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One of the Best
smac22_20005 September 2002
They could'nt have found a better person for this soap! Lucero was excellent!! not the mention she is my favorite! This soap keeps your attention,and has a great cast.The producer Carla Estrada is one of the best! I highly recommend this if you havent already seen it!
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Cosmic_Dreamer27 August 2000
WOW! This has to be the best work by Lucero. She plays three different characters: Maria Fernanda; the blind sister, Maria Paula; the evil sister, and Maria Guadalupe; the lost and good sister. The acting of the three different characters played by one actress; Lucero, is just amazing!

The story is about triplets who get in an accident with their parents at the age of five or six. The accident was caused by Maria Paula. She covered her dads eyes on purpose while he was driving and he lost control and drove off the road. The three sisters flew out of the car. Maria Fernanda hit herself on the head thus causing her blindness. Maria Guadalupe was separated from the other two and found herself almost drowning at the river. Maria Paula stayed with Maria Fernanda. Maria Guadalupe was rescued by a woman who took her to her house and cared for her. Twenty years passed. The grandmother has spent years looking for the third girl. Maria Paula had become close to her uncle, so close that she fell in love with him. She went crazy with her obsession that she would kill any woman who would get close to her uncle. Maria Fernanda marries a detective but her sister Maria Paula would dress up as her to trick her husband and sleep with him. Maria Guadalupe grew up with the lady that had saved her. She remains lost until one day Maria Paula finds and is determined to kill both of her sisters so she is the only one to get the inheritance and the love of her uncle!
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