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Season 4

1 Oct. 2002
Lost in the System
Amy and Michael agree to work out Lauren's custody with a mediator; Maxine and Kimberly clash over a child lost in the system; Jared returns from China to get an answer from Maxine; Lauren fears that their apartment is haunted and Amy begins to agree with her; appearing before Amy in court as the caseworker for a teen-aged mother, Maxine gives an impassioned plea which provides Amy with food for thought about not only the girl, but Amy's relationships with Maxine and Lauren; Bruce runs into Amy and spurns her offer of friendship, but later relents most emphatically.
8 Oct. 2002
Thursday's Child
Amy's discovers that the man the police have in custody may not be her stalker after all; Maxine refuses to give up on a client who may be the victim of police brutality; after Bruce denies having romantic feelings for Amy and they agree that confusion and alcohol led to their embrace, they decide to be friends who don't kiss; Kyle applies for a residency and is confronted by his sponsor for not working his program; a persistent attorney paves the way for Bruce to regain his court position; Amy must decide if a retarded teenager is competent to make her own ...
15 Oct. 2002
Every Stranger's Face I See
As Amy decides the fate of a ten year old boy who was kidnapped by his adoptive parents when they lost custody to his birth mother, she finds an answer to some of her own family's pressing concerns; Bruce is back at work as Amy's C.S.O. and is completing his community service at a soup kitchen; Amy gets the silent treatment from Lauren when she won't let her become a cheerleader, but both sides are forced to relent when Gillian unwittingly spills the beans about her own and Amy's cheer leading pasts; Maxine's refusal to sell her house to buyers she doesn't like leaves...
22 Oct. 2002
The Frozen Zone
Amy presides over the custody hearing of a boy whose mother died in the collapse of the World Trade Center; an old friend offers Kyle a job with a pharmaceutical company, and Maxine counter offers with the job of heading the Center; Amy re-landscapes her new home and accidentally throws out Ethel, the antique heirloom rosebush Maxine's grandmother brought over from Ireland in 1889; after initially spurning her offer, Bruce agrees to speak at Zola's press conference for convicted felons; and Maxine helps Sean over some rough spots as Eric's foster father.
29 Oct. 2002
Cause for Alarm
Amy must decide whether a teenager is responsible for the death of an infant she was babysitting; Maxine investigates an abuse case at the home of a disabled veteran and his adopted granddaughter; Kyle is torn between keeping his lucrative job as a pharmaceutical rep or accepting a residency at a low-ranked hospital; Amy has an alarm system installed in the house as her stalker escalates his harassment; Maxine and Peter are at odds after Maxine attributes Peter's promotion within the ranks of a Revolutionary War reenactment group to the publicity surrounding her ...
5 Nov. 2002
Roses and Truth
Amy must decide if a student raped his teacher or was seduced by her; Kyle is unhappy about his non-medical duties at St. Michael's; Maxine tries to locate the mother of an abandoned newborn; after Jason menaces Amy while she's driving Lauren and Eric home, Bruce suggests getting a restraining order; fearing the worst about her health, Gillian gets the diagnosis she's dreamed of for years.
12 Nov. 2002
Damage Control
Amy hears the case of a young boy charged with obstruction of justice for not revealing the name of the man who took pornographic pictures of him; Maxine contends with a woman who allows her abusive husband to violate a restraining order; Peter and Charles negotiate a prenuptial agreement for their parents; Jason Lobdel eludes Amy's police protection as he continues to stalk her; everyone walks on eggshells as Gillian suffers through ugly hormonal mood swings; Jared gives Maxine the diner; Amy's plan to censure an attorney backfires.
19 Nov. 2002
A Pretty Good Day
Amy's ruling in the case of a teenager who called in a bomb scare to avoid a test is complicated by the arrival of an I.N.S. agent who's ready to deport the boy to Afghanistan, and almost certain death, if he's found guilty; Eric saves Lauren from being kidnapped by Jason; Gillian's raging hormones leave Peter exhausted as she goes into overdrive about the plans for Maxine's wedding; Kimberly blackmails Sean into getting her job back in exchange for helping Maxine find an endangered teenager who's aged out of the system; Kyle defies hospital protocol to give a dying ...
26 Nov. 2002
Boys to Men
Maxine and Jared move up their wedding date, to the consternation of their children; Peter's plans for a classy bachelor party go awry, but the men manage to have a good time at a less highbrow establishment as they convince a greatly under-the-influence Bruce to call Zola and ask her for a date; Maxine's hen party is much more sedate, but Maxine manages to work out an escape plan nonetheless; Amy presides over a hearing to determine if four teenage boys accused of drugging and raping a teenage girl should be tried as adults; after Charles announces that he's quit his...
10 Dec. 2002
People of the Lie
Amy must decide if a little girl in the middle of a bitter custody dispute is being molested by her father; doing research for a paper, Donna shadows Maxine during a day in which she deals with the neglected children of a severely depressed mother who refuses treatment; Kyle receives an unwelcome visit from his mother and sister; after employing a private investigator to follow Amy for over a year, Michael sues for full custody of Lauren; the decorator that Amy hires to redo the kitchen disparages Maxine's taste
17 Dec. 2002
Lost and Found
Maxine drives carpool for Amy. Kyle and Dr. Redikker track down an injured man released from the emergency room in grave danger. Sean finds himself drawn to a foster mother.
21 Jan. 2003
The Best Interests of the Child
Amy and Michael continue to hash things out in court about their daughter, Lauren. Kyle gains a new opportunity as well as a new perspective at work. Maxine is presented with a challenge from Eric.
11 Feb. 2003
Maxine Interrupted
Maxine's reunion with Sally Goodwin is bittersweet when Maxine discovers that Sally was sent to investigate complaints filed against her. A father testifies on behalf of his teenage daughter who appears before Amy for conspiring in his attempted murder.
25 Feb. 2003
Judging Eric
Eric's trial begins and is presided over by a slightly eccentric and seemingly unsympathetic judge. Meanwhile, a party is planned for to celebrate his 17th birthday.
15 Apr. 2003
Stu has convinced Amy to go on a camping trip with him, while Maxine is making plans to bring wedding forward to this weekend at her house. Maxine is devastated when Charles appears at work to tell her Jared has had a heart attack and died. Maxine does not want anyone to comfort her and lashes out at everyone around her. Charles is having trouble getting Jared body returned from China and Peter and Charles fight over how to deal with this. A slightly more composed Maxine takes everyone to the dinner in which she and Jared first met for a highly emotive memorial ...

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