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Decoding the Weather Machine

Scientists around the world strive for a better understanding of the workings of the weather and climate machine known as Earth.

Season 38

19 Jan. 2011
Making Stuff: Stronger
David Pogue hosts this examination of what makes material strong. He looks at the underlying material science behind steel, Kevlar, glass, chalk, carbon nanotubes, and spiderwebs.
26 Jan. 2011
Making Stuff: Smaller
David Pogue hosts this examination of miniaturization. He looks at what it takes to make things smaller focusing nanotechnology and micro-robots that one day may be used to save lives.
2 Feb. 2011
Making Stuff: Cleaner
This program looks at cleaner ways to generate power principally in our cars and electrical power plants. It reviews alternatives for all the steps in the fuel generation, storage and distribution processes with a particular emphasis on how unwanted waste products can play a significant role.
9 Feb. 2011
Smartest Machine on Earth
Watson, an IBM computer with a brain the size of 2,400 home computers and a database of 10 million documents, competes on the game show Jeopardy! (1984) against champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Will Watson win?
12 Feb. 2011
Making Stuff: Smarter
Making stuff smarter isn't about artificial intelligence. It's more about engineering materials at the microscopic level to behave in specific ways. Today is it possible to create materials with clever designs or micro structures that permit control of a material's ability to self-heal, stick and release, self-clean, prevent disease, alter their shape and other properties. This program explains where several of these materials came from, how they work and how they are put to practical use.
16 Feb. 2011
Crash of Flight 447
Forensic investigators reconstruct the final moments of the Air France disaster.
23 Feb. 2011
Venom: Nature's Killer
Nova and National Geographic follow researchers collecting venom from the world's most dangerous snakes, spiders, lizards and other creatures. The program explains why the researchers do it and what is known about how venom works and why some animals are especially dangerous.
30 Mar. 2011
Japan's Killer Quake
On March 11, 2011, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck Japan resulting in waves up to 130 ft. (40 m.) that devastated coastal villages and initiated meltdowns, gas explosions and the release of radioactive materials at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.
6 Sep. 2011
Engineering Ground Zero
On the 10th anniversary of 9/11, NOVA presents an epic story of engineering, innovation and the perseverance of the human spirit.
19 Oct. 2011
Finding Life Beyond Earth: Are We Alone?
Scientists are on the verge of answering one of the greatest questions in history: Are we alone? Finding Life Beyond Earth immerses audiences in the sights and sounds of alien worlds, while top astrobiologists explain how these places are changing how we think about the potential for life in our solar system.
Finding Life Beyond Earth: Moons and Beyond
Conclusion. The effort to locate life elsewhere in the universe is examined. It's a difficult task due to the many planets that could theoretically support life.
Iceman Murder Mystery
An autopsy on the 5000-year-old remains of Otzi the Iceman, the mummified corpse recovered from a glacier in the Italian Alps in 1991, reveals details of life during the Copper Age, including people's diet and the types of diseases they dealt with.
The Fabric of the Cosmos: What is Space?
Simple, obvious, ever-present aspects of our daily lives give scientists fits trying to understand them. One of these aspects is space which physicists are convinced is something more than nothing. This program explains the experiments that are giving scientists hints about what space is.
The Fabric of the Cosmos: The Illusion of Time
This program challenges our traditional questions about time such as; does it flow in one direction or does it flow at all? Does everyone experience the same now? Is time travel possible? Will time come to an end?
16 Nov. 2011
The Fabric of the Cosmos: Quantum Leap
This program explains some of the weirdest aspects of quantum mechanics: uncertainty and entanglement. Despite the absurdity of these behaviors they have been confirmed time and again and have never been refuted. Lastly the theory that suggests the possibility that teleportation and quantum computers may be possible are examined.
The Fabric of the Cosmos: Universe or Multiverse?
Hard as it is to swallow, cutting-edge theories are suggesting that our universe may not be the only universe. Instead, it may be just one of an infinite number of worlds that make up the multiverse. In this show, Brian Greene takes us on a tour of this brave new theory at the frontier of physics, explaining why scientists believe it's true and showing what some of these alternate realities might be like.

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