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Ann Romney's Survival Instinct

She's battled cancer and has multiple sclerosis, but no one seems more eager to launch Mitt Romney's next presidential campaign than his wife-maybe not even Mitt.

To hear Mitt Romney tell it, he's still not sure if he wants to run for president. Ann, his wife of 41 years, is not nearly as coy.

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"I know Mitt as a person, a very good person. I have also seen him as a leader. And I, for one, would like to see him lead the country as President of the United States," she told the capacity crowd at Cpac on February 11.

Different versions of these words are often heard coming from the mouths of political spouses, whose job it is to be publicly seen as fully behind their partner's candidacies. And since her husband's first run for office in 1994-a quixotic
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