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Still Star-Crossed Essentially Cancelled as ABC Banishes Drama to Saturdays

Still Star-Crossed Essentially Cancelled as ABC Banishes Drama to Saturdays
The sky is falling for Still Star-Crossed: ABC is shipping the Shondaland period drama off to Saturday nights… which means it’s as good as cancelled.

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Star-Crossed will make the move to Saturdays starting July 8, according to our sister site Deadline, after airing just three episodes in the post-Bachelorette slot on Monday nights. A sequel to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Star-Crossed stars Lashana Lynch as Rosaline Capulet and Wade Briggs as Benvolio Montague, who are being forced to marry each other to
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Nielsen Retracts Data Suggesting Record Espn Subscriber Loss

Nielsen Retracts Data Suggesting Record Espn Subscriber Loss
Nielsen has retracted data issued last week after coming under fire from Espn for suggesting cable networks suffered alarming declines to their subscriber counts.

The measurement company is re-crunching its numbers from its monthly “Cable Network Coverage Areas Universe Estimate” for November, which clients received Friday. Nielsen uses its national panel to estimate the number of households that receive cable channels like Espn, CNN, and others.

Amid client complaints over perceived inaccuracies, Nielsen released the following statement:

“Nielsen is investigating a larger than usual change in the November 2016 Cable Network Coverage Area Household and Persons Universe Estimates (versus the prior month). We take the accuracy of our data very seriously and are conducting a thorough analysis to determine whether or not there is an issue with these estimates. We are working closely with our clients and will update them as soon as the analysis is complete.”

The data in question suggested Espn lost a record 621,000 subscribers over
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The Great British Bake Off 2016, episode four – as it happened

The BBC lost Bake Off this week, so things can only get batter. Or can they?

9.02pm BST

Well that was a rollercoaster, as Ronan Keating might weakly describe it. It’s been a hard few days; but it is batter week since we shall see each other again, so stay strong. Thanks for all your comments! They are very entertaining and quite distracting while I’m trying to work.

If you need practical advice on how to process the news, don’t come to me because I’m useless. But I am available for pictures of goats and silly jokes. Come say hi on twitter or even Insta which is how the kids say it.

9.00pm BST

Pastry next week! Filo and whatnot. I saw some laminated dough in there too. There are about 7000 ways for pastry to go wrong, all of which will no doubt be interpreted as
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Elementary Enlists Mentalist Alum Owain Yeoman for 100th Episode

Elementary Enlists Mentalist Alum Owain Yeoman for 100th Episode
Sherlock will get an assist from a familiar CBS face during Elementary‘s apocalyptic 100th outing.

The Mentalist‘s Owain Yeoman will guest-star in the milestone installment — slated to air Sunday, Oct. 30 — as Holmes’ boarding school classmate, TVLine has learned exclusively.

PhotosElementary Season 5: True Blood Vet Tips Off Watson — Fall TV First Look

The hour, titled “Henny Penny The Sky Is Falling,” “revolves around the murder of a man who was looking for better and more efficient ways to identify what are known as Earth-killer asteroids,” executive producer Rob Doherty previews. “So there’s mystery on top of
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 13 Review: “The Sky Is Falling”

The world we live in now is doused in fear. It seems that mass man-made catastrophes are becoming the norm. If it follows us in the real world, there’s no reason it shouldn’t follow us in the fictional. So is the case this week as Chicago Fire tackles a mass shooting, and yes, there are casualties. In the beginning of the episode Casey is furious that the alderman he assisted last week is skimming profits off a charity. He wants to turn him in, but Dawson warns him that he needs to be sure this is what he wants

Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 13 Review: “The Sky Is Falling
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New Chicago Fire Season 4,Episode 13 Official Spoilers,Description Hit The Net

Recently, NBC released the new,official synopsis/description for their upcoming "Chicago Fire" episode 13 of season 4. The episode is entitled, "The Sky Is Falling," and it turns out that we're going to see some very intense and high drama stuff go down as a crazy mass shooting scene takes place. We'll also see a high alert system get triggered after an unknown threat rises up in Chicago, and more! In the new, 13th episode press release: The Sky Is Falling" (#413) A Wave Of Threats Hits Chicago And Firehouse 51 Finds Itself In The Middle Of A Dire Situation. The firehouse is going to be on high alert when mysterious threats begin to emerge throughout Chicago. The situation will end up turning dire when news of a mass shooting brings members of squad and truck into the middle of a dangerous and harrowing scene. Lt. Casey (Jesse Spencer) will work diligently to
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Seven Climate Change Activists Take Action in Paris in 'Not Without Us'

Seven Climate Change Activists Take Action in Paris in 'Not Without Us'
Here's your daily dose of an indie film, web series, TV pilot, what-have-you in progress -- at the end of the week, you'll have the chance to vote for your favorite. In the meantime: Is this a project you’d want to see? Tell us in the comments. Not Without Us Logline: At the U.N. Climate Talks in Paris this December, follow seven grassroots activists as they awaken the only true force that can prevent catastrophic climate change: the will of the people. Elevator Pitch: Chicken Little was right. The sky is falling. The oceans are rising. Mass extinctions are happening. Furthermore, what was seen as just an environmental disaster is now recognized as a humanitarian crisis. "Not Without Us" follows seven grassroots activists from around the world as they head to Paris for the 21st session of United Nations Climate Change Conference. The two weeks of the U.
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TV Review: Frontline’s ‘Outbreak’

TV Review: Frontline’s ‘Outbreak’
Crafted like a cinematic thriller, Frontline’s “Outbreak” perhaps appropriately shares its title with a 1995 movie, although the situations and stakes here are all too sobering and real. A tick-tock of events surrounding the eruption of Ebola in Africa, and a cautionary tale regarding future pandemics, this hourlong documentary vividly captures the toll the disease exacted, and identifies factors that contributed to the slow global response. Deftly weaving together interviews with survivors, front-line medical personnel and experts, it’s a strong hour to kick off a run of original docs from the PBS franchise throughout May.

“Ebola was not an exception. Ebola is a precedent,” World Health Organization official Dr. Bruce Aylward observes near the end, suggesting that the information gleaned from what happened needs to be studied so as not to repeat the missteps in future crises. Those included, but weren’t limited to: overrun medical facilities; misinformation and
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Paul Thomas Anderson Says Superhero Movies "Get A Bad Rap"

Paul Thomas Anderson is having a good morning. While his "Inherent Vice" probably deserved a couple more nods, the filmmaker was Oscar nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, while Costume Designer Mark Bridges was honored for his work on the movie. Indeed, both the content and look of the film captured Thomas Pynchon's freewheeling, weirdo noir tale, and the picture marks another distinct effort from the director. Indeed, as we've heard many times over the past year, these are the kinds of movies studios should invest in. And lo! The sky is falling with the glut of superhero movies on the way! But guess what? Paul Thomas Anderson doesn't want to hear it. "Ah, that's such a fucking crock of shit," he told Rolling Stone. "I can't remember a year in recent memory where there were less complaints about the quality of movies. And what's wrong with superhero movies, you know?
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Forget 2015, is 2016 going to be the biggest movie year ever?

  • Hitfix
Forget 2015, is 2016 going to be the biggest movie year ever?
There has been a lot of scuttlebutt over the past week or so about what a terrible summer it's been for the movies. Box office is down and there appears to be a dearth of real blockbusters on the horizon. It's led to some predictable "The sky is falling!" stories from media looking for something scandalous to write about. Well, take a deep breath, people. Hollywood knew this summer was weak months ago. The movie business is a creative business and unless there are movies people are dying to see, it can only sustain a certain level of success. 2014 has a long way to go, however. From "Guardians of the Galaxy" to "Gone Girl" to "Interstellar" to "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" to "Exodus: Gods and Kings" to the final "Hobbit" movie, there are a ton of broad hits on the way that could make an impact on pop culture (and
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Box-Office: ‘Transformers 4’ Is The First Movie Of The Summer To Repeat At #1, On A Non-Spectacular July 4th Weekend

Uh oh, the box office is down about 45% from last year’s July 4th weekend. The sky is falling! Ok, maybe not so much, but a malaise has certainly kicked in with audiences and they aren’t connecting with these films. This time last year, the July 4th weekend sold $220 million worth of tickets (a 12% increase from 2012). It did so on the backs of “Despicable Me 2” and even the flop of the “Lone Ranger” (which couldn’t crack $30 million in its opening weekend). Fast forward to 2014, and it’s not looking hot in comparison at all. Why is? that Well, despite those that actually love Michael Bay/love to hate-watch Michael Bay, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” fell a rather substantial 64% in its second week. It sounds like some people finally read those negative reviews, and the explosion-happy audience already went last weekend. Of course, ‘Age Of Extinction’ has earned $401 million overseas.
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'Falling Skies' season 3 to stream exclusively on Amazon

'Falling Skies' season 3 to stream exclusively on Amazon
The sky is falling — but only on Amazon Prime.

The retailer announced today that beginning Saturday, Nov. 2, the third season of TNT’s post-apocalyptic drama will begin streaming exclusively on Amazon. Member’s of the site’s Prime service can watch all 10 episodes at no additional cost; Amazon is also the only online subscription service that carries Falling Skies’s first and second seasons.

Falling Skies revolves around professor-turned-militia-leader-turned-u.S.-president Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), who leads a gang of scrappy survivors after an alien invasion. The series wrapped its third season in August, and has been renewed for a fourth earlier this year.
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Steven Soderbergh on the State of Cinema: Yeah, he's really retiring from Hollywood -- Video

Steven Soderbergh on the State of Cinema: Yeah, he's really retiring from Hollywood -- Video
It’s totally fair to call Steven Soderbergh’s keynote address on the State of Cinema at the San Francisco International Film Festival a rant. After all, he did. The filmmaker, who came of age during the halcyon Down and Dirty Pictures days of 1990′s nascent indie movement, has expressed his increasing frustration about being boxed-in by the studio’s increasing reliance on blockbuster tentpoles. “I’ve been in meetings where I can feel it slipping away, where I can feel that the ideas I’m tossing out, they’re too scary or too weird,” he told the festival audience.
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R.I.P. Martha Greenhouse

New York stage, film and TV actor Martha Greenhouse, who served as a SAG and AFTRA leader for more than four decades, has died. Greenhouse passed away Saturday at the age of 91, according to a statement from SAG-aftra. Greenhouse appeared in many plays on and off Broadway, including Summer Brave; Dear Me, The Sky Is Falling; and Jose Quintero’s Our Town. Her TV and film credits included Law & Order; Ryan’s Hope; The Jackie Gleason Show; The Stepford Wives; Car 54, Where Are You?; Woody Allen’s Bananas; and the original production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Greenhouse joined AFTRA in 1941 and Screen Actors Guild in 1955, serving five terms as the president of AFTRA’s New York Local, from 1977-1982, and two terms on SAG’s National Board, from 1981-87. More recently she served as an AFTRA Foundation Board member and was president of the AFTRA Heller Memorial Foundation for more than a decade.
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Marc Alan Fishman: DC Entertainment – Trouble Every Day

  • Comicmix
Did you hear? Did you hear? The sky is falling! That’s right! There’s no time to pack a bag. Just grab your cell phone and head towards my car. Now get in! Call your loved ones. Tell them to do the same. Where are we going? How the hell should I know? They just told me to grab you and leave, leave, leave!

Wait, hold on. I just got a text. Shut up, I know I shouldn’t text and drive. But I can’t help it, we’re in the middle of a crisis! I’m not sure which crisis. The sky is white, so it’s not Crisis on Infinite Earths. The sky isn’t red, so it’s not Final Crisis. The sky isn’t upside down, so it’s not Flashpoint.

Oh. Oh! Ok, this makes sense. Yup. DC is going belly up. No,
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Defending 'The Hobbit': We Explain What the Critics Are Missing

Footage from "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" screened last week in Las Vegas to movie theater owners and some journalists ... and shockingly, the reaction was not so positive. The sky is falling — but at least it looks incredibly sharp and realistic.

Too realistic, it seems.

The 10-minute clip was the first high-profile look at a movie at 48 frames per second (fps) instead of the standard 24 fps — and publicity turned sour as some reported the footage was so sharp it was distracting to watch.

"It looked like a made-for-tv movie," wrote The Los Angeles Times. "It was too accurate, too clear."

They're entitled to their opinion, but we have proof the criticism is premature — and possibly a moot point.

What does 48 fps actually mean?

When we watch film, we see 24 images each second, flashing before our eyes, just like when we draw pictures in the corner of a book, one each page,
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Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World Poster And Trailer

The sky is falling in the new poster and trailer for the pre-apocalyptic comedy Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World starring Golden Globe Award winner Steve Carell and Academy Award nominee Keira Knightley.

(via Yahoo! Movies)

Set in a too-near future, the movie explores what people will do when humanity’s last days are at hand. As the respective journeys of Dodge (Mr. Carell) and Penny (Ms. Knightley) converge, the two spark to each other and their outlooks – if not the world’s – brighten.

Lorene Scafaria, who wrote the original screenplay, is making her feature directorial debut with the film. She wrote the screenplay adaptation for the 2008 feature Nick & Norah.s Infinite Playlist, also for Mandate, which starred Michael Cera and Kat Dennings.

Focus Features holds U.S. distribution rights to Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World, which is being co-financed by Indian Paintbrush and Mandate Pictures.
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Movie News After Dark: Great Gatsby, George Lucas, A Cloudy Sequel and 2011: The Cinescape

What is Movie News After Dark? It’s a nightly thing about movies. No big deal. We begin tonight with a new image from The Great Gatsby featuring Leo DiCaprio, Carey Mulligan, Tobey Maguire and Joel Edgerton looking quite dapper. One can only imagine how much more dapper this will all look when we see it for the first time in 3D. I like the word dapper. Last year, The Golden Globes learned that finding a comedian with a bit of edge can be dangerous and good for your ratings. This year, the Independent Spirit Awards is following suit… Or, wait, cancel that. The Indie Spirits are going to be filled with stoner humor. Seth Rogen is hosting. He will undoubtedly laugh a lot, though. In the world of theater there’s a new thing called ‘Tweet Seats’ where you can come and Tweet through a performance. It sounds like an awful idea, as
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Sitges 2011: Attack The Block Review

[With Joe Cornish's Attack The Block screening tonight in Sitges we take a moment to remind you that this movie is awesome.]The sky is falling, bizarre meteor-like chunks of rock crashing to earth all around a low rent, inner city council estate. But these are no mere space rocks. They are containers, vessels carrying within them a collection of vicious alien creatures. And the only people who know the truth, the only ones who can stem the tide, are a group of five teenage thugs.The debut feature from frequent Edgar Wright collaborator Joe Cornish - the duo worked together on the script for Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg's upcoming Tintin - Attack The Block is a sort of modern day Goonies, only with the...
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Review: Surprise - Madonna's 'W.E' isn't god awful

Review: Surprise - Madonna's 'W.E' isn't god awful
Toronto - Something peculiar happened at the press screening for Madonna's "W.E" this morning at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival.  Unlike, the packed first showing at the Venice Film Festival less than two weeks ago, there were no unexpected irruptions of laughter.  And you didn't have press passionately ripping the drama as they walked out of the theater.  In fact, the reaction was much more subdued.  Granted, the Venice reaction scared away many of the industry and press who might have seen it (about 40% of the theater was full), but there was no flurry of "The sky is falling!...
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