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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • It originally aired in 5 parts. Here's how each part ended:

    Part 1 ended with the Queen's speech to the dog as Prince Wendell, standing in front of Snow White's stepmother's portrait that ends with the line "...and pity the fool who tries to stand up to me."

    Part 2 ended with the Hunter dragging Virginia by her hair into the secret door of the tree he lives in and it closing behind them.

    Part 3 ended just after the mirror (that's being sold) is discovered to be a magic mirror and the price was raised to 5,000. Virginia says "We'll never raise that" and the Hunter looks on...

    Part 4 ended with Virginia and Tony looking at the magic mirror she was given by Snow White and realizing the Queen is Virginia's mother. It cuts off right after they throw it in the water, and realize in order for her to have gotten there in the first place, that she must have the other traveling mirror.

    And Part 5 of course is the end of the movie.

    (answer by Iaaat)

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