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6 Jan. 2004
When a young teenager is hospitalized with problems caused by anorexia, Judge Amy must determine if the author of a pro-anorexia web site is to blame. Maxine try's to get the mother of an autistic child to give up a dangerous form of faith healing and return to more conventional therapies.
13 Jan. 2004
Dancing in the Dark
While filling in for a judge in criminal court, Amy finds herself not only working with David McClaren, but a defense attorney who was the best man at her first wedding; Maxine goes out salsa dancing with Ignacio.
3 Feb. 2004
Sins of the Father
A teenage boy hires a man to impersonate his father in order to keep Amy from sending him to live with his mother full-time; Lauren and Peter begin bonding with each other after he moves back into the Gray house; while investigating a child abuse case, Maxine discovers that a grandmother might be partially to blame for her family's cycle of abuse.
10 Feb. 2004
Roadhouse Blues
Amy precedes over the case where she has to decide whether an 11-year-old boy will be safe living with his father, who is in the Witness Protection Program. Maxine suspects that a group of teens have made a suicide pact after the death of a popular classmate.
17 Feb. 2004
Werewolves of Hartford
While hearing the case of a teenage girl charged with destroying the bicycle of her brother's girlfriend, Amy is shocked when it's revealed that the girl is in an incestuous relationship with her brother; Maxine spies on one of her foster parents who is dressed up like a pimp while attending a sex convention at a hotel; Bruce's ex, Mia stays at his place.
24 Feb. 2004
Baggage Claim
Amy has to decide whether or not a 9-year-old boy who is the product of his mother's brutal rape should be placed in the custody of his paternal grandmother; Maxine encourages a young artist to channel his anger more positively and meets Ignacio's ex-wife and kids; Kyle has a hard time being supportive of Heather's pregnancy.
2 Mar. 2004
The Song That Never Ends
Amy presides over the case of a mother seeking custody of her children after completing a welfare-to-work program; Kyle breaks the rules to allow an incarcerated woman see her baby.
16 Mar. 2004
Maxine is concerned that a foster mother of hers might be suffering from Alzheimer's disease; Amy hears the case of a teenage girl involved in a prostitution ring at her group home.
6 Apr. 2004
The Quick and the Dead
After hearing new evidence that Danny Hawkins might be innocent, Amy has to decide whether or not to retry his case; Maxine discovers that a foster mother is using her children in nude photography to advance her photography business; Kyle is reassigned to work in the coma ward.
27 Apr. 2004
Slade's Chophouse
Amy fusses over Lauren's overnight school field trip to Philadelphia with Victor; Bruce is in for a shock when an old friend comes for a visit; Amy confronts David after Lolly Wetzel repeats Greenwich rumors that connect him with his wife's murder, and he finally tells her the horrifying details of Kelly's death; when Ignacio's pictures get mixed up with another family's at the photo lab, Maxine sets off to investigate if the pictures of a woman with a black eye indicate spousal abuse, and ends up learning more than she wants to about the woman's interests; Amy ...
4 May 2004
Predictive Neglect
Amy presides over the case of a young girl charged with shoplifting whose attorney is quite well-known; after the death of his father, Kyle begins to rethink his decision to become a doctor; a new "zero tolerance" policy forces Maxine to remove two brothers from the custody of their mother over a spanking.
11 May 2004
My Little Runaway
Amy hears the case of a boy who runs away from home hoping to join the circus as a gymnast; Maxine discovers that a foster girl lied about being sexually assaulted by a homeless man so she wouldn't get in trouble; Lauren's boyfriend, Victor winds up in the hospital after getting hit by a car.
28 Sep. 2004
With all three of her children living once again under the same roof with her, Maxine finally decides to let them be the grownups that they are (horseplay notwithstanding) and fix their own breakfasts; the ceiling in Amy's courtroom collapses, and she is sentenced to a stint in Accountability court, which she deems a punishment for her ruling in the Casey Ives matter; shortly after his return from New Mexico.
12 Oct. 2004
Vincent's struggles with his latest novel leads him into blowing off his agent, who responds by dropping Vincent and demanding the return of the advance that Vincent's already spent; Maxine receives another award, and uses her acceptance speech to talk about the young boy lost in the system that she and Sean can't seem to locate; Amy's dealings with two troubled teenage girls and their mothers in Accountability court inspires her to change her focus when she returns to Juvenile Court; Maxine tries to avoid removing the children of a overburdened single mother working ...
19 Oct. 2004
Asked to help out Vincent with a loan to pay back his canceled contract advance, Peter discloses the family firm is about bankrupt and bitterly regrets having been expected to run it alone. Despite the court's huge backlog, Amy refuses to accept a bargain between lawyers in a juvenile homicide case and finds out a tragic family secret. Lover David tries hard to get sailing phobia-afflicted Amy to enjoy his new yacht. Maxine dates Ignacio, who realizes it's time to divorce Francesca; Donna, whom Amy dropped as clerk, takes a position as a court-appointed minor counsel ...
26 Oct. 2004
Pre-teen Brent Chase is charged with sexually abusing a classmate, but the trial points out both were victims of excessive class peer pressure. The colored bracelets code further triggers Amy's overprotective meddling, despite warnings from Vincent, who grudgingly accepted a menial law firm data job and spills Peter's business failure to his in-living ex Gilian, who proves surprisingly supportive. Sean has to suspend Maxine for contacting a leveled adolescent's unwitting father out of the blue, also causing is mother to be arrested.
23 Nov. 2004
Order and Chaos
Supervisor Sean must suspend Maxine for slapping, in front of a cop, a wicked teen charge for nearly-fatally neglecting her naive senior foster mother's basic needs. Penniless Vincent jumps at the chance to earn $100 as 'driver' to escort to has father's house maternally-abused swell teen jock Robbie, with whom he bonds while working out why the knave, who shows a critical interest in author "Vinnie's" own problems, dreads returning home. Novel juvenile advocate Donna fails to appreciate Amy's coaching of her first case and negotiating with DA Morris Riordan, although...
30 Nov. 2004
Catching It Early
Class clown Avi Gould is charged for a laxative prank which accidentally landed a teacher in hospital. Amy stressed over a breast lump examination, but despite excessive nightmares is diagnosed in the clear. Peter Gray and ex Gillian bicker over the suitable education for adoptive son Ned given his high IQ, which wrecked Vincent's one equally bright future. The trace of missing charge Anthony leads Maxine to bug Sean and two former colleagues, their predecessors, including not-amused politician Larry Feiner.
7 Dec. 2004
Early Winter
Maxine's stressing about lost charge Anthony caused her to be hospitalized for a cardiac crisis, but can't stand the family bickering on at her bedside despite Vince's best efforts and soon discharges herself against medical advice. Her kin facing fats and looking for Maxine's things, Peter and Gillian have sex again so he moves back home. Amy learns about her mother, whose ghost Maxine believes to talk too. Clerk and unofficial translator Rob Holbrook proves his value as Amy's new permanent clerk in the case of juvenile robber Marissa Levy, from a wealthy family ...
14 Dec. 2004
Conditional Surrender
Vincent takes another job offered by Sean, assisting street worker Louann 'Crystal' Turner, and volunteers as tutor for her academically gifted homeless charge Leon, a cocky ingrate. Fatherless Travis Stewart's devoted but MS-afflicted mother Tina's custody is challenged in favor of a distant aunt. David quit his job and decides to sail to the Antilles, Amy demands an invitation but can't seriously contemplate a long leave. Maxine rejects any convalescence help from Peter and determined Jillian, except a single yoga lesson for show.

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