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Excellent drama about how crime impacts a family
drbill-124 July 2004
As the father of two wonderful daughters, I identified with this movie quite easily. It is powerful. When someone wrongs one of our family members, especially a helpless teenager, it is only natural for us to strike back.

Reminds me of Charles Bronson in "Death Wish." In fact, A Martinez even resembles Bronson. In both movies, I empathized with the wronged party who took action when the law took none.

I watch "Lifetime" movies frequently. This one ranks quite high among the ones I have seen recently. Very good acting by actors I had not seen previously.
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Made-for-TV Magic
jennie040911 August 2003
This movie is so realistic that I can't tell whether or not it's a true story. I can see how it could be. The viewer easily sees each viewpoint of the various characters, which is a really interesting concept. I really like this movie, because although they are difficult things to think about (RAPE and MURDER), you can't truly know who you are until you begin to tackle your beliefs and opinions on the most difficult subject matter. The best word to describe this movie would be poignant. I give this movie a definite 5 out of 5 stars; an A+; Thumbs Up!
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Great Movie
wild_child32910 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Cruel Justice is a movie that many can relate to. 17 year old Amy Metcalf, played by Nicki Aycox, is raped after having a fight with her boyfriend. She goes to trial but her rapist is acquitted and is free to walk the streets. Every time Amy goes out, she finds herself running into her rapist. Eventually, Amy's father, played by A Martinez, decides to take matters into his own hands when he hunts down her rapist, Grant Chadway, played by Vince Corazza, and kills him after Grant pushes him to far.

Above all, I thought this was a great movie. The acting was great. The plot was very good. A lot of teens can relate to this movie. It is basically about a girl who is date raped and her rapist is found innocent in court. In the movie, his story is very believable, and it just goes to show you that anyone can lie in court and get away with it, even when they are guilty. I think that if you should watch this movie. Above all, I give it 10 out of 10 stars.
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Excellent real-life movie ...
jesika_171 April 2001
From a teenage girls point of view, this movie gives an excellent, real-life view of a 16 year old girls struggle to cope with rape. Excellent performances by all cast members, in particular - Christian Campbell!! (Isn't he just soooo drool-worthy?!?) :) Check it out!
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Vigilante justice with a slight twist
sol121815 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** Unusual film about a young girl getting raped and her father taking the law into his own hands, after the justice system failed to put his daughters rapist behind bars and allowed him to go Scot-free. Going to meet her boyfriend Dean Joiner, Christian Campbell, who's the DJ at the Rhino Night-club Amy Metcalf, Nicki Aycox, spots him with a young girl on the platform and feels that he's cheating on her. Heat-broken Niki accepts one of the young patrons at the club Grant Chadways, Vance Corazza, offer to drive her home after he tricked Niki into thinking that the cab he called for her wasn't coming. It turned out to be a night of horrors for not only Niki but later both her parents as well.

Brutally raped by Grant and told that if she goes to the police he'll pay her another visit Niki keeps the news to herself until he next day when she just couldn't bring herself to hold it in anymore. Niki also showered and cleaned her clothes so there was no DNA evidence to be found on Niki to who it was who raped her.

It's when Niki identifies the car that Grant was driving that the law finally catches up with him. Grants arrested and positive identification by Niki but it's when he's brought before a judge and jury that the wheels of justice grained to a halt. As you would have expected Niki was made out to be more of a loose and promiscuous young girl then a victim of a vicious rape. In the end her attacker was found innocent of all charges.

It's after the trial when Niki's dad Mr. Metcaft, A. Martiniz, tries to take matters into his own hands that things go straight downhill for the Metcalf family. Not that Grant was that much better after his acquittal in fact he was far worse. Feeling immune from the law Grant constantly, together with his bully-boy friends, harassed Niki and her friends like Dean & Melissa, Stephane Mills, even threatening to "do in" both her and her mom Elaine, Mimi Kuzyk.

The movie reaches a climax when Mr. Metcalf totally obsessed with preventing Grant from attacking both his wife and daughter, which he threatened to do, finally takes matters into his own hands. Basting him away, in front of dozens of witnesses, Mr. Metclaf ends up himself on trial for murder.

You can't really blame Mr. Metcalf for what he did even though it was completely unjustified. Grant didn't threaten him even though he had a couple of his friend at hand. Even Grant's disgusting and lying description of Niki, as Mr. Metcalf turned his back walking away from him, was no reason for Mr. Metcalf shooting him.

The surprise ending was totally unexpected but at the same time didn't at all cop out, like you would have expected the movie to, and at the same time correct the outrageous and uncalled for not-guilty verdict that Grant got at his trial. It wasn't enough that Grant raped Niki and later after, and even before, his acquittal for that crime. Grant constantly threatened and harassed Niki and her friends as well as her mom. Making Niki almost a recluse terrified to go out of the house even to buy the morning newspaper.

The arrogance of being found innocent of a terrible crime that he committed would have eventually lead Grant to commit another more vicious and even deadlier one. At the same time Mr. Metcalfs actions may well have prevented it but that in the end was left up to a jury to decide. Which***SPOILER ALERT*** Mr. Metcalf with the advice of his daughter Niki wisely decided for them.
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