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MPAA Rated R for strong violence, language, some drug use and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman opens her dress showing her breasts and pregnant abdomen to a man. Her breasts are seen for 2 seconds, as she covers them with her arms for the rest of the scene. She is showing him that she is pregnant, and it is not sexual.
  • A woman is shown delivering a baby. There is a brief shot that shows the baby emerging from the mother, but no nudity can be seen.
  • People talk about the possible environmental causes of infertility.
  • A man talks about a woman promising to have sex with him; various allusions to sexual activity throughout the film.

Violence & Gore

  • After an explosion, there is a very brief shot of a person walking out holding their arm, which has been blown off.
  • The war scenes usually feature people dying from gunshots which result in a light mist of blood. Some shots show more blood than others.
  • A woman is shot and the blood sprays onto the people around her, and blood is sometimes seen running from the wound.
  • A man is whacked in the face by a car battery. We see blood spray from a distance.
  • A group of men are shot with no blood seen.
  • A man runs through a bus, many people inside are shot with mists of blood. One person is shot, with blood hitting the camera.
  • Everything described here happens from a distance: two soldiers standing on a high-caliber turret slaughter several people walking out of a building who claim to be friendly citizens. Immediately after that, the rebels fire a rocket launcher at the turret blowing the soldiers up. One of them hangs from the turret gun, dead. All the graphic details obscured by shadows.
  • A soldier is seen holding a character's arm. The latter is trembling and crying in shock because his legs have been blown off.


  • 58 uses of the f-word as well a several other British profanities such as "wanker". 22 s-words.
  • Jarvis Cocker's "Running The World" is played over the credits; the lyrics include many repetitions of the line "c*nts are still running the world".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One of the main characters grows and smokes marijuana. He and another man smoke marijuana in a scene.
  • Characters are seen drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking in a couple of scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The car scene is very intense as multiple people try to raid it and motorcycle people shoot Julian at gun range. This is very violent and could be shocking to some viewers.
  • The very loud explosions in this movie may scare some viewers.
  • The battle sequence near the end of the movie is intense. Military forces are quieting a rebellion of hostile prisoners in a political internment camp. There is plenty of explosions, bullets wizzing by and far off gun fire, resembling that of a war.
  • Mentioned above, a woman giving birth is shown, though not as explicit of the actual birth but the realism of the effect may be shocking.
  • There are plenty of intense scenes throughout the film due to Theo (Clive Owen) leading an illegal refugee under the radar and being persued by 2 different groups the whole time. Some may be comic such as Theo being held at gunpoint by a (at the time unknown) friendly, other times the characters are all put in danger, such as where hostiles attack a transport the Main characters are riding in and one is even shot.
  • A substantial character kills himself and his wife (who is in persistent vegetative state).
  • Some viewers may find the film depressing in nature.

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