she couldn't wait until their synchronized swimming competition was over, so they could all go back to eating "normal food" again!!! No, the storyline of this episode was not about dieting, this was just said to fill out some time. To my dismay I found that every episode of the horrible Tales contain such sneaky comments, creeping into the minds of my precious little girls. I don't' CARE if there's another Tales episode that shows the dangers of dieting, my girls shouldn't even THINK or KNOW about dieting.

Long story short: I'm chucking those DVDs today. And I want to advise everyone reading this to stay FAR away from My Little Pony Tales. We only get one childhood. Fantasy adventures with kind and magical horses give children the escape from reality they need. Don't throw them into the adult world too early.
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Ponies are ponies are ponies..
alicorn_834 August 2001
I love My Little Pony, I really do. An 80's girl that's me:). But to see ponies act so much like humans really sickened me. I've always loved horses, and think ponies acting like ponies is what gave MLP alot of it's soul. There are many human shows with human kids. There is only one MLP, and it's soul and gentle grace runs on the backs of wild ponies with manes whiping in the wind *dreamfilled gaze*. I really enjoy watching My Little Pony 'N Friends more:).
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