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A documentary in layers
mdekock2 September 2006
The documentary The Hands of Che Guevara is a linear tale, built on the stories of several 'first persons'. All the people involved tell about their part in history, each from their own point of view, featuring themselves as the main character. Each story is colored, romanticized and embellished and all stories emphasize the intrepidity of the first person. The stories are told with a great sense for drama and big themes like trust and betrayal, truth and reality, tricks and deceit. By stringing together the small, subjective stories of each person involved, slowly a larger, 'objective' history becomes visible. Like a mosaic from which one slowly distances oneself. Although at the end of the movie it becomes apparent that some stories have been spectacularly embellished, the chain-story they form undeniably leads to present time.
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A brilliant and sincere documentary!
postvoormargo1 September 2006
A brilliant and sincere documentary! "The hands of Che Guevara" is a history told through the memories of the people who where part of it. Through the eyes of the different protagonist the clandestine story of the severed hand of Che Guevara is told. In principle the stories are coherent. They fit together like beads on an necklace. Slowly however, small inconsistencies start to appear. The beauty of this film is that the filmmaker lets this inconsistencies be. It appears that all of the testimonies do contain elements of truth, but as it is with memories, they can play tricks. In the end, it is up to the viewer to create his own version of the truth. Beautifully done!
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