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21 Jan. 2003
The Best Interests of the Child
Amy and Michael continue to hash things out in court about their daughter, Lauren. Kyle gains a new opportunity as well as a new perspective at work. Maxine is presented with a challenge from Eric.
11 Feb. 2003
Maxine Interrupted
Maxine's reunion with Sally Goodwin is bittersweet when Maxine discovers that Sally was sent to investigate complaints filed against her. A father testifies on behalf of his teenage daughter who appears before Amy for conspiring in his attempted murder.
25 Feb. 2003
Judging Eric
Eric's trial begins and is presided over by a slightly eccentric and seemingly unsympathetic judge. Meanwhile, a party is planned for to celebrate his 17th birthday.
15 Apr. 2003
Stu has convinced Amy to go on a camping trip with him, while Maxine is making plans to bring wedding forward to this weekend at her house. Maxine is devastated when Charles appears at work to tell her Jared has had a heart attack and died. Maxine does not want anyone to comfort her and lashes out at everyone around her. Charles is having trouble getting Jared body returned from China and Peter and Charles fight over how to deal with this. A slightly more composed Maxine takes everyone to the dinner in which she and Jared first met for a highly emotive memorial ...
23 Sep. 2003
Motion Sickness
When Amy is transferred to criminal court, Bruce stays behind in juvenile court, and she inherits Spencer, an insolent clerk; Lauren has an extremely unhappy first day at junior high, but things brighten up on day two when, much to her mother's dismay, she finds a boyfriend who is a year older; after accepting Stuart's proposal, Amy begins to have nightmares about the wedding; recently unemployed as a result of budget cuts, Donna helps Peter care for his sons while Gillian languishes in a coma; Ellen, D.C.F.'s newest employee, uses her experience as a former foster ...
30 Sep. 2003
Going Down
After she's released from the hospital with a clean bill of health, Gillian reveals that she had a near-death experience during Walt's delivery, but can't seem to find anyone who believes her; when Amy claims that she has no time to organize the wedding, Stu volunteers to make all the arrangements; tragedy occurs when Maxine's pleas to the police to publicize the disappearance of a foster child fall on deaf ears; it's apparent that there's no love lost between Stu and David when they end up at the same cocktail party; Kyle and Lily have an intense encounter in a ...
7 Oct. 2003
Ex Parte of Five
Maxine and Amy clash with each other after Amy allows a 7-year-old girl to testify in court about her little brother's death; Gillian has a hard time bonding with her newborn baby.
14 Oct. 2003
Tricks of the Trade
Amy precides over the case of a famous football player accused of rape; Maxine helps out a mother whose paranoid theories about the government start to affect her sons; Kyle interviews for a promotion at work and tries to convince the grandmother and mother of a brain-dead boy to donate a kidney to a dying girl.
21 Oct. 2003
The Wrong Man
Maxine has a hard time being happy that Amy is getting married; Amy is concerned when a man accused of attempting to murder a Catholic priest wants to represent himself in court; Peter becomes concerned after Gillian writes her own obituary.
28 Oct. 2003
Into the Fire
During Amy's first capital murder case, ASA David McClaren makes inappropriate comments during his closing statements which forces her to pause the trial; meanwhile, Kyle discovers that his AA sponsor is his new boss.
4 Nov. 2003
Kilt Trip
Two days before her wedding, Amy has to precede over a felony murder case involving a 14-year-old boy who is charged in the shooting death of the son of a police officer; on her big day, she starts to have second thoughts about getting married.
11 Nov. 2003
The Long Goodbye
After returning home from her honeymoon, Amy sees a counselor and decides to go back to juvenile court; Kyle faces a dilemma when he is asked to fire a nurse; meanwhile, Maxine discovers that a teenage Russian orphan is the victim of sexual abuse in her adoptive home.
25 Nov. 2003
Amy precides over a custody case involving two teenage parents, one of whom is Amish; Maxine discovers that foster girls have been placed into a psychiatric facility due to budget cuts.
16 Dec. 2003
Sex and the Single Mother
Amy presides over the custody case in which a mother thinks that her son is being affected by the behavior of his shock jock father; Maxine decides to become a part-time therapist.

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