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Intimate Betrayal aired Mini-series - Great
sequencechase28 February 2017
I saw this when it aired as a mini-series on BET over three nights. It had good cliff-hangers. Calhoun and Kain really steamed up the screen. 2 thumbs up. I really like seeing Monica Calhoun. I guess she is best known as the bride in the "Best Man" movies. She is very cute in Intimate Betrayal, but also comes across as intelligent and sexy. A little bit of a ball-breaker, too, but that's okay -- Don't mess with her. Would love to see her in another real leading role.

This movie has an incredible cast. L Scott Caldwell won a Tony Award on Broadway for an August Wilson play. She plays a detective in this. And character actor Brent Jennings is the grizzled newspaper editor who warns the heroine about getting involved with a suspect in a murder case. Of course, she ignores him. We don't see enough of Jennings either. Erica Gimpel works a lot. She was a series regular on Veronica Mars. She might be recurring on The Chase. We'll have to wait and see on that one.

I'd love the see a series with these characters. The world of journalism could use some "good press" in the form a TV series about now. Even though the newspaper medium is changing, maybe a period series set back in the 90s, when they weren't all owned by giant media companies.
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unremarkable but watchable
dbborroughs28 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Unremarkable and middle of the road thriller about a woman looking into the death of her brother. She ends up getting involved with the most likely suspect but of course things are not as clear as one thinks. Good cast is done hampered by the low budget and not particularly imaginative script. This is a story thats been done a thousand times before in one variation or another nd this one doesn't want to see like it really wants to do anything with it. Its not a bad film, but its rather a bland one that is at best a time killer best reserved for when there are no other viable options.

5 out of 10
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