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Exclusive Interview – Burt Ward on new DC animated film Batman vs. Two-Face, working with Adam West and more

Shaun Munro chats with the original Boy Wonder himself, Burt Ward, about his new DC animated film Batman vs. Two-Face

Hello Mr. Burt Ward, the Boy Wonder himself!

Hello citizen!

Thank you for taking the time out to speak to me today, and I wanted to start off by asking, what was it that initially attracted you to these new DC animated films, Return of the Caped Crusaders and Batman vs. Two-Face?

The brilliant writing, the brilliant style. Warner Bros. captured everything that was the essence of what we did in 1966, 1967 and 1968, and catapulted it forward into modern times; including references to their Batman movies. The writers, directors and producers who worked on this show were not just people that were hired to just do it, these were intense Batman fans, they grew up watching our show. There are so many references, some subtle, some not so subtle; it’s just brilliant workmanship.
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A Mighty Wind

Wind River is the best movie this year that you likely haven't seen and possibly haven't heard of.  

That's the problem with Hollywood these days.  While the film won accolades at Cannes (and has done well internationally), it's $11 million budget is it's (or Hollywood's) problem. Hollywood allocates marketing and advertising dollars based primarily on the size of a film's budget. The bigger the budget, the bigger the ad campaign.  And then there are the tiny Indie films with budgets of $1 million - $5 million. They are worth the risk of ad dollars because the profit reward can be so enormous. But, in the $10 million - $25 million range, movies get stuck in a no-man's-land.

These are financial decisions. They have nothing to do with the quality of the film in question. These are decisions made by accountants and lawyers, not artists.

Back to Wind River. It is a taut, quiet thriller set
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For He Who Does Not Rock, We Salute You!

Me The People: The Trump America Musical Triad Theater, NYC June 24th through....

If you hate Trump like I hate Trump and you have the urge to smash your TV to smithereens every time you see his orange headed smirk, or hurl your phone into the river every time you read one of his tweets - Don't Do It!!!!!!! Go see Me The People instead!!!! Me The People is a laugh-out-loud-funny satirical revue at the Triad Theater on the Upper West Side and I guarantee it will turn your Trump loathing howls of presidential pain that have you hiding under the covers into Trump loathing howls of cathartic laughter that will have you rolling in the aisles. Four supremely talented cast members and one hard-working pianist skewer everything from shredding the Constitution (literally) to the Supremes to Russian Spies to Mar-a-Lago to Melania to Korea to Putin to chocolate cake
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Victoria Beckham's First Target Ad Is Here -- and It Features a Spice Girls Song!

Victoria Beckham's First Target Ad Is Here -- and It Features a Spice Girls Song!
Victoria Beckham hasn't forgotten her roots.

The mother of four debuted her first TV spot for her upcoming Target collection on Wednesday, featuring her beautiful designs -- and a Spice Girls song!

Related: Victoria Beckham on How Her Family Handles Paparazzi, Admits She Has 'Pretty Thick Skin'

That's right, Beckham's new ad is set to none other than "Spice Up Your Life."

"My first ever TV advert for #VBxTarget! So much fun with @targetstyle x Vb See it now at," she wrote alongside the video on Instagram. "Turn It Up and #spiceupyourlife
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‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ Review

John Wick: Chapter 2 begins a short time after the events of the first film, with John (Keanu Reeves) now retrieving his car that was stolen at the outset. This is merely an excuse for us to see John destroy nameless thugs, and that he does. One could argue that this entire film is exactly that, and one would be right. But John Wick is so much more than just a living weapon of few words — he’s a tragic figure who has suffered deeply and can’t escape his past, with pain and frustration behind his eyes. All that he has is all that he is now, a lost soul with no purpose. After the first film, it would seem that he may be able to find a little peace now, but to quote Westworld (or Romeo and Juliet): these violent delights have violent ends. Peace is nowhere
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The Presidential Debate ‘Late Night’ Helped Prove That Seth Meyers is the Host Network TV Needs

  • Indiewire
The Presidential Debate ‘Late Night’ Helped Prove That Seth Meyers is the Host Network TV Needs
One of the redeeming elements of the 2016 election coverage media hellscape has been watching Seth Meyers and the “Late Night” writing team navigate the fine balance of rational reasoning and rational indignation that seems to have eluded most shows which air more than once a week.

Last Monday marked the beginning of the show’s fourth season, which opened with their strongest statement yet, an installment of their segment “A Closer Look” focusing on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s history of birtherism. Using a weekend’s worth of prep and six years’ worth of evidence, the 10-minute clip is indicative of the concise morsels of fact-checking that the show has been serving up on a near-nightly basis, through the primaries and up through last evening’s live show.

Read More: Samantha Bee Slams Jimmy Fallon and NBC’s Close Donald Trump Relationship

While critics lament the Jon Stewart-less state of daily comedy,
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Interview with comic book writer Austin Allen Hamblin

Austin Allen Hamblin is an up and coming comic book writer from small town Iowa. Though only 21 years of age he already has 14 published credits in comic books. He loves to write sci-fi, horror, and fantasy comics. Austin loves comic books, professional wrestling, anime, writing, rock music, and power rangers. He also already has glowing praise from fellow creators in the comic book industry, including Jeff Balke (Colorist Zenescope/Marvel), who said “he is very passionate about the industry and has the determination and mindset to go all the way.” Flickering Myth’s Tai Freligh caught up with him via email to talk about his style, influences and aspirations for the future.

FM: Tell us a little bit about yourself…how did you get involved in writing comic books?

When I was little I used to make stories of all my action figures. Some of them went on a few days.
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Emily Blunt's The Girl On The Train Trailer Is Sexy, Dark And Mysterious

Moviegoers love their murder mysteries, particularly those culled from best-selling beach-read novels. Two years ago, audiences flocked to see Ben Affleck squirm through the twisty Gone Girl. Later this year, Emily Blunt looks to face some difficult questions in playing The Girl On The Train. The movie.s first trailer just dropped. See it now: Published in 2015 and penned by Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the Train centers on a 32-year-old woman named Rachel Watson who believes she witnesses a crime. A woman, who Rachel has been spying on daily via her train commute into London, has gone missing. And Rachel "thinks" she saw what happened. Only, she.s an alcoholic, and her own spotty memory is being called into question by the lead investigator in the case (played by Allison Janney).   What.s sexy about all of this? There.s a definite erotic quality to the footage shot
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New York Serves as the Backdrop for a Number of Oscar Contenders

By Anjelica Oswald

Managing Editor

While some films in contention for the 87th Academy Awards in February are set in Los Angeles, such as Nightcrawler, a number of films are based in New York City. Begin Again features Mark Ruffalo as a New York City record label executive who records music around New York City with a songwriter played by Keira Knightley; Birdman, about a washed-up Hollywood actor trying to write, direct and act in a Broadway play; Whiplash, about a jazz drummer at a Manhattan school; Still Alice, about a professor from Columbia dealing with early-onset Alzheimer’s; and Love is Strange, about a same-sex couple from Manhattan.

Jessica Chastain stars in two different films that take place in New York: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, about a couple living in New York, and A Most Violent Year, about a couple living in New York during one of the city’s most violent years.
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Kate Upton Cozies Up to Detroit Tigers Star Justin Verlander

Kate Upton Cozies Up to Detroit Tigers Star Justin Verlander
Maybe it was their Michigan connection. Or maybe it was simply a mutual love of the game. Supermodel Kate Upton and Detroit Tigers pitching ace Justin Verlander put rumors of a relationship to rest Friday, happily posing for photos at the 2014 GQ Super Bowl Party in N.Y.C. Related: Scarlett Johansson's Sexy Super Bowl CommercialDressed in matching black - Upton in a sleeveless dress and Verlander, 30, in a tweed blazer - the couple snuggled together at the bash, which was also attended by Fox sportscaster Erin Andrews and San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Upton, 21, made waves across
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James Franco to Star in Ford Super Bowl Commercial: Watch a Teaser

James Franco to Star in Ford Super Bowl Commercial: Watch a Teaser
James Franco can add one more item to his already impressive resume. The actor will star in a Ford Fusion Hybrid commercial - which also features actor Rob Riggle - during this Sunday's Super Bowl, and it's set to air between the coin toss and kickoff. "Super Bowl commercials are such a big thing now, they're almost mini-movies. So it sounded like it could be fun, and it was," Franco tells People. "One of the concepts involved me kind of doubling certain things that Rob Riggle does in the first part of the piece. He [had] certain scenes like sitting on
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VH1's Super Bowl Blitz Features Live Concerts

VH1's Super Bowl Blitz Features Live Concerts
The Super Bowl means epic football and even more epic ads, but it also means epic music, and we're not just talking about the halftime show. VH1's Super Bowl Blitz is featuring six concerts over six nights from acts including Fall Out Boy, the Goo Goo Dolls and Gavin DeGraw. On Thursday night, TLC's Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas and Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins took the stage at New York City's Beacon Theater to perform "Waterfalls" and "Creep." The concert series, hosted by Nick Cannon and Stacy Keibler, is being live streamed by VH1, and you can watch it right here on People.
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12 Years a Slave – review

Steve McQueen deserves every gong going for his unflinching portrayal of slavery

While it is not the role of critics to tell people which films to see and which to avoid (audiences make those decisions for themselves), let me begin by saying that if you have any interest in cinema – or, for that matter, in art, economics, politics, drama, literature or history – then you need to watch 12 Years a Slave. If, as now seems possible, this very powerful film from British director Steve McQueen achieves a clean sweep in the forthcoming best picture categories, it will be a rare example of awards ceremonies getting it right.

That McQueen may be on the verge of becoming not only the first black film-maker to win an Oscar for best director, but the first to do so while in possession of a Turner prize, lends enough historical precedent to merit your attention. But
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Is 'The Canyons' a sleazy wallow or a good movie? Or both? And can it salvage the career of Lindsay Lohan?

Is 'The Canyons' a sleazy wallow or a good movie? Or both? And can it salvage the career of Lindsay Lohan?
Actors aren’t the characters they play (duh!), but a lot of times we pretend they are. Whoever they happen to be off-screen can dictate the lens through which we experience them on-screen. In The Canyons, Paul Schrader’s raunchy and malevolent dark-side-of-l.A. thriller soap opera, Lindsay Lohan, in troweled-on ’60s makeup (think Elizabeth Taylor meets Tura Satana), plays a Los Angeles hanger-on named Tara who always seems a thin step away from falling apart. The character, in many respects, is worlds away from Lohan herself, yet we can’t help but notice the similarities. Both exude attitude and vulnerability in equal measure,
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It’s Not TV: HBO, The Company That Changed Television: The Wasteland

The Wasteland:

Television is a gold goose that lays scrambled eggs;

and it is futile and probably fatal to beat it for not laying caviar.

Lee Loevinger

When people argue over the quality of television programming, both sides — it’s addictive crap v. underappreciated populist art — seem to forget one of the essentials about commercial TV. By definition, it is not a public service. It is not commercial TV’s job to enlighten, inform, educate, elevate, inspire, or offer insight. Frankly, it’s not even commercial TV’s job to entertain. Bottom line: its purpose is simply to deliver as many sets of eyes to advertisers as possible. As it happens, it tends to do this by offering various forms of entertainment, and occasionally by offering content that does enlighten, inform, etc., but a cynic would make the point that if TV could do the same job televising fish aimlessly swimming around an aquarium,
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The Protectors Season 1 DVD Review

Directors: Mikkel Serup, Kasper Gaardsoe, Soren Kragh-Jacobsen

Starring: Cecilie Stenspil, Soren Vejby, Andre Babikian, Thomas W. Gabrielsson,

Running Time: 580 Minutes

Certificate: 15

The Protectors is one of those Nordic thrillers that companies are desperate to unearth after the success of English language remakes of Wallander and The Killing. Luckily there’s an entire label, Nordic Noir, devoted to this cause, which emphasises the quality coming out of countries including Sweden and Denmark. But after some of the classiest TV in memory you could be forgiven for thinking they’ve begun to scrape the bottom of the creative barrel? They haven’t, not in the slightest.

The Protectors follows elite officers in the Danish national police force in charge of protection. In other words, these are your most skilled bodyguards. The focus is primarily on three new recruits and how they fit into the dangerous world of protection, but the show also
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The Camelot Papers Epub

  • Comicmix
A powerful ruler who’s considered by many to be simple-minded and vacuous and has serious father issues. A no-nonsense, polarizing woman who favors pants suits and pursues dubious agendas involving social needs. A remarkably magnetic leader of men with a reputation as a skirt-chaser. A scheming, manipulative adviser who is constantly trying to control public perceptions. A man seen as the next, great hope for the people, except there are disputes over his background and many contend he’s not what he appears to be.

George W? Hillary and Bill? Karl Rove? Obama?

Try Arthur Pendragon, Guinevere, Lancelot, Merlin, and Galahad.

Whatever you think of the state of today’s politics, The Camelot Papers shows you just how little matters have changed in the past thousand years or so. The Camelot Papers presents a fresh perspective on Arthurian legend by using modern day sensibility and combining it with a
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The Inbetweeners Red Band Trailer

The Inbetweeners Red Band Trailer
Will (Simon Bird), Neil (Blake Harrison), Simon (Joe Thomas) and Jay (James Buckley), four socially troubled eighteen-year-olds from the south of England, go on holiday to Crete in The Inbetweeners, an adaptation of the hit BBC America series that beat out Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 at the UK box office. So it must be doing something right! Stop being such a U.S. film snob and take a look. Otherwise, you might just be missing out on one of the best comedies of the fall. See it now, and then bitch about how MTV ruined it with their impending remake (that is sure to go the way of Skins, another brilliant UK series that the network brutally bastardized).

The Inbetweeners - Red Band Trailer

The Inbetweeners comes to theaters September 7th, 2012 and stars Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas, Emily Head, Theo Barklem-Biggs, Christopher Battye,
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'The Loved Ones' Review

By Jason Lees,

Some movies you just can’t recommend enough, and some you see once and can’t believe that they get this much hype. I can think of dozens of films killed by all the positive buzz that turns off the audience and builds up expectations that simply can’t be met. I loved The Cabin In The Woods but I got sick of hearing everyone saying how good it was, especially me. Yea, it was damned good, but it didn’t change cinema or reinvent the wheel.

The Loved Ones (Starring Stars: Xavier Samuel, Robin McLeavy and Victoria Thaine) also isn’t going to change the way we see movies, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t make me stand up and take notice. Shot a few years ago in Australia and slowly released on overseas DVD, this is so much more than the sum of its parts.
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'Django Unchained' Teaser Trailer Set to Premiere on Fandango Wed. Afternoon

  • Fandango
***Update - 06/06/12: Our Django Unchained trailer premiere is now live on Fandango. See it now at !**** If you stopped by the Django Unchained Facebook Page or Twitter account, you undoubtedly saw the suggestive tease that read, "Big news this week!" Check back Wednesday afternoon for Fandango's exclusive premiere of the trailer for Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained. Following the trailer, you'll be able to sign up for a Fandango Fan Alert which will provide you with advance ticketing showtimes for Django Unchained the minute they're available. Those who sign up will also have a chance to win tickets to the film's world premiere, as part of a special Fandango sweepstakes. Entry details can be...

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