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In the middle of a perfect dream, poverty and unemployment
juliolucchesi8 February 2007
"Brasília, contradições de uma cidade" (the translation would be something like the contractions of a city) is a documentary about some urbanistic points of Oscar Niemaier and Lucio Costa's project of Brazilian capital. The city, designed in the mid 50's to become the capital of Brazil was a great idealistic project, that included a social and aesthetical view. There was also a economical and geographic importance, since the city is located right in the middle of the country.

Unfortunately, when the city came up, the situation was different: the so-called "cidade satélites", located in the surroundings of the capital were completely different from the project, where the poor workers, who had raised up the city were now unemployed and living in terrible conditions.

That's what this film is about: in the middle of a perfect dream, the dreams of a nation, the usual social problems..
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