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29 Jan. 2000
Out on the Town
Matt and TK stumble across Pumpkinmon and Gotsumon, two of Myotismon's digimon that are ignoring their duty and just having fun. Matt and TK have to stop the two of them from accidentally hurting other people and themselves.
5 Feb. 2000
The Eighth Child Revealed
Wizardmon discovers the identity of the Eighth Child: Kari Kamiya. He also explains to Gatomon that she is Kari's digimon. When Myotismon finds out, he kidnaps Gatomon hoping that she'll point out the Eighth Child or that Kari will come to save her.
5 Feb. 2000
Flower Power
Myotismon has created a fog that is covering the city of Odaiba, while looking for the eighth child he tells Phantomon to capture everyone in the city. Soon everyone is being held in the Civic Center, including Sora and Mimi. Tai and Matt are caught in the fog, but have not yet been found by the evil digimon. Meanwhile, Joe and T.K. are caught outside the city and are trying to figure out how to get through the fog and back into Odaiba. The people in Odaiba are attacked by DarkTryannomon and Togemon digivolves all the way to the most powerful level, Lillymon, who ...
12 Feb. 2000
City Under Siege
Tai goes to find his parents and to free the people at the convention center. Izzy receives an email from Gennai telling him how to set up a program on his computer that will stop the evil digimon from finding them. This program ends up saving Tai and his parents. MegaSeadramon attacks Joe and T.K., but Ikkakumon digivolves into Zudomon and defeats the monster. They find Wizardmon in the water with the eighth child's crest. Phantomon shows up and calls two other digimon to attack Sora and Matt. Kari thinks that if she gives herself up to Myotismon, Phantomon will ...
12 Feb. 2000
Wizardmon's Gift
Kari has just given herself up to Myotismon. Meanwhile, the others are told that in order to defeat Myotismon they must return Kari's tag and crest to her. Gatomon is tricked into telling Myotismon who the eighth child is. Myotismon gets Kari and nearly destroys her, but the other digimon show up just in time to save her. Myotismon makes an attack at Kari and Gatomon, but Wizardmon steps up and takes the full force of the blow and is killed by the blast. Tai gives Kari's digivice to her and Gatomon digivolves into Angewomon. Angewomon strikes Myotismon with her "...
19 Feb. 2000
Gennai finds a prophecy that could help the kids defeat Myotismon once and for all and restore both worlds. After the kids finally figure out what the prophecy means, they quickly figure out that parts of it are coming true. Bats appear in the sky, the people of Odaiba chant Myotismon's name, and Myotismon returns to his "True" form. Gatomon digivolves into Angewomon. This would make the last part of the Prophecy come true, Angels shoot arrows of light. Angemon and Angewomon shoot arrows at Tai and Matt, this makes Agumon and Gabumon Warp-Digivolve into their mega ...
19 Feb. 2000
The Battle for Earth
Agumon and Gabumon warp-digivolve into WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. Even these two mega level digimon can't defeat the more powerful than ever, VenomMyotismon. The digimon combine their attacks and the kids crests begin to glow, destroying VenomMyotismon. Just when the kids think their job is finished, they look up into the sky and see that the digiworld is up above them and up-side-down. They then realize that they must fix things in the DigitalWorld before things in the real world will return to normal. The kids make the hard decision to say goodbye to their ...
26 Feb. 2000
Enter the Dark Masters
After spending just a few days in the Real World, the Digi-Destined return to the Digital World to find it in ruins. When they discover Chuumon, they find out that many, many years have past and four Mega digimon have taken over the Digital World: MetalSeadramon, Puppetmon, Machinedramon, and Piedmon.
26 Feb. 2000
Sea-Sick and Tired
While trying to save the digidestined from Piedmon, Piximon is destroyed. The kids suddenly find themselves back in the DigiWorld, on the edge of the beach. They soon realize that this is the same spot where they spent their first night in the DigiWorld. Shellmon suddenly attacks them, but the digimon quickly take care of the problem. MetalSeadramon sends Scorpiomon after them. Scorpiomon traps the kids in a building where he almost barbecues the kids. They are only saved when Togemon and Ikkakumon digivolve into ultimate. The kids then hurry to get away, but get ...
4 Mar. 2000
Under Pressure
Just when it looks like it is about over for the kids and their digimon, Whamon shows up to rescue them. Soon after their escape, the Divermon are sent out to look for them. While checking over his computer, Izzy discovers that WarGreymon has the ability to destroy Dramon type Digimon. The Divermon find the kids and attack Whamon, but when Whamon dives down quickly, the Divermon can't follow him because they can't handle the pressure change. Izzy uses his computer to find a tunnel that leads to a safe place...for a while that is. Soon MetalSeadramon finds them and ...
25 Mar. 2000
Playing Games
Whamon is killed trying to help WarGreymon, who finally manages to defeat MetalSeadramon. The kids then go into a forest were they are continually taunted by Puppetmon, who uses toys to move them around. He kidnaps T.K., who manages to demolish the toys Puppetmon was using to control the kids and escapes. Matt leaves the group after his little brother returns.
1 Apr. 2000
Trash Day
Matt is tricked by Cherrymon, a minion of Puppetmon, into believing that Tai is his enemy. Meanwhile, Puppetmon's platoon of Garbagemon are handled by Lillymon and MetalGreymon.
8 Apr. 2000
The Ultimate Clash
Matt doesn't understand why they have to be in the DigitalWorld and we wants to leave RIGHT NOW! (Yes, he has BIG issues right now). MetalGarurumon and WarGreymon battle while Matt and Tai have a fist fight. This was Puppertmon's plan all along, to get all the DigiDestined to destroy each other. A strange light suddenly appears and takes over Kari's body. The kids find themselves flying through the air and are surrounded by computer images from the past. They learn that the crests represent the best quality each of them had four years ago. Finally, they are told how ...
15 Apr. 2000
Etemon's Comeback Tour
Etemon returns as MetalEtemon to take revenge on the DigiDestined. Joe and Mimi rescue Ogremon, who was injured when Woodmon attacked him. The others get inside of Puppetmon's mansion with the help of two of his 'playmates,' who keep Puppetmon at bay with his own cannon.
22 Apr. 2000
Ogremon's Honor
Mimi and Joe find SaberLeomon, the Digivolved form of Leomon. SaberLeomon takes Joe and Mimi to a safe place where they meet with Otamamon and Gekomon. Puppetmon tells the other kids to follow him is they want to defeat him. They follow him, but he leads them to a group of Red Vegiemon, but they are no match for the kids and digimon. An angered Puppetmon makes his house come to life in an attempt to crush the kids. Leomon digivolves back into SaberLeomon and fights MetalEtemon. Ikkakumon digivolves into Zudomon to help in the battle. Puppetmon tries to get ...
29 Apr. 2000
My Sister's Keeper
Kari has begun to get sick. Desperate to help her, Tai tries to find a cure. Kabuterimon discovers a gigantic city that has combined all of the Real World's most famous cities. With Izzy's help, Tai tries to find medicine for Kari in the city, but they find out that it's all actually Machinedramon's headquarters. As they try to dodge Machinedramon's forces, a secret about Tai's past is revealed.
6 May 2000
The Crest of Light
As the building caves in on them, the kids fall into the sewers under the city. Tai and Izzy have the medicine for Kari and are searching for them. Sora, Biyomon, and Patamon find Kari, T.K. and Gatomon. Kari's fever finally breaks and she wakes up, feeling a little better than before. The group continue to search for Tai and Izzy but run into a group of WaruMonzaemon. The stange light that took over Kari before returns and helps make the Digimon stronger than ever before. The group defeats the evil Digimon and free some enslaved Numomon. While the kids follow that ...
13 May 2000
Joe's Battle
The kids again split into two groups to prepare for battle with the final Dark Master. Tai and his group are attacked by LadyDevimon. Tai tells Sora and T.K. to find the others (Joe and Mimi). Joe and Mini find Elecmon in the now destroyed Primery Village and joins them on the quest for the final battle. Joe and Gomamon decide to go off by themselves for a while to see if they can find their own place in the world. With the help of WarGreymon, Tai and the rest of his group defeat LadyDevimon. Shortly after they defeated LadyDevimon, the last DarkMaster, Piedmon ...
20 May 2000
The Crest of Friendship
Joe and Gomamon are on a beach away from everything and everyone else, they start looking for Matt and after a while they do find his boat. Matt is now where around. Meanwhile, WarGreymon fights Piedmon but he needs the help of the other Digimon and fast. Matt thinks that he is not needed anymore and his fear creates a cave that he is soon lost in. Gabumon finally gets Matt to realize that he really is needed by the others and the cave soon disappears. Sora ends up in the same type of cave after finding Matt's boat but not him..she becomes very depressed. The others ...
20 May 2000
Piedmon's Last Jest
Piedmon turns all of the kids into dolls, until only TK, Kari, and Patamon are left. Realizing that he has to look after Kari, TK refuses to give up the battle. The Crest of Hope finally gives Patamon the power to digivolve into his Ultimate form, MagnaAngemon.
24 Jun. 2000
Now Apocalymon
What is left of Spiral Mountain begains to fall apart and the kids soon find themselves floating in darkness. Gennai tells the kids that the evil force that made the DarkMasters came from the fire wall. This evil force walked across the fire wall and threatened the end of the Digital World. There were other DigiDestined children who had defeated this evil before. Tai and the others where choosen because a new evil had come to the DigiWorld from behind the firewall. It was said that the DigiWorld would be put into darkness, this is where the kids are floating right now...
24 Jun. 2000
The Fate of Two Worlds
Apocalymon launches the "Total Annihilation" attack, the power within the kids causes their digivices to contain the blast and return it back at full force onto Apocalymon and with that the final battle is over. Gennai shows up and tells the kids that the DigiWorld will now start over, starting with File Island. The DigiWorld begins to return to normal and the kids go back to File Island. They decide they will stay in the DigiWorld the rest of the summer since time on Earth is so much slower than the DigiWorld. However, Gennai explains that after Apocalymon was ...
19 Aug. 2000
Enter Flamedramon
The digital adventure continues as three new DigiDestined (Davis, Yolei, and Cody), receive their digivices and Davis meets Veemon, his partner. Veemon armor digivolves into Flamedramon to fight off a Monochromon being controlled by the evil Digimon Emperor.
19 Aug. 2000
The Digiteam Complete
Cody, Yolei, Davis, T.K, Kari, Izzy and Sora go to the Digital World. Yolei and Cody get their partners (Hawkmon and Armadillomon). Davis and Veemon get captured by the Digimon Emperor, and the others must save him.
26 Aug. 2000
A New Digitude
The group travels once again to the Digital World only to be attacked by the Digimon Emperor. As they hide from him, T.K. and Kari discover their own Digi-Eggs, which allow Gatomon and Patamon to armor digivolve into Nefertimon and Pegasusmon.
26 Aug. 2000
Iron Vegiemon
Gabumon is captured after causing an uprising in a Gazimon village. He escapes and gets badly beaten up. Matt and the rest of the new DigiDestined go to the digital world to save him.
2 Sep. 2000
Old Reliable
Gomamon is injured and left for dead by the Digimon Emperor. Joe goes with the new DigiDestined to save him. But soon after they come into the digital world, Cody gets hurt, and Joe stays to help him.
2 Sep. 2000
Family Picnic
Mimi and the new DigiDestined have a picnic in the Digital World. But Mimi falls into a hole and, along with Yolei, is separated from the rest of the DigiDestined. They meet Palmon, but are then attacked by the Roachmon brothers, Gekomon and Otamamon, who are under the Digimon Emperor's control.
9 Sep. 2000
Guardian Angel
After trying to destroy a control spire located in a city, Kari is separated from the rest of the group. Davis and T.K. return to rescue her. Kari eventually manages to free Andromon from the dark ring's control.
16 Sep. 2000
Ken's Secret
Davis' soccer team is playing against genius Ken Ichijouji's team. The DigiDestined later find out that he actually is the Digimon Emperor.
23 Sep. 2000
The Emperor's New Home
Ken runs away from home, preferring to remain in the Digital World instead. He captures Agumon, and forces him to dark digivolve, resulting in the uncontrollable SkullGreymon.
30 Sep. 2000
The Captive Digimon
Ken, angry at his inability to control SkullGreymon, works on his Dark Ring. Wormmon, in the hope that Ken might use him in his experiments, frees Agumon. However, as he reunites with Tai, Ken captures him with his new Dark Spiral, and makes him dark digivolve into MetalGreymon and attack the DigiDestined.
7 Oct. 2000
Storm of Friendship
Just after finding a new Digi-Egg, the DigiDestined are attacked by Flymon and MetalGreymon, under the control of the Emperor's improved Dark Spiral. Davis eventually manage to activate the egg (after confirming his friendship to Veemon). Veemon armor digivolves to Raidramon and destroys the spiral.
14 Oct. 2000
The Good, the Bad, and the Digi
Biyomon goes missing and the teams ends up in a town straight out of a cowboy film. Starmon, under the control of Ken, puts the DigiDestined in jail, where they find the captured rookie. The girls of the group are promptly freed by Deputymon to go and play cards with him. Soon after, though, the boys manage to break out and destroy the Control Spire.
21 Oct. 2000
His Master's Voice
Kari is dragged into a world that is neither the real world nor the Digital World. T.K., Gatomon, and Patamon follow her, and together they are able to defeat Airdramon and destroy the Control Spire. However, the Digimon that brought Kari into their world warn her that their master will later come for her.
28 Oct. 2000
The Samurai of Sincerity
The new DigiDestined eat at a diner. The owner of the shop, Digitamamon, becomes angry because they do not have any money. Michael and Mimi come into the diner and pay the bill. Later, Digitamamon ends up controlled by a Dark Spiral and hurts Mimi. Yolei activates the Digi-Egg of Sincerity (after finally giving Digitamamon the benefit of the doubt and promising to be sincere) to free the ultimate-level.
4 Nov. 2000
Big Trouble in Little Edo
The DigiDestined travel to a town out of the Japanese Edo period. While fleeing the controlled Floramon and Mushroomon, they meet the ruler, ShogunGekomon. Shortly after, Ninjamon puts a spiral on ShogunGekomon and the DigiDestined must stop the rampaging digimon.
4 Nov. 2000
20,000 Digi-Leagues Under the Sea
A MegaSeadramon gets the DigiDestined stuck under an oil platform. Cody admits to being afraid of water, so the others force Cody to get help to overcome his fear. He finds Joe, and they come back to save the rest of the group, who found the Digi-Egg of Reliability, Cody's second Digi-Egg. Cody can't accept the egg because he lied to his grandfather. But thanks to a pep talk from Joe about some lies that can be helpful, Cody overcomes his self doubt and ends up using the Egg. At the end, Submarimon gives Cody a tour of the sea.
11 Nov. 2000
Ghost of a Chance
Both the old and new DigiDestined gather to celebrate the anniversary of the day they first went to the Digital World, but the TV Network has problems with their cameras and claim there is a ghost haunting the TV System. All the DigiDestined discover the ghost is really Wizardmon. Wizardmon tells them a cryptic message before vanishing.
11 Nov. 2000
Run Yolei Run
The DigiDestined decide to remain in the Digital World until they locate Ken's base, with Tai, Matt, and Izzy on a camping trip with Matt's dad as a cover story for their trip. Yolei's recklessness causes Hawkmon to be hurt. Kari and Gatomon stay behind with her. Meanwhile, Ken works on creating a digimon named Kimeramon.
18 Nov. 2000
An Old Enemy Returns
All of the new DigiDestined (except Davis, who can't fly to the location) sneak into Ken's base. Ken goes into the Dark Whirlpool, even through Wormmon told him not to. Devimon comes out, and T.K. gets mad because of what he did to Patamon long ago and fights Ken. When Ken escapes T.K., he releases Kimeramon on the DigiDestined, and they must flee.
18 Nov. 2000
The Darkness Before Dawn
Kimeramon soundly defeats the DigiDestined. Wormmon leads Davis and Veemon to the power source of the base. It turns out to be a golden Digi-egg, which Davis uses to golden armor digivolve Veemon to Magnamon.
18 Nov. 2000
The Crest of Kindness
Kimeramon and Magnamon fight. Ken's base explodes, and Wormmon gives all the power he has to help Magnamon defeat Kimeramon. Kimeramon dies, and Ken gets upset because Wormmon is dead like his older brother, Sam. Davis finds the Crest of Kindness on the ground and gives it to Ken.
2 Dec. 2000
Davis Cries Wolfmon
Davis, in an effort to catch Kari's attention, wants Veemon to evolve like Patamon. His effort only manages to anger a Tortomon that chases them across the land. Veemon digivolves to ExVeemon to fight him off.
2 Dec. 2000
Genesis of Evil
Ken reminisces about his brother Sam, his digivice, an e-mail he got, and when he first went into the Digital World (despite his temporary amnesia in the real world). He goes looking for Wormmon, and finds his baby form, Leafmon, in Primary Village.
9 Dec. 2000
If I Had a Tail Hammer
Davis, Kari, and T.K. find that their Digimon can't Digivolve. Cody is attacked by Thundermon, leading to Armadillomon's unexpected digivolution into Ankylomon. Ken sees a strange woman in his room that won't tell him her name. When a mysterious digimon who is Stingmon, Wormmon's evolved form destroys Thundermon, it leads the DigiDestined to question Ken's behavior.
9 Dec. 2000
Spirit Needle
The strange woman changes control spires into digimon. She turns one into a Golemon who tries to destroy a dam where Mimi and Palmon are. The DigiDestined cannot destroy Golemon and are forced to get Ken and Stingmon's help to destroy Golemon. Once Palmon wakes up and reveals that Golemon is a fake digimon, which is deduced as the reason behind Ken's actions, Yolei is able to get Hawkmon to digivolve into Aquilamon and helps destroy Golemon.

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