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Jaleel White can't pull it off...
White Dolphin11 December 2000
...I doubt he ever will be able to play an un-Urkel character that is. Whether he likes it or not he has stamped "Urkel" so hard on his career that it won't come off. I watched a few episodes of Grown Ups, then I stopped. It was OK, nothing special, no jokes I haven't heard before. Jaleel wasn't the highlight. Dave Ruby and Marissa Ribisi may have been the reasons I stuck on more than the pilot, and it was interesting to see Giovani's sister. But I don't expect it to become a huge hit. Shame, cause the acting is quite good.
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The best and most promising Jaleel White effort to get over Urkel.
insomniac_rod28 June 2009
To be honest fellow IMDb reviewers, I enjoyed this show a lot. The reason? Well, it didn't try to be more than it is; I mean, a sitcom with regular expectations, with a well known and repeated plot, funny and talented actors, and clever jokes oriented for a post college audience.

This is what Grown Ups is all about: trying to be mature but in a funny way.

Jaleel White is funny as always and delivers some witty, and hilarious sex oriented jokes. The humor is very 90's without taking in account the tendencies of the new millennium and that's the main reason in my opinion why the show didn't have success. It got stuck in the 90's.

Oh and Mrs. Ribisi was really funny and perky.

My favorite show has to be the one that deals with Karma biting the ass! Not a cult classic but I'm sure it's part of regular early 2000's nostalgia.
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A decent, Funny Show
goleafs8426 December 2008
In this Jaleel White vehicle, this show was decent and for the most part funny. It may not be a great show, but it was enough for me to be able to watch it and I enjoyed it.

The problem with Jaleel White it seems like people can't see him beyond Steve Urkel and this could be his curse. This show had shown he can be more than Urkel and be good at it, but I'm guessing that all people will see him as nothing but Urkel, in addition to being on a network (UPN), which will mean not too many people will see it. If you had given it a chance and look at White beyond Urkel, it may have been a show that people might enjoy.
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Good while it lasted...
Toni19 December 2006
I gave this show a chance because of Jaleel White, not for his Urkel character, but mainly for the Sonic the Hedgehog voice XD So anyway, like I said, I gave it a chance, and I was very fond of it. I never cared for the Urkel character, so I was pleased to see Mr. White in a role other than the ever-so-annoying nerd. And his Calvin J. Fraiser (first called Calvin, but come the second episode, everyone started calling him "J") was very entertaining and interesting.

I think my favorite episode was when J was dating the ex-Cowboys cheerleader with the snobby kid. ("Don't you talk that way 'bout my momma!" "This is grown-up talk, you stay down there!") The only beef I have is that the show was suppose to have 3 main characters, but Mr. White's character always seemed to have the most attention and the other two (who are married) always had the back stories... It isn't exactly a good thing when a story about those two possibly being pregnant takes backseat to J. having to babysit his girlfriend's dog.....

Other than that, I really wish this show could have lasted a little longer. Unfortunetely, it seems that people weren't interested in Jaleel White as something other than the God-Awful annoying ass nerd known as Urkel....

Hope they at least put it out as a DVD box set.
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Grown ups. nice opening though
afijamesy2k10 September 2000
Grown Ups is a good premise, but a mild show, Jaleel White plays J. Calvin Fraser a 24 year old post college graduate, tries to make a living and a life, but Gordon (A Very Funny & cool Dave Ruby) as his lovable best friend tries to tell them, we have all grown up, Dave Ruby has the most laughs of this show, his meow mix-type humor bring this show to safety with Marissa Ribisi, Soleil moon frye, and Bumper Robinson. Tv rating 2 1/2 stars.
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