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Lovely little morsel
pyotr-310 June 2001
What a lovely little film this is! Definitely worth a look. Sara Gilbert is stunning as always. Bravo Sarah!

The story has a father taking his son to a female prostitute, no doubt because he wants to make his son straight. Sara Gilbert's prostitute character figures out that the son is gay, and gives him a night to remember - not because of sex, but because of acceptance. A beautiful little film.
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Nice piece of work.
krygsman5 May 2005
I saw this movie when it was shown in the cinema in London during a short-movie festival. Although it is a short movie the story is splendid and was performed beautifully. The story is about a young boy who's father brings him to a hooker as a gift to his sixteen's birthday. The boy seems to be very shy and uncertain, the hooker, played by Sara Gilbert, tries to relax him when she understands he is still a virgin. Then the movie takes an interesting turn when the two start talking about their perception and reasons of having sex, delaying the actual act with every discussion.

It definitely was the best movie of the entire festival.

Funny trivia: Sara Gilbert, who plays the hooker in this short movie, wasn't officially "out of the closet" yet when this movie was shot.
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Great short
preppy-32 October 2006
A father buys his teenage son Scott (Erik MacArthur) an hour with prostitute Evelyn (Sara Gilbert) for $30.00. Evelyn pretty much figures out he's gay immediately and they just talk. That's about it really.

This is well-made short with very realistic dialogue and two great performances by Gilbert and MacArthur. Also there's an opening and closing sequence at a beach which pretty much tells you what happens. Touching, moving and just great. A very quiet and interesting coming of age and coming out story. A 10 all the way. This is included in one of the DVD "Boys Shorts" collections (sorry, I don't know which one). Also written and directed by openly gay Christopher Landon--son of the late Michael Landon. I think his father would be proud.
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Great little flick
Patrick Lynch11 June 2001
It's not too often that a fairly complete story can be told in a short film, but $30 does it well. The believability is there from the start, so the story just falls into place. A great coming of age story, for both of the leads. Pay attention to what Sara Gilbert is watching on TV, by the way!
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Gilbert somewhat carries it
Warning: Spoilers
"$30" is an American 19-minute live action short film from 17 years ago and it stars Sara Gilbert ("Roseanne") as a prostitute who meets a young man who was sent by his father to lose his virginity, so she would turn him into a man. Problem is the boy is gay. That's all there is to it. I personally felt the material was not enough for almost 20 minutes here and the way they fill time with references to Gilbert's character being (un)happy with what she does felt a bit clumsy as the elaboration on that was simply not sufficient. Apart from Gilbert, the actor who plays the dad is also pretty successful and an Emmy nominee. The boy actor and the director are not too known in 2016 anymore, the boy not even working as an actor anymore (no surprise, he wasn't any good), but the writer Christopher Landonw as the man in charge of several Paranormal Activity films. His work here is far from paranormal. Gilbert is not the greatest actress I think, but the character fit her nicely and I liked her approach in terms of style. Overall, not a good watch though. Thumbs down.
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OK short about acceptance
JoeytheBrit16 December 2009
This is quite a neat little film that perhaps romanticises recognisable figures - the hooker with the heart of gold, etc - to reassure those on the cusp of realising their sexuality that it's OK to accept who are you. It's a familiar story told from a gay angle - and from both ends of the sexual spectrum - and is pretty much a talking heads picture. Roseanne's Sara Gilbert is the hooker in question, an experienced sexual professional who is paid by the father of Erik MacArthur for an hour of sex with his boy.

She realises almost immediately that Scott is gay, and goes out of her way to show him kindness and put him at ease. She teaches him, by the film's end, that it isn't necessary to question why people are the way they are but just to accept them for who they are. It's one of storytelling's oldest messages, but it's told with a sensitivity and good-naturedness that makes it worth a viewing.
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