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Equal Rights!
brannonburns-630-31414210 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I'm a fan of Little Lulu so I actually did love this ABC weekend special of her going to summer camp to compete with Tubby and the rest of the boys who won't let Lulu and her friends join their club. This reminded me of the comics with her always getting even or revenge of The Fellers for making her super Mad! The actress who plays Lulu, Lauri Hendler did a fantastic job I thought. The kid who played Tubby was all right but a little whiny. The girl who played Gloria actually reminded me of her cartoon character. Billy Jacoby who played Alvin, I thought did a fine job but Alvin in the comic books was munch younger and had blond hair, And he really didn't repeat himself so munch like in the special. And Lulu Baxter who played Annie, which I found ironical that her real name was Lulu. also did a fantastic job as her sidekick. I also enjoyed the woman who you might remembered played Thelma Harper's crafty neighbor Iola Boylan on Mama's Family playing the girl's counselor who doesn't like bad sportsman ship. It was a well done TV special.
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