Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea ()

Les mondes engloutis (original title)
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Seasons: 2 1 Years: 1987 1986 1985

An underground civilization named Arkadia launches an expedition for exploring the world of the surface to restore its fading sun.


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Series Cast

Jeanine Forney ...
  Arkana (52 episodes, 1985-1987)
Chris Benard ...
  Bob (52 episodes, 1985-1987)
Amandine Rajau ...
  Rebecca (52 episodes, 1985-1987)
Louis Arbessier ...
  Shag-shag (52 episodes, 1985-1987)
Marc Moro ...
  Maxagaze (52 episodes, 1985-1987)
Jacques Deschamps ...
  Arkshag / ... (52 episodes, 1985-1987)
Claude Dasset ...
  Bic / ... (52 episodes, 1985-1987)
Albert Augier ...
  Bac (52 episodes, 1985-1987)
Jean Négroni ...
  Narrator / ... (52 episodes, 1985-1987)
  Rebecca (52 episodes, 1985-1987)
A.J. Henderson ...
  Matt / ... (52 episodes, 1985-1987)
Rob Roy ...
  Spartakus (52 episodes, 1985-1987)
  Bac (52 episodes, 1985-1987)
  Massmédia (51 episodes, 1985-1987)
Yves-Marie Maurin ...
  Spartakus (45 episodes, 1985-1987)
Dominique Maurin ...
  Spartakus (6 episodes, 1986)
Michel Vocoret ...
  Ringnar (2 episodes, 1986)
Monique Thierry ...
  Massmédia (1 episode, 1985)
Céline Montsarrat ...
  Yaka la Pangoline (1 episode, 1986)
Jackie Berger ...
  Shangora (1985-1987) (unknown episodes)
Luq Hamet ...
  Shangor (1985-1987) (unknown episodes)
Evelyne Dassas ...
  Loria (1985-1987) (1985-1987) (unknown episodes)
Anick Faris ...
  Arkana / ... (unknown episodes)
Amélie Morin ...
  Myra (uncredited) (2 episodes, 1985-1986)

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Plot Summary

Long ago, the mystical civilization of Arkadia was one of the most advanced places on Earth, until the end of the world came and forced the land and it's people underground. After that great cataclysm, the Arkadians lived deep in the center of the Earth and created an artificial sun called the Shagma (Tera in the USA version), according to forgot their past on the surface in an attempt to erase their mistakes to start again. But one fateful day, so much years later, the Shagma began to fade out. In a desperate act, the children of this unusual civilization and their ship with a mind of it's own broke into to the secret museum, which was considered forbidden except for the creatures who are in charge of it, and reactivate the long-time ago deactivated museum's computers. Looking for save Shagma and Arkadia, they create a woman named Arkana who have feet, despite Arkadians, in order for traveling to outer world in a turtle-shaped ship with IA and named Shag-Shag (Tehrig in USA version). Helped by two descendants of pangolins and Arkadians' pets, Bic and Bac, Arkana and Shag-Shag meet Spartakus, a voyager of the stratus beneath the earth and gladiator from the Barkad's desert, who has a bracelet linked with the Arkadians' past. After they meet two brothers of the surface named Rebecca and Bob (Matt in the USA version), the group starts a travel exploring strange worlds and struggling with menaces as Sea Pirates who live between the stratus, in an odyssey full of adventure to save Arkadia before Shagma fades out forever. Written by Chockys

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Also Known As
  • Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea (United States)
  • Los mundos sumergidos (Spain)
  • The Absorbed Worlds
  • Arkadia (Greece)
  • I mondi assorbiti (Italy)
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Did You Know?

Movie Connections Referenced in Final Fantasy V (1992). See more »
Soundtracks Les Mondes Engloutis See more »
Crazy Credits The ending credits of the French language version has Shag-Shag coming out of a dark portal, followed by some conceptual art of every character(s) by Nina Wolmark. In various international prints, it just shows some footage of the six main characters from various episodes. Also the show's theme song plays during the credits. See more »
Quotes [repeated line]
Bic and Bac: Aaaah, c'est shagmique!
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