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One of the funniest shows ever made
mr_whud9 January 2004
Even Stevens is one of my top 10 shows of all time. The characters are great. A lot of people don't like Beans, but I think he can be hilarious. The supporting cast is excellent, but the show belongs to Shia. He's a superb actor (everyone on the show is, in my opinion). The writing is witty, clever, and original, and some episodes literally have me laughing for over half an hour (and most shows are unable to elicit more than a chuckle from me). It's too bad there's a 65-episode limit, 'cause I'd definitely like to see some new episodes (although most of 'em I haven't seen). Anyway, if you have Disney Channel, give it a try. You'll probably enjoy it.
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A most excellent show indeed
Jerry Ables21 January 2003
I find the time I spend watching this show to be time very well spent because it's such a funny and delightful show. The entire cast of the show is terrific playing characters that I think everyone can relate to and care about and every episode is richly filled with great laughs. I would personally recommend this show to people of all ages.
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I can't stop laughing!
ggdollzfanatic10 December 2003
I can't stop laughing during this show! watching Even Stevens is the most hilarious 30 minutes of my day. Shia and A.J. make the show fun for the girls to watch. In an extreme sense, it allows an insight to the inner workings of the teenage boys' mind. Christy Carlson-Romano adds a fun flair as well, because her character Ren often foils the boys' plans. Her love life is often a mess, and Louis seems to sense that. He initially seeks to rub more salt in the wound, but ends up consoling Ren in the end. He has a huge heart, that is often misunderstood until the very end of the episode, and we are left loving Louis (until the next time).
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Top Notch
willow_chick8815 May 2002
Let's face it the Disney Channel has never been a place for high quality TV that enlightens as well as entertains, the exception being "Avonlea". Still, the show "Even Stevens" is one of the best shows on the network. The family dynamics really make the show work. Whether, it's the antagonistic relationship of Ren and Louis or the nurturing one between Eileen and Ren. However, when the show shifts to the school things become a lot less realistic and harder to swallow. No principal would play favorites with his/her students! No cafeteria serves food that completely gross, and I'm only 19 so I do remember what cafeteria food looks like. Still, the home life makes the school life easier to take. The actors are wonderful and I wouldn't be surprised to see Shia LaBoeuf in the movies, actual movies not the Disney Channel ones, and becoming very famous.
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sugarslushie0622 April 2003
Dude this show is hilarious! No one gives it enough credit! This and Lizzie McGuire are Disney's best work. The characters are perfect. I love Christy Carlson Ramono because she totally makes you think shes Miss Perfect with all A's and captain of cheerleading, etc. And Shia LaBeouf has this way about him that is so believable and funny. The casting was perfect and the acting was spectacular. I'm disappointed that Disney dwells so much on Lizzie McGuire, though. Even Stevens is just as funny, only from a boy AND girls point of view, not just a 13 year old girl. So you should really watch this show, it's worth it
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I really like this show!
Maria10031 March 2003
Even Stevens is a show that you can really enjoy. Louis is really funny, and his best friends, Twitty and Tawny are lots of fun to watch. Ren is a perfectionist in a funny way. She has a calendar where she puts stickys about what she has planned, and on most occasions, it is jam packed!! Beans is funny because he is everywhere. He sneaks into the Stevens house very easily. Tom is a geek and he always is prim, proper, and beside his mother, Doris. Once in a while, Tawny and Louis go out, and they are as perfect a couple as Lizzie and Gordo on Lizzie McGuire!!!!!! The parents are most of the time entertaining!!
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RugbyDaveMN7 June 2003
i'm not going to write some huge thing about this show.

its easy to sum up:

this show is hilarious. i'm 23 at university. This show isn't just for younger kids, its actually wraught full of adult themes and humor, also. Shia and AJ (louis and twitty) are amazing actors and deliver lines in such a natural and funny way -- it reminds me of me and my buddy matt growing up!

The show is great. watch it. don't miss it. period in other words, one of the funniest shows out there (besides Invader Zim and Upright Citizens Brigade)... don't be surprised when you find out there's an underground cult that follows this show's every steps!

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The beginnings of hyper-absurdity comedy sitcoms. (minor spoilers)
Pepper Anne27 August 2004
Even Stevens, surprisingly only on the air for three years, was great entertainment for teenage audiences (and younger ones, too) for the simple fact that Shia La Beouf can really make you laugh.

The Stevens are your typical Disney-esquire family arrangement. Concerned mother, sometimes doofus father, stupid older son, brainy over achieving daughter, and the cooky youngest son, Louis (La Beouf). Over time, many members of the family receded from the spotlight as the plots eventually came to revolve more and more around the trials and tribulations of Ren, the older sister, and Louis. Often, their individual adventures and misadventures conflicted with one another. Somehow, Louis's wild, happy-go-lucky plans for fun and mischief often got in the way of Ren's quest for perfection and all the honest values her character consistently espouses. So often, they would butt heads, but in a way that ended in those moralistic endings with sister and brother getting along in the end.

But, really, despite a more dominant presence of Christy Romano, who played Ren, Shia La Beouf was the pure gem of the show, and probably the biggest catch for audiences, particularly among young girls who would love the goofy mischief of Louis and his equally goofy friend, Twitty (AJ Trauth). Beouf has a natural ability to really make you laugh, even though you're just watching a silly and albeit, corny, Disney television series for younger kids. Especially, during the shows when Louis and Twitty were trying to buy brand name shoes to fit in with the fleeting fashion tastes of their fellow classmates; when they formed the band and had a real superficial rock n' roll experience with the full rise and fall of success and friendship; when they made the student film; or when Twitty and Louis took over the janitor's closet to create their own authentic Mexican fiesta lounge. These kids really knew how to make you laugh, and the writers took advantage of that, by creating some bizarre and funny situations for the young actors.

Even Stevens is a funny show because it doesn't hang on to the tired obsessions that other young characters on television may do like Lizzy Macguire or the terrible range of sitcoms on the WB where it is all a high school drama over boyfriends and girlfriends. Even Stevens offered a lot more and was more of a show about camaraderie.

I suspect the show came to an end when it's young stars really got too old to play their respective parts, what with La Beouf and Trauth both approaching their late teens and Romano approaching her early twenties (and Donny, the eldest, approaching his forties, no less). But it was an innocent, funny show that I recommend younger audiences trying out. Unfortunately, Disney reruns the same ones over and over. But check it out. La Beouf won't disappoint you.
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Pretty Darn Good
diamondgrrrl045 August 2002
Even Stevens is an exception for Disney shows. Most of the time Disney pops out shows that are too teeny bopper(Lizzie McGuire), too corny(The Jersey), too boring(The Proud Family), or too dumb(So Weird). So when I watched Even Stevens for the first time, I expected the worst. What I got was the exact opposite. I think Shia Labouef is a GREAT actor. He has wit, charm, and doesn't come off as if he's trying too hard to make you laugh. Christy Romano is a perfect example of the too perfect teen. I relate to her which even makes her never-ending quest to be too perfect not seem annoying. Plus she isn't a Britney Spears wannabe showing her midriff every chance she gets. Nick Spano is just there for girls to lust over(he is pretty hot), but when he gets a chance to act(not just lift weights without a shirt on, or prance around in a sports uniform) he amazes me. He is cute but not in an overwhelming boy band way, and he acts like a normal guy. He isn't too dumb(calling Ethan Craft from Lizzie McGuire) and isn't too jock. Donna Pescow is a GREAT actress. She pulls off the part of Mom without being too preachy or mushy or hard-core. Tom Virtue reminds me so much of my dad that it scares me. A. J. Trauth is a perfect accomplice to Shia Labouef, leveling out Shia's craziness with a dose of normal pre-teen. Teens and kids will like this show. Parents may be a little bored, but my mom laughs each time Coach Tugnutt says a line. This is the Disney channel charm, and, believe it or not, Disney actually made it.
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Pretty Cool...
sixersgurl9115 November 2002
This show is pretty cool. I wouldn't jump in right away and say it's the best show in the world, but I like it. Shia LaBeouf is extremely funny, and Christy Ramano is perfect for the part of Ren. I was upset to hear this show is ending and I think Disney is making a horrible mistake canceling it's two best shows (Even Stevens and Lizzie McGuire), and bringing in these new not so good shows(That's So Raven, The Proud Family and Kim Possible). This show is Disney at it's best and if I had it my way it wouldn't have reached end of production already.

I give this show a 9/10.
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I always allot time for me to watch this show.
sukotsuto16 December 2004
It's hilarious, pure and simple; Every character in this always well-made show is perfect for their roles. Of all the Disney show offering in the Disney channel, this is the only one that I watch the full 30mins. Shia Lebouf is a true highlight for the show, same goes Christy Carlson-Romano in many ways. Other than the two mentioned (Shia and Christy), there are other unforgettable characters (in which I'm gonna mention their screen names) like Tawnee, Twitty, Coach Tugnut, Principal Rumsfield, Bean, and many more. Even the weird musicals they throw in sometimes sounds great(thanks to Christy's voice, since most of the musical scenes star her), fits the show's theme well, and is unusually well choreographed for a TV show.

The only thing I don't like much in the show is the claymation intro (in which I find looking very old), since that didn't attract me to the show when I first saw it. EVENtually (pardon the pun), I did get into the show. The first one I watched is the one where Shia thought that Twitty's ex-GF has a crush on her. There are lots of weird moments there that really made me laugh a lot.

You couldn't go wrong watching Even Stevens... I know I liked it a lot!
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Mowgli874 June 2003
I really enjoy watching this show. I watch it every time it is on. I am however, dissapointed that it is ending, but I am getting the movie on video. The acting is amazing. Shia LeBeouf does an excellent job for a new actor. Actually he does a really good job for any actor. The other acting is also very good. I was amazed on how well this show turned out.
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this show has got to be the best on disney channel. the cast is very colorful and well picked out that you just cant help but love it.

even stevens is basically a upper middle class family: the dad is an attorney, the mom a senator, the oldest boy donnie is a sports hero, the middle daughter Ren is an over achiever, and the youngest son louis is the odd ball guy. the show focuses on the two younger siblings and how they try to get through junior high together and disneys portrays this in a very funny sense. other characters like beans, twitty, ruby, tawny, tom, and that cheer leader girl (i forgot her name) are also very colorful and fun to watch. i love shia labeouf; he is just so funny!! and the music that they provide is so cool. i am amazed on how musically talented most of them are.!! definilty a show to sit down and just relax to!!
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it's a cool show
attitudegurl128930 December 2002
Even Stevens is a pretty cool show. The actors are great, Ren is an over achiever, Louis takes nothing really seriously, Donny is a sport fanatic. It's a regular family.

Louis's best friend Tweety is pretty cute, he's able to live with louis's mishieves stuff.

Louis has a crush on Tawny, which is cute because it's a normal teenage thing.

Now the parents are pretty weird, but got good careers. They care about their kids, and I think that's a good thing about the show.
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good show
PrincessBlyss5 August 2002
i think its the funnist show on disney. i just love eric ty hodges and aj trauth. they are such hotties.i would hate to see it leave on disney,since they finished wrapping it up in summer of 2002. but i cant wait to see the movie. i bet "larry" would be nice to the "stevens" family. you never know. i just hope "larry" doesnt kiss,stare,hold hands,or flirt with "ren". i dont really like that girl that plays "ren".
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I think this show is great and it would not be the same without the actors cast in it
hookedonthetube913 July 2002
This show is the best show on Disney. I don't think it would be the same if Shia LaBeouf was not cast as the lead. He is a truly talented actor, not only in comedy, but in drama as well. I also think the show will be better if they had the characters grow into their high school years. I think they could really do something funny with that, like Louis getting his driver's license. Unfortunately, the show is coming to an end, but they are making a movie. After this ends though, I look forward to seeing Shia in more adult roles. Also, Christy Romano and Shia just click as an overachieving sister and an obnoxious younger brother.
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The best show on the Disney Channel.
iamabravesfan-128 June 2002
Even Stevens is hands down the best show on Disney. Actually it deserves better than Disney. A show like this should be on ABC during prime time or something. Disney will probably cancel it before long. The actors are great and they will probably all become huge stars in the future. Hopefully, Disney will keep this charmer around for a good long while.
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idi1417 June 2002
The show is soooo funny and cool. I love Shia he is so HOT and funny I love that he's kinda dorky too, but I think they should kick Tawny off she really doesn't do much in the show they should get me in the show,I could play Louis girlfriend!I'm 15 and I can act.
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Theres gotta be like one really funny writer on this show..
mwetzel17 June 2002
I was just flipping the channels once and I started watching it and all of then all of the sudden there was this terrific line and i was crying i was laughing so hard. in all the subsequent episodes i have watched there is always a couple of lines that just grab and have u rolling on the floor. I guess there's one really funny writer but for that reason alone i have started to watch the show. that and shia is gonna be a huge star one day, one can just tell.
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Even Stevens may be the best show Disney has ever aired.
jeano273 May 2002
I absolutely love Even Stevens because it is hilarious! The characters are so well developed. I love Shia LeBeouf, he does an outstanding job being a crazy, quirky Louis. Also, Christy Carlson Romano plays the perfect annoyed older sister. I love Ren's attempts at having the perfect resume and beating Larry Beil at every single thing!
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A wonderful chow!
hugo2329 May 2002
Hy, I am Hugo from Belgium and I am 22 years old. I watch Even Stevens once a week on the Englisch channel BBC 1. And I would like to say that this is one of the best teen - chow's from the USA. The cast is great and the most credits are for Shia La Beouf I think! It is just wonderful to watch and the actors can act! I always watch Englisch or American series because here in little Belgium they don't have that same quality - style in acting. They cant make series like Even Stevens in Belgium. I hope that the chow will go on and that the actors like Chia or Christy Romano will have a great time in there careers, now and in the future! The biggest respect for the cast of Even Stevens!!!!!!!
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Way better than "Lizzie McGuire"
schuttegod37 June 2003
"Even Stevens" is a vast improvement over "Lizzie McGuire," which is relentlessly sappy. Sure, the show has its faults (the sub-plots involving Ren are usually dumb; Beans is annoying; Louis is increasingly shrill), but so did "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch," and I loved that show. Like "Sabrina," "Stevens" is also a good waste of half an hour when there's nothing else on. And there are no idiotic gimmicks (like Lizzie's animated alter ego). It's just too bad there will never be a replacement for "The Adventures of Pete & Pete"...
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