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A feel good, happy show that puts me in a good mood.
rajai18 October 2003
I absolutely LOVE this show. I only stumbled upon it about a month ago and I must have watched about 20 episodes or more because it is on every day here in Malta. I enjoy all the cast. I identify with alot of the script especially with Sara Poulson's. I find I have alot in common with Jack (especially the way she likes to be in control). I find the script very touching and true to life alot of the time. There was one particular episode where I actually found myself writing some of the script down because of how astute the 'moral of the story' was.

Jack and Jill make a really cute couple. (Ivan Sergei is totally cute and knows it of course!) The whole New York way of life just really gives me good all over feeling and puts me on a high ... doing the laundry on the weekends, hanging out with the gals, flat sharing ...there's a happiness about it that is contagious and makes me smile.

When I switched on the TV yesterday and noticed it was not showing I was positively upset - It felt like a big part of my day was missing. I would really look forward to drving home from work knowing I was going to watch it. I know it sounds quite pathetic but I truly had grown accustomed to the show and would get all ready for it, cup of tea in hand at 8pm everyday. I hope the scriptwriter comes up many more shows - at least another season's worth. There's lots more that could be said and done yet...
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60 good minutes
jerry_seinfeld6 October 2000
The other day I saw this new TV show. I didn´t find it a great show but when we start seeing it we can´t stop. I know, i know it´s a bit similar to a bunch of other romantic TV shows, but I think this one is much better: the actors have some kind of chemistry and the scenery looks so familiar, i just can´t help waching it. I recommend Jack & Jill for those who like a good light romantic comedy.
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Jack & Jill is a great new show about a man and a woman in New York and their friends. I hope it continues for seasons to come.
leopard18526 September 1999
I was sitting in front of my TV on Sunday night watching Felicity, and I see that this new show is on after it. So, I think, "I don't want to watch another of these new romance shows," so of course I watched anyway. I start watching the show, and I realize that all the scenery looks familiar. If you watch carefully, the church is from 7th Heaven, the bar looks like it's from Felicity, a lot of the outside buildings look like they're from Friends! So, besides that Jack & Jill is a really interesting show. I'd like to keep watching to see what happens!
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A very romantic Tv show!
nmf-25 August 2000
One of the best tv shows i ever saw. Is so much romantic and with very good new actors. Amanda Peet, Sarah Paulson and Jaime Pressly are very beautiful and excellent actresses. The guys are good actors too, but i only think the girls beautiful(hehe). I'm very happy because will be a second season and i'm waiting the time pass for start soon.
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The Amanda Peet show!
Xophianic27 February 2000
I watch this show occasionally for a few reasons. One, I like the WB because of Angel and Buffy. Two, it seemed to have an interesting story and point of view. But the main reason is the adorable Amanda Peet who I think is one of the most beautiful girls on TV. I will watch an episode anytime just for her.

As for the rest of the show, all of the same when it comes to WB shows. It is interesting to see the girls and the guys talking about the same thing from two viewpoints, but it's all predictable stuff. It's a lot like Felicity and Buffy but older. Whoever was in charge of casting did an excellent job, because all the actresses are hot and I'm sure girls would find the guys attractive too. Once again, Amanda Peet is an angel. I also like Simon Rex because I saw him on Felicity and think he's a pretty good actor.

Anyway, I love the Amanda Peet show and will watch it whenever I see it on. As for the other elements of this show...it's not bad at all. Maybe not worth setting my VCR to tape it when I'm away, but worth watching when I see it on.
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cute, interesting show
Rebanne13 October 1999
I know lots of people will think that this show is like Felicity only the characters are in their twenties. That is a tad true, but the chemistry between Ivan Sergei and Amanda Peet is so combustible, I just have to see the show to see how they act! I really enjoy this show when there is usually nothing on Sunday nights. I also love Felicity, so its a good couple! I hope this show gets the viewers and support it needs and stays on the air, not ending up like Hyperion Bay. Whatever ever happened to the characters on that show? After the first show, I totally lost interest in HB, unlike my reaction to J&J. AND Simon Rex... was the original reason I tuned into it in the first place! HE IS SOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!!!! these eyes..... oh boy! :)
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Favorite Show
principessa5 December 1999
I wasn't really excited when I heard the wb had a new show. I wasn't even planning on watching it. I don't remember why I watched it but I did and I loved it. I've watched every episode of Jack & Jill and I am totally hooked. I get so frustrated when Jack and Jill are so close to getting together but they don't. I am always so excited for it to come on next week. It is an awesome show and I love it. I will be crushed if it ever comes off the air.
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So Great
patygirl_df25 February 2000
I love this kind of story, people who are meant to be and a lot of things happen delaying what everyone knows that will happen someday. Just like the romantic comedy formula. I knew I was going to like it even before I start to watch it.
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Why did the show get canceled?
VisualKings20 July 2005

Finally the show made it to German television. It's a great story with great characters and actors. What I need to know is why it got canceled. Maybe someone of you knows.

The show has everything it takes to make it a longtime runner. I don't get it. Are American people only for primitive action series and stupid, bad written shows?

Why do all good shows get canceled like Sweating Bullets / Tropical Heat, Dark Angel, Higher Ground, Quantum Leap ...?

Here in Austria television is different. The shows are able to gain audience and to have a fair chance without getting canceled after a few low ratings.
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Devers20 January 2001
This is one of the SWEETEST shows I've ever seen in a really long while! Our local tv station just started airing Jack & Jill a couple of weeks ago and when I caught the trailer one afternoon, I was thinking to myself, "I MUST watch this one". I have to admit that initially, that decision was spurred by the sight of Ivan Sergei (whom I found familiar but I couldn't place him till I read bout him being in Once A Thief). I'm sure a lot of folks out there agree with me when I say he's extremely cute!?!! ARGH! That cleft chin! That crooked grin! Man, it just drives me straight over the edge hehehe. But because the show is aired every Saturday night at 11pm (yes I know - not exactly the best time, plus the fact that I'm not that much of a tv watcher in the first place) I missed out on the first few episodes. So finally I was home alone one boring Saturday night, channel-surfing and I chanced upon Jack & Jill and this might sound a lil cliche but I've been hooked ever since! I just COULDN'T stop laughing cuz it was so funny! Seeing Jack with that beaten-up-puppy look on his face - AHHHHHHHHHH! HE'S SIMPLY ADORABLE! I mean yes, the storylines can get a tad predictable but there's just SUCH a vibe between the 2 leads and nobody ever gets tired of watching lovey dovey shows like these, do they? Romantic comedies rule! I'm SO glad to hear that it's gone on to a second season over in the States and I certainly hope the local tv station will continue to air the show in the future. I'm telling you - it's definitely worth staying at home for on a Saturday night!
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Amazing television series
doc-16011 January 2001
This show is one of my faves on the air right now and im glad it has returned for a 2nd season. Amanda Peet and Ivan Sergei are incredible together and have so much chemistry they should win the nobel prize. The supporting cast, Sarah Paulson, Simon Rex, and Justin Kirk, are also terrific, helped by terrific, sharp writing, and terrific direction.

I hope the show continues for a lot of years to come, try it, you will fall in love.
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This is a Great Light Romance Show
AeroJeen18 February 2000
I'm not a TV watcher, but this show has captivated me! The actors are all very beautiful people, which, while fine to look at, is not terribly realistic. However, the leads are pretty enough that realism just doesn't matter! The story pulls you in each week and gives you just enough to leave you pining for more! The writers of this one know what they're doing...I'm just hoping it doesn't get cancelled!
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This is the BEST show ever!!! I LOVE IT!!!
spring_flower2818 April 2001
I have seen many shows, from 90210 to Saved by the Bell, to Melrose Place, etc. But unlike any of those shows, this is the one show that has really caught my interest. This show is not only romantic and funny, but so cute & interesting and makes you believe in FAITH. For those romantics out there, this is the one show you don't want to miss. Just by the title of it you can expect that both Jack & Jill will end up together, but if you started seeing this show since day one, you know that it wasn't that easy. First of all, when it first started, they were both in love with someone else, and then, thanks to the help of faith, they ended up together but by conquering various obstacles. I have seen this show since the beginning, and I still can't get enough of it. I wish they could show it like Friends, every single day, but by showing it every Wed., it just keeps you guessing & waiting for the next episode. This is the one show that I even leave work early for, since day one, I have never missed an episode. I am still waiting to see if Elisa stays with Mikey. Its a great show & I just hope that it never goes off the air. I want Jack & Jill for more years to come.
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just brilliant!
moniq15226 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
From the very first time I watched this sitcom I just got hooked on it! It just so true to live, isn't it? and all the characters act wonderfully. Last day I remembered watching this series and start to search on the internet to see if I could watch it again. I found 1 to 13 episodes on you tube but was very upset to see that there were not any more...could someone tell me where to watch or buy this series TV, please??? I'd really would love to watch the end of season 1 and season 2, of course. It seems to me impossible to find a place to buy it or to watch the rest of the episodes. thanks I wish they made more seasons on Jack and Jill! best series forever!
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Excellent show cancelled without any explanation
mikls1013 March 2005
This is one of the shows that were cancelled on TV without any explanation(another example "Once and Again"). It cannot be the viewers rating, I am sure they were high. The plot is clever, the cast is excellent. Something is going on at the top of the media hierarchy. I really enjoyed watching every episode of the show. It was very dynamic(not a single boring moment)-this is the only common feature it has with "Buffy"(mentioned in one of the comments). But unlike "Buffy" targeting young teens(and not the smart ones), this show was enjoyable for the intelligent adults among all. Did not hurt that the cast had beautiful girls and handsome guys. Cannot help but mention here that I saw Amanda Peet here for the first time and that I haven't seen so beautiful vivid eyes in my life. Which I think helps in acting: I think she was the best actress in "Something's Gotta Give"(and believe me I like Dianne Keaton).
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Good looking cast... that's about it
White Dolphin11 December 2000
First of all "Jack & Jill" gave me a really bad first impression with it's pilot. For starters Jack's saying that her wedding was like from a fairy tale, but not in a good sence- that if you think about it all fairy tales don't start off that good- someone cuts down your beanstalk or you eat a poison apple. Well Jack must have never read any classic fairy tales because the story of Jack and the Beanstalk _ends_ with the beanstalk being cut down. And Snow White ate the poison apple towards the _end_ of the fairy tale. I hate things like that, when people try to come up with witty lines that come out so idiotic (Dan Quayle of course is the champion at this). The beginning was also similar to the first episode of Friends- rich girl leaves guy at wedding day and runs off to New York City and finds friend she hasn't seen in long time who wasn't invited to the wedding. Yep, that's more or less what the first Friends episode was about. Other than that the jokes tend to be unoriginal, the type you've heard all before. And for once I would like to see a non-goodlooking friend of very good looking Jack and Jill. Then of course there is the entire idea of the -name switch-. A girl called Jack, short for Jacqueline I can understand, but Jill for a guy, that's just rather pathetic. Quite a letdown for me.
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Lame like you
momohund26 August 2006
I saw this show on reruns when I was living in this horrible part of Japan and all I had of the outside world was TV. More 20 something relationship crap, with 20 year-olds living in apartments in NYC that doctors can hardly afford. I was actually embarrassed to watch this show because it was so lame. I just kept wondering how the hell these people could afford to live like they could in NYC, without their parents money. It was basically the tale of wimpy, spoiled and out-of-touch white people and the unrealistic lives they live with bad script writing. The acting was decent but these people were so boring and unrealistic it was pathetic. The trials of east coast wealthy white people. I bet people who like this like Mad About You and Everybody Loves Raymond and other boring crap.
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Friends wannabe
SnoopyStyle28 August 2013
In an interesting gimmicky twist, the title of this show refers to 'Jack' Jaqueline Barrett (Amanda Peet) and 'Jill' David Jillefski (Ivan Sergei). They slowly fall for each other. They have fun adventures with their friends Audrey Griffin (Jaime Pressly), Elisa Cronkite (Sarah Paulson), Barto Zane (Justin Kirk), and Mikey Russo (Simon Rex).

I love all the actors in this show. They don't come together that well. The chemistry isn't immediate. It's sorta like a Friends wannabe, but just not as funny. It lasted one and a half seasons. This group of compelling young actors could have had some fun together. It needs better writing and more time.
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Excellent example of awful writing.
wmunroejr23 February 2000
I've tried several times to watch the show and each time I am reminded of how without good writers, no matter how beautiful or talented the actors, It just not worth watching! The characters have the depth of a bird bath and the over all story line and development is so predictable it kills me.
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