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Empires Of The Deep: what happened to China's Avatar beater?

Feature Ryan Lambie Jan 7, 2013

After its trailer appeared last year, the $130 million fantasy film Empires Of The Deep went all quiet. Ryan wonders what happened...

Almost three years ago, a strange press conference took place in Beijing. On a stage bathed in flashing lights, women with low-body fat danced around on a stage, their dresses billowing. They wore strange, striped rubber appliances on their heads which looked a bit like shower caps. The guest of honour at the press conference was Olga Kurylenko, the actress who'd appeared in the Bond film Quantum Of Solace not long earlier.

The press conference was to promote the impending release of Empires Of The Deep - a $130 million special effects extravaganza which would mark China's triumphant entry into blockbuster filmmaking. Bankrolled by one Jon Jiang, a real estate magnate with very deep pockets, the film was billed as a Grecian fantasy movie under the sea,
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More Details on Fantasy Epic Empires Of The Deep

Alot more details have emerged since we last heard from Empires of the Deep (人鱼帝国), the tent pole underwater fantasy Us/China co-production previously entitled Mermaid Island. In a press conference held last Tuesday, the Chinese media were introduced to the cast & crew and they discussed on what is instored for the $130 million budgeted film.

- The film is the brainchild of Real estate mogul Jon Jiang, one of the richest men in China and CEO of Fontelysee Pictures who co-wrote the script, self-financed part of the funds himself and served as the producer since the very beginning of development in 2006. He seeks to fulfilled his dream of wowing an international audience with the first ever major English language Hollywood-style production made in China.

- Canadian director Michael French (Heart of a Dragon) will helm the project and he has already been shooting around China for six months with seven
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Olga Kurylenko to Star in Empires of the Deep

Screen Daily reports that Olga Kurylenko ( Quantum of Solace , Centurion ) and Avatar virtual camera operator Anthony Arendt have joined the production team of China-us co-production Empires of the Deep . The project, currently filming in Beijing, is the biggest 3D film in production in China. Budgeted at $100 million, the fantasy adventure is co-directed by Michael French ( Heart of a Dragon ) and Jonathan Lawrence ( The Family Mancuso , Dream Parlor ) from a script by Frank Randall and Jon Jiang. Set in ancient Greece, Empires of the Deep "tells about a young man's adventure in the undersea mermaid kingdom in order to save his father, while encountering ferocious sea monsters and gets involved in large-scale battles in the seabed between mermaids, monsters and...
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