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In a film mercifully free of the usual warm and fuzzy movie sentimentality, director Maggie Greenwald and her fine cast shatter most hillbilly stereotypes.
Has enough virtues to make it successful, including an unusual story and some fine acting, especially by the powerful Janet McTeer.
Baltimore Sun
Whenever the movie threatens to become just another visit to hillbilly-land, the music starts up and the film's gentle, irresistible wonder takes hold. Songcatcher is a film very much worth catching.
Greenwald's film is filled with an infectious love for the region's songs. It could hardly be otherwise, given the level of musical talent she recruited for Songcatcher.
New York Post
Essential viewing for anyone who cares about American popular music and its roots.
Miami Herald
It may not get top billing, but glorious music is the star of Songcatcher, an intriguing and often lovely film.
Unfolds at a leisurely but enjoyable pace, its dramatic contrivances never pushed too hard.
L.A. Weekly
Best seen as a performance movie, featuring music (by Iris DeMent and Taj Mahal, among others) too wonderful to be overpowered by director Maggie Greenwald's plodding direction and leaden screenplay.
Songcatcher is a sweet, lyrical ode to rural America in the early 1900's.
Wall Street Journal
A good subject has been ill-served by Ms. Greenwald's cliched script and clumsy direction.

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