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Season 5

13 Apr. 2007
Friend or Foe
Mr. Krabs and Plankton have been business rivals and bitter enemies for longer than anyone can remember, but, one day, during another one of Plankton's failed attempts at stealing the Krabby Patty formula, Mr. Krabs reveals that they were not always this way. There was a time when the two rivals were actually the best of friends. Through a series of flashbacks, Mr. Krabs tells the tale of how that great friendship turned sour, and how the Krabby Patty was born in the process.
30 Jul. 2007
The Original Fry Cook/Night Light
The Original Fry Cook: Mr. Krab's old fry cook pays a special visit to the Krusty Krab. SpongeBob is in awe of his predecessor, who has since become a world renowned chef following his departure from Krabs' restaurant. When SpongeBob tries to impress the impressive chef, he instead finds his fry cook skills are in question. Taking the chef's critique to heart, SpongeBob decides to quit - his beloved Krusty Krab deserves someone better. Without his employee of the month, Krabs is stuck with an overpriced chef that will charge him an arm and a leg to flip one burger. He...
19 Feb. 2007
Rise and Shine/Waiting/Fungus Among Us
Rise and Shine: Take a look inside Patrick Star's rock where we see that his morning routine is anything but ordinary. Waiting: SpongeBob discovers that his breakfast cereal has an offer for free toy. After gathering the necessary proofs of purchase, SpongeBob mails his requests. But now the hardest part is upon him: waiting for the toy to arrive. So SpongeBob sets up camp right next to his mailbox, determined to be present when the mailman shows up with his treasure.
23 Jul. 2007
Spy Buddies/Boat Smarts/Good Ol' Whatshisname
Spy Buddies: Determined to uncover Plankton's next devious plot, Mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob and Patrick to spy on him. Boat Smarts: Watch an instructional video on the best (and worst) boating techniques as demonstrated by Squidward and SpongeBob. Good Ol' Whatshisname: Mr. Krabs holds a contest for his employees: The first one to learn the names of every Krusty Krab customer wins a tropical vacation.
25 Jul. 2007
New Digs/Krabs á la Mode
New Digs: After arriving one minute late for work, SpongeBob decides to move into the Krusty Krab so that he will never be late to work again. Krabs a la Mode: When Plankton secretly turns down the thermostat at the Krusty Krab the entire restaurant freezes over. But with a couple of frozen Krabby Patties tied to his shoes for skates, SpongeBob turns the frozen floor into an ice skating rink - and Mr. Krabs charges money for it.
27 Jul. 2007
Roller Cowards/Bucket, Sweet Bucket
Roller Cowards: The scariest roller coaster ever has just opened at Bikini Bottom's amusement park. At first SpongeBob and Patrick are determined to ride this monster coaster. But the more they think about how scary it is the more they chicken out. Bucket, Sweet Bucket: Plankton tricks SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward into fixing up the Chum Bucket with a series of sob stories.
26 Jul. 2007
To Love a Patty/Breath of Fresh Squidward
SpongeBob has trouble letting go of a perfect krabby patty; Squidward's personality changes when his security fence electrocutes him.
31 Jul. 2007
Money Talks/SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget/Slimy Dancing
Money Talks: Mr. Krabs makes a wish that he could talk to money. When his wish is magically granted, Mr. Krabs learns (to his horror) what all of his dollars, pennies and quarters have been longing for: they want Mr. Krabs to spend them. SpongeBob vs. Patty Gadget: SpongeBob competes against a patty-making machine. It's SpongeBob vs. a robot fry cook to see who's best, sponge or machine? Slimy Dancing: Squidward trains SpongeBob for the Bikini Bottom dance contest and ends up hiding inside SpongeBob during the dance competition.
19 Feb. 2007
The Krusty Sponge/Sing a Song of Patrick
The Krusty Sponge: SpongeBob becomes the latest local obsession after a notable food critic gives him high ratings. Now Mr. Krabs is looking to cash in on the fad by making everything in the Krusty Krab Sponge-themed. Sing a Song of Patrick: SpongeBob helps Patrick get his song some air time at the local radio station. But the song Patrick wrote is so bad, an angry mob attacks him.
1 Aug. 2007
A Flea in Her Dome/The Donut of Shame/The Krusty Plate
A Flea in Her Dome: Sandy comes back from Texas with fleas and SpongeBob and Patrick try to help Sandy rid her Tree Dome of them. The Donut of Shame: When Patrick accidentally takes SpongeBob's donut he is wracked with guilt over his heinous crime. The Krusty Plate: During an evening of washing dishes at the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob battles a persistent speck of food that is affixed to one of the dinner plates.
29 Sep. 2007
Goo Goo Gas/Le Big Switch
Goo Goo Gas: Plankton plans on making Mr. Krabs helpless by turning him and the rest of the Krusty Krab staff into babies with a gas he created. Le Big Switch: After being enrolled in a chef exchange program, SpongeBob switches places with a snooty French chef from a high-end restaurant.
12 Nov. 2007
Atlantis SquarePantis
When two halves of an ancient medallion reunite, SpongeBob and his friends find themselves in the city of Atlantis, where the king gives them a tour.
2 Aug. 2007
Picture Day/Pat No Pay/Blackjack
Picture Day: It's Picture Day for the Boating School Year Book, and SpongeBob has spent all morning getting ready for it. Now all he has to do is make it to Boating School without getting dirty. But this proves to be more difficult than SpongeBob imagined. Pat No Pay: When Patrick eats his weight in Krabby Patties without paying, Mr. Krabs puts him to work in the restaurant. Blackjack: SpongeBob's parents are missing. All clues of their whereabouts point to his nefarious cousin Blackjack, the family bully who used to torment SpongeBob when they were little. If ...
3 Aug. 2007
Blackened Sponge/Mermaidman vs. SpongeBob
Blackened Sponge: While trying to wrestle open the cap off of a tube of toothpaste SpongeBob accidentally punches himself in the face leaving behind a hideous black eye. Too embarrassed to tell anyone the truth behind the shiner, SpongeBob makes up a tale about a fight with a giant thug. But unbeknownst to SpongeBob, the bully in his story really exists, and he is not happy about this fictitious rumor that's going around about him. Mermaidman vs. SpongeBob: Plankton has brainwashed Mermaidman and Barnacleboy! With the dynamic duo under Plankton's control, he orders ...
23 Nov. 2007
The Inmates of Summer/To Save a Squirrel
The Inmates of Summer: Instead of getting on the ship headed for summer camp, SpongeBob and Patrick accidentally board a ship full of prisoners on their way to jail on Inferno Island. To Save a Squirrel: SpongeBob and Patrick stow away on one of Sandy's extreme wilderness expeditions. But when they get accidentally left behind, they must band together in order to survive in the wild.
11 Apr. 2008
Pest of the West
Pest of the West: While researching his family tree SpongeBob discovers that he was related to the great Western hero, and famous chili-slinger, SpongeBuck. The tale of his ancestor's fame begins in the town of Dead Eye Gulch, which used to be called Bikini Gulch before the no-good Dead Eye Plankton came along. Everything in town has been taken over by Dead Eye - everything except Pappy Krabs' Krusty Kantina, the local watering hole where Hopalong Squidward can be found working behind the counter serving customers like Pecos Patrick. But now that Dead Eye has his big ...
23 Nov. 2007
20,000 Patties Under the Sea/The Battle of Bikini Bottom
20,000 Patties Under the Sea: SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs turn an old submarine into a mobile Krusty Krab. Not to be undone by his competitor's new gimmick, Plankton responds with his own traveling Chum Bucket, and the two rival restaurants engage in an undersea battle complete with torpedoes, a giant sea monster and chum. The Battle of Bikini Bottom: When Patrick and SpongeBob discover they have clashing views on cleanliness, their disagreement blows up into an epic battle. Is it possible for a soap-lover like SpongeBob to ever be friends with a dirt-monger like Patrick?
13 Oct. 2008
Whatever Happened to SpongeBob? (WhoBob WhatPants)
Whatever Happened to SpongeBob? (WhoBob WhatPants): When SpongeBob tries to spend some quality time with his friends, he just ends up being a nuisance to everyone instead. They all tell him to go away, so with a heavy heart, SpongeBob decides to do just that-he packs up to leave Bikini Bottom forever. Along the way, SpongeBob takes a nasty tumble and bumps his head, making him lose his memory. He doesn't remember anything, not even his own name. With nothing but a bottle of bubbles in his pocket, SpongeBob stumbles into New Kelp City. Lost and confused, he does the ...
23 Nov. 2007
The Two Faces of Squidward/SpongeHenge
The Two Faces of Squidward: Squidward is rushed to the hospital when SpongeBob accidentally slams the door on Squidward's face. He undergoes surgery to have his face fixed to look normal again-but things don't go exactly as planned. Instead of looking like his old self again, the surgery has made him incredibly handsome! His dazzling beauty is making everyone in Bikini Bottom fall head over heels for the new Squidward. SpongeHenge: A very windy day in Bikini Bottom is blowing air through SpongeBob's holes resulting in a chorus of pretty flute-like sounds. This ...
23 Nov. 2007
Banned in Bikini Bottom/Stanley S. SquarePants
Banned in Bikini Bottom: SpongeBob loves Krabby Patties so much, he just can't help singing and dancing when he's around the delicious sandwiches. But Miss Priss, who is against all things fun and delicious, is appalled by his behavior and has Krabby Patties banned from Bikini Bottom! Stanley S. SquarePants: When Stanley, SpongeBob's klutzy, absent-minded cousin, comes to visit Bikini Bottom, he quickly turns SpongeBob's life upside down.

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