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Enter Hamlet is one of several unique shorts by one Fred Mogubgub
tavm27 November 2007
Just discovered this unique short on Cartoon Brew. It's one of the works of Fred Mogubgub that was displayed there linked from YouTube. The others were The Pop Show and The Great Society, neither of which have been listed in Fred's IMDb entry. Enter Hamlet is a collage of images in cartoon form of a word put in balloon in each jump-cut scene as that word is said by the narrator Maurice Evans during his "To be or not to be..." soliloquy recording. Since I saw this on YouTube, I don't think I saw the clearest picture. Still, I was pretty fascinated by what I saw so if you're interested in what I just described this one is worth seeing. So are The Pop Show and The Great Society which are fascinating images of live-action photos in jump-cut collages.
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