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11 Mar. 2000
Stray: Part 1
Tough, streetwise Caitlin Seeger is forced to leave her home in Pennsylvania and live with family in High River, Montana after she is arrested for theft and destruction of property.
11 Mar. 2000
Stray: Part 2
Caitlin moves in with the Lowes and struggles to fit in in her new home. She has a run in with a rabid wolf and befriends a wild horse named Bandit.
11 Mar. 2000
Stray: Part 3
Caitlin works to save Bandit, who is suspected of having Rabies after a showdown with the wolf. Meanwhile, Jim tracks down a pair of rustlers.
12 Mar. 2000
Caitlin and Griffen are forced to deal with each other as they work their way back home after missing the bus.
19 Mar. 2000
Fear and Falling in Montana
When Taylor shows sudden interest in Griffen, Caitlin discovers that she is only manipulating him in order to get a good grade on a science project. Also, Caitlin and Bandit have a falling out.
26 Mar. 2000
Making Allowances
Caitlin's social worker shows up to evaluate the Lowes. Caitlin is accused of stealing two hundred dollars from a department store.
2 Apr. 2000
Solar Mates
Caitlin and Taylor get lost in the woods on a school camping trip, forcing them to work through their differences in order to survive.
9 Apr. 2000
Bear with Me
Jim's election bid for sheriff is interrupted by an unwanted bear visitation.
15 Apr. 2000
Horror Show
After Griffen is denied a job at the local theater, Caitlin persuades him to steal a piece from a theater display as payback. The piece turns out to be highly valuable, prompting Jim to seek out the thief.
16 Apr. 2000
Take Your Best Shot
Caitlin joins the school photojournalism club, but gets discouraged when she is told her pictures aren't good enough for the school paper. Meanwhile, Griffen joins the football team.
23 Apr. 2000
Caitlin's First Dance
It's time for the annual school dance at High River High. Caitlin is dead set against going, but Dori is adamant that she should, resulting in an argument between the two.
30 Apr. 2000
IQ Tests are administered at High River High and Griffen rethinks his life when Caitlin outscores him.
7 May 2000
Deputy for a Day
Caitlin joins Jim at the Sheriff's office for 'Take Your Daughter to Work Day' while Griffen and the guys at school receive a lesson in basketball from a Russian ballerina.
14 May 2000
Along for the Ride
Caitlin and Dori compete against Taylor and her mother in a horse-riding competition.
21 May 2000
Puppy Love
Caitlin's irresponsibility causes issues when she tries to get a job as Dori's assistant.
23 Jul. 2000
Caitlin's Trust
Caitlin begins to question the Lowes' motive for having her around in when she discovers that they're receiving money from the government for taking care of her.
30 Jul. 2000
The Candidate
Griffen and Taylor compete for the position of student body president.
6 Aug. 2000
Ties That Bind
Caitlin gets a crash course in team spirit when she's forced to join the soccer team as punishment for breaking a window.
13 Aug. 2000
Playing Caitlin
High River High produces a play Caitlin wrote, but the challenges of bringing it to the stage force Caitlin to rethink what she wrote...and face up to some of the darker parts of her past.
20 Aug. 2000
Truth or Dare
When Caitlin and Griffen throw a party while the Lowes are away, a game of Truth or Dare goes awry, giving Caitlin a hard lesson in what it means to be a friend.
27 Aug. 2000
True Grits
Caitlin takes over Annie's shift at the local diner, but her inability to manage the stress creates problems. Meanwhile, Griffen, Brett, and Eric challenge a group of visiting BMX bikers to a race.
3 Sep. 2000
Under Western Skies
Caitlin worries about Bandit's health after he gets caught in a trap. Griffen tries to join the school hockey team.

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