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Season 4

6 Feb. 1984
Stank voor dank
Grandma has had enough of doing all the housework and not getting any appreciation for it so she decides to go on strike. Hansje is willing to step in, but demands payment. Onkel X is forced to take up his old profession of window cleaning once more, but ends up bribing some local boys to do the work. Arend Vogel is suffering from mice in the attic and Cousin Herbert happens to bring a long a toy mouse 'that only scares women folk'.
13 Feb. 1984
Arend Vogel has been lying in bed for a week because Hansje has dumped him. He finally storms out of the house upon finding out that Hansje has got a new boyfriend, Jos. At that moment, Dr. Kruimel comes to check up on Vogel.
20 Feb. 1984
Zeer verdacht, als zodanig
When Onkel X arrives back from the states, he is being shadowed by a suspicious man who claims to be from interpol. The man is investigating the effect of the Knots' family secret - the pink paint. Arend Vogel is trying his hand at another way of influencing people: by hypnosis.
27 Feb. 1984
Een lot uit de loterij
Grandpa is sure he's won 250.000 guilders in the lottery, but can't remember where he hid his ticket. Tante Til immediately starts spending money at Maison Ridicule and inviting people along on the imminent world cruise, even nosy neighbor Miss Pronk. Only Grandma is not excited, she would rather have a color television.

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