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Season 3

11 Nov. 2001
The family takes a vacation with the Kenarbans, sharing a houseboat. And while Steve's parents are caught in a fight, Reese and Steve socialize with some cheerleader from a nearby spirit camp, Malcolm is stuck with Hal fishing. At the military academy, Eric turns eighteen and leaves for Alaska, inspiring Francis to do something about his situation too.
14 Nov. 2001
Being fed up with military school, Francis gets himself legally emancipated so he can go north to Alaska with his friend Eric and become a logger. This does not sit well at all with the family.
18 Nov. 2001
Book Club
In a desperate bid to get to Alaska, Francis unintentionally ends up blowing things way out of proportion by landing himself in a sticky situation.
28 Nov. 2001
Malcolm's Girlfriend
Malcolm gets his first official girlfriend; Dewey hijacks his new friend's birthday party to better himself.
2 Dec. 2001
Malcolm, Reese and Dewey "volunteer" to do charity work at the local church. They soon begin bartering the many items in the church basement in exchange for money, but when the boys start making more of a profit than the church, their consciences finally catch up to them. Meanwhile, arriving in Alaska to begin working with his former classmate, Eric, Francis learns quickly that his great expectations are more like a wilderness nightmare, and his new boss, Lavernia, may be the icing on the tundra.
9 Dec. 2001
Health Scare
Dewey tries to prove he can take responsibility by taking care of the class hamster for the weekend, his efforts being ignored by his parents who secretly try to wait out possible bad news from Hal's doctor. Meanwhile Reese and Malcolm try to ditch home for a party and Francis has to fight Lavernia, his boss.
16 Dec. 2001
It's another Wilkerson family Christmas- Reese, Dewey and Malcolm misbehave a time too many, so Lois moves the tree and all the presents to the garage, which she called, "holding Christmas hostage". While Francis, much to his chagrin, goes to Canada to visit Grandma Ida, whose Christmas spirit was running on empty. Much like her gin bottles.
6 Jan. 2002
After being invited to a game of poker by Abe, Hal is disappointed as the game turns out to be completely different from his expectations.
20 Jan. 2002
Reese's Job
Reese lands a part time job at Circus Burger, which seems like a good job. Until he meets his supervisor, Francis' dim-witted friend Richie, who, along with his co-worker cohorts, set Reese up as a patsy.
27 Jan. 2002
Lois' Makeover
Lois is completely mortified when she is called slovenly at work and is asked to dress up her appearance.
3 Feb. 2002
Company Picnic: Part 1
Malcolm and his family go to Hal's work picnic. Hal tries to avoid meeting the new boss and in return is mistaken for the boss. Dewey eats too much candy. Malcolm meets up with a girl from his past. In Alaska, Francis goes up against a girls ice hockey team in order to earn some much needed cash.
3 Feb. 2002
Company Picnic: Part 2
Reese and his partner from the scavenger hunt cause problems. Malcolm gets into trouble with a girl. Hal finally meets his new boss. Francis decides to cheat in the ice hockey match in order to win money. Dewey is on a sugar high.
10 Feb. 2002
Reese Drives
Reese goes on a high-speed car chase during drivers'-ed class.
17 Feb. 2002
Cynthia's Back
Malcolm is shocked when he finds a major difference in Cynthia's physical appearance after her semester in Europe, and tries to save her from being the victim of Reese's selfish, evil plan after he accidently finds out.
3 Mar. 2002
Hal's Birthday
It's Hal's birthday and Lois has Francis come home to celebrate it with the family as a surprise. The surprise is on her and the rest of the family as Francis comes home with a wife he married in Alaska named Piama.
10 Mar. 2002
Hal Coaches
Hal has finally made a deal with Ed for the boys to have their own computer. Unfortunately, it doesn't come without favors. They find out that Ed is a philanderer and has a ton of undeleted e-mails from the women in their neighborhood to prove it. Reese sees this as an opportunity to blackmail him to his own twisted scheme. Then, Hal decides to coach Dewey's losing team into better soccer players. Meanwhile, Piama is fed up with Lavernia mistreating Francis, and decides to make her pay for it. She steals her precious parakeet and holds it hostage until Lavernia treats...
7 Apr. 2002
Dewey's Dog
Upon coming home from school, Dewey adopts a dog named Marshmellow and decides to hold Malcolm and Reese hostage for all the things they did to him while he was growing up.
21 Apr. 2002
Poker #2
Hal has his friends over to his house for their poker game, and tries to impress them in the process. Reese convinces two girls that Stevie has a fatal illness. Malcolm discover something dangerous in the house. Dewey has no place to go.
28 Apr. 2002
Clip Show
Hal thinks that Malcolm, Reese and Dewey took a joyride and wrecked the cars, so he takes them to see a therapist.
1 May 2002
Jury Duty
Lois has to go on jury duty, and Hal tries to figure out what case she is on. Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, and Stevie go sewer pipe exploring. Francis goes ice fishing.
5 May 2002
Malcolm and the rest of the Krelboynes are forced to re-join the rest of the school with disastrous results. Dewey is stuck at home with chicken pox and builds a dominoes masterpiece, which Hal wants to knock down.
12 May 2002
Craig hires an evil helper monkey. Reese catches a burglar and decides that he would like to try being in law enforcement. Francis and Piama are forced to leave Alaska.

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