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Now I Get It!
alexkolokotronis16 July 2008
That is exactly what I think every time I watch this. Countless times I have felt like I have just read a long meaningful book after watching this. It follows everything extensively and always includes a wide variety of opinions. PBS seems to always get the ball on the barrel of the bat when comes to almost anything. Nova is not just a home run it is a moonshot just like the channel PBS itself. Nova is such a great show because it is able to explain anything when it comes to about anything. From physics and chemistry to history and archeology things that seem so complex are able to be translated perfectly through this show.
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The best PBS series ever
Jonah1422 August 2003
This has been a long-standing PBS series that is the gold standard for documentary series.

I remember watching as a child with fascination one episode about the Voyager spacecraft, and another about whales.

Long may she live!
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Pop Science
jcook5605025 June 2010
As a young person, Nova provided me with a means of easily understanding subjects of science which the average person found difficult to grasp. The program provided a nicely balanced version of popular science - not to difficult - not too easy. Each subject was carefully worked by the producers into a visually pleasing presentation that imparted a passable understanding. Then, I went to college again in mid-life to study engineering, science, and mathematics. As my understanding of the basics of physics and math began to grow, Nova began to reveal its weaknesses more and more. Rather than go into great detail about how this program is worked and simplified to ninth grade levels, I'll simply make a few observations. First it is science popularized and approved by an establishment that has in many respects perverted the very meaning of what science is supposed to represent. For a strong example of this problem, research the issue of fluoridation, and you will see how science can be manipulated by money and politics until a policy no longer services the best interests of the public it is supposed to protect. You'll find very limited or meaningless arguments and alternative explanations in a Nova presentation. Real science is not clean and simple like this program. It is complex and full of doubts and debate. You will never see any meaningful mathematical explanations either, but simple graphics repeated over and over in a beautiful pattern with a droning voice that teaches us very little. We are never challenged to think for ourselves. Controversial theories that could be presented by their most ardent proponents are very rare. Nothing brought this fact home to me more strongly than when Nova attempted to demonstrate the collapse theory of the World Trade Center from 9/11. The computer graphics were extremely simplified, and there was absolutely no doubt presented that the government's extremely flawed report had holes in it that were large enough to navigate a supernova through. Very little information was presented that made good, logical engineering sense when compared to the known facts. And, when I checked the source of the digital graphics from the program, the source turned out to be funded by an organization with an agenda that was far too closely attached to the Bush administration. This is not science. There was no mention of the alternative theory that the building exhibited every aspect known to occur when a structure is deliberately brought down by controlled demolition. Nothing was mentioned about the puzzling mystery of Building 7. I could present many other brazen examples of how Nova is edited into brutish simplicity by the selective hand of its editors and the National Science Foundation. But, I think you get the picture. So, before you give these programs a nine or ten rating, go do some deeper research concerning their subject matter, and make up your own theories concerning their cut and dried conclusions. Express doubt, consider the alternatives. Debate. This is what true science is about. Nova is good brain food for those who want everything explained to them with no doubts or challenge.

I'm proud to see that the majority who have read my review do not think it useful. Thank you for at least taking the time to read it. Now think about the science instead of your emotions. It's time to challenge NOVA to do a better job. And, I've noted of late that they seem to be doing a little better this year. Think. Challenge. Learn.
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there's so much to learn about science
lee_eisenberg30 August 2017
A previous reviewer accused "Nova" of dumbing down science. I disagree. The PBS series looks at almost ever scientific topic, breaking it down so that everyone can understand it. The series shows us that there is so much to learn about the universe, and even our own world. Whether it's environmental issues, reproduction, or invention, there's so much to learn. Anyone hoping to know more about anything should definitely watch it.

I understand that creator Michael Ambrosino based "Nova" on the BBC's "Horizon". I've never seen that one, so I can only take this one at face value. The conclusion is that it's one of the best shows out there. I recommend it.
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One of the best American science series
Petra_Huber9 July 2019
One of the best American science series. I really like watching her.
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About a half a century of pure splendor and joy!!
joeassmus22 June 2019
I've been hooked the great PBS series since the 1970s
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Scientific Universe
hellraiser721 April 2019
This is another document show is one of only ones I can watch. I remember seeing some of this when I was about seven years old, it helped intro me and get me a little interested in science.

I love the show covers just about all different fields of science which keep the show from ever getting dull. Each episode goes at a good pace and has the right length, with it they cover a good amount in each of the field. I really like how researched the subject matter is and each person interviewed is always explain things with simplicity they don't overcomplicate what their talking about and avoid using big word or at least too many of them, don't get me wrong I don't mind fancy terms as long as I understand the meaning behind them.

The cinematography is great, really like the amount of images they use and some impressive photographic shots from a star or two in our solar system, the environment that a scientist or archaeologist is investigating, the habits of an animal captured, and any other thing in this world or universe you wonder about.

There are plenty of good doc episodes like one about Fractals and how their common place in our world, another about the mystery of math whether it was really invented or encoded from the beginning of time and how it applies to everything around us. Another doc about the new scope launched into space and all the new things in our solar system uncovered. It's true that not every doc is going to grab you, that's probably just me it sorts of depends on the subject matter and where your interests in science lie, which is part of the reason the show has variety there's something for everyone.

Really like the theme song which is solid and fits as it sorts of just sings sense of wonder.

Overall, if science is your subject and you're a nut for it, or just a casual person with casual curiosity then like all scientific investigations this is a show worth looking into. There is no limit to our sense of wonder.

Rating: 4 stars
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Great Documentary !
asweeney334837 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I remember meeting Ray Loring while I was purchasing a Yamaha Digital Piano at Scotti Piano & Music Company in Peabody, MA.. Mr. Loring played the Piano for me. Ray told me that purchasing a piano was a good choice over a Guitar for our family. Ray told me that the Scotti family had been selling pianos for many years and that he purchased all of his instruments from the owner. Bill Scotti Jr. who gave me a sweet deal on a Yamaha Clavinova. I never dreamed that Ray Orchestrated all of the Nova shows, choreographing all of the back ground music, until listening, I did not recognize how intricate this process is, Ray will be missed by those who appreciated his art and dedication to his trade.
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