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Season 2

7 Oct. 2000
The Watch
Cleopatra plays seductress to infiltrate a war lord's lair in a classic evil plot; kill my nemesis and I'll give the antidote for your sister poison.
14 Oct. 2000
Baby Boom
The gorgeous gals glow in a tanning salon and not much else and so do their buff virtual beaus. But their UV exposure is interrupted by a bouncing baby boy Bailey bomb booby trap.
21 Oct. 2000
Brain Drain
Brain parasite. Cleo, of course, is immune. Her mind is already on a trip to another fairyland thanks to happy gas leak. But it's found a home in somebody.
4 Nov. 2000
Mauser's Day Out
Sarge raids Cleo's closet for a seductive little number to grab Mauser's attention. But Mauser is sweet and nurturing and worst of all innocent. So Sarge reprograms him to be the bad boy every girl thinks she wants. And he's really, really bad.
11 Nov. 2000
Reality Check
Cleopatra gets trapped in a virtual reality which simulates how her life would have been if she hadn't been cryogenized after the surgery, and Mauser brings Hel and Sarge to that reality in order to rescue her.
18 Nov. 2000
Pod Whisperer
Hel has been captured by the Bailey's. Cleo to the rescue?
25 Nov. 2000
Out of Body
Raina vaporizes Cleo into the vacuous blonde she was born to be which makes Raina strangely susceptible to Cleo's screams and other taunts.
2 Dec. 2000
Juggernaut Down
Hel's hot in her new hair style. And the luscious ladies learn; never tease a Bailey. Now the Bailey's in a rage so Cleo becomes a Bailey driver to take it down a notch.
3 Feb. 2001
Truth Be Told
Fed up with Voice's secrets, half-truths and deceptions Hel bails on Voice and her chickmates to track down her father. Since he's dead her father's sort of hard to find. But Kreepy Kreegan agrees to help if Hel doesn't blow his head off since that's too big a target to miss. And at least Hel knows she can mistrust Kregan.
5 Feb. 2001
In Your Boots
Kreegan is finally sentenced and condemned to demolecularization. That's inconvenient for Hel because Kregan pulled the old body switch on her including his gaudy makeup.
12 Feb. 2001
The Soldier Who Fell from Grace
While Cleo and Sarge break in a new boss, Sarge takes a vacation or maybe an early retirement that seems more and more like a Voice mission. Cleo promptly takes to the comfort an affectionate pet Mauser gives her.
24 Feb. 2001
No Thanks for the Memories
It seems Marla's idea of a progressive government has her as absolute dictator including judge, jury and executioner in rapid succession. Inconvenient for Sarge since she just assassinated Marla's favorite informant.
4 Mar. 2001
Noir or Never
The dangerous Underground Bureau of Health is looking for Cleopatra because of the dormant illnesses her body may carry from the 21st century. Meanwhile, Voice has lost contact with Marcus so she asks Hel's team to investigate his disappearance.
5 Mar. 2001
The Voice
At the height of his megalomania Creegan is about to achieve his life long ambition, emphasis on "long", but only after his death. But first he and voice have to say their electrifying good byes.

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